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    Your Favorite Collaboration Platform Goes Atomic

    Exciting news today, as we welcome Kapost users to Atomic Reach, and audience engagement through quality content.

    In case you haven't heard of Kapost, is a wonderfully robust yet simple content strategy and collaboration tool.

    Amongst big organizations, collaboration, is one the biggest challenges.

    We've all seen the wipe boards or Visio projects that detail out how things should flow, but ultimately as much as you plan, you can never plan for one-offs, or nuances to the strategy .  Even when you have a plan figured out, selling it through to stakeholders or even your editorial team is a daunting task in and of itself.

    The truth is, smart content marketers don't agonize over strategy and collaboration or allow it to get in the way of strong story telling. Ultimately it's your audience that suffers the most when your ship isn't properly tuned or has the workflow necessary to win.

    Kapost is an awesome platform that takes the guess work out of setting up a collaborative environment, and allows for repeated process, so that you can concentrate on creating great content. Kapost helps it's customers end to end in the content process, from strategic planning to production to distribution and analytics.

    The awesome news of course is that you can now create quality content that will no doubt engage your audience as we at Atomic Reach join forces with Kapost, to offer our product in their App Center. That means you can now collaborate on their platform, and create audience tuned quality content with Atomic Reach.

    In fact, if you ‘re a Kapost customer and you sign up for Atomic Reach, you’ll give you a discounted introductory pricing rate of $500 per month.

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy