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    Your Audience Requires Consistently Great Content

    How do you know that you are creating content that consistently offers the audience something that they will connect with?

    There are all kinds of post analytic tools that let marketers know how content performs after the fact, but there are not as many that are predictive of content performance prior to it being published.

    The problem is further compounded when writing content that is predictive in terms of search rank, but not in terms of an authentic connection with an audience. While data provides critical insights that yield positive outcomes when used correctly, producing content for search engines may deliver short-term success but will fail in the long-run – authenticity, relevance and connectivity are significantly more meaningful and engaging attributes of success.

    There will always be outliers within your content repository and certainly failures, but concentrating efforts in the very juicy middle is where one will ultimately have the biggest opportunity to affect change and enrich the audience’s connection.

    Structure content in such a way that demonstrates your knowledge of your audience’s interests and you will establish a more reliable framework with greater predictability and better engagement results.

    That’s how you will craft exciting, original and provocative content that will deliver consistent results. Think about the arc of a story, song structure, style guides and the like. They all provide structure and patterns that come out of an understanding of how audiences ingest and relate to content in various forms.

    If you are able to bring a little science to the art of storytelling within those confines, your audience and your brand ultimately benefit.

    Combining the structure of content for an audience while using appropriate and connective language may indeed be a model for consistently delivering better engagement and ultimately community around a brand or story. All of this done within the context of matching an audience’s knowledge level around a topic is sure to not only raise your content’s quality, but also the depth of that community.

    A mechanism that can help you score your content, not only for the sake of understanding your content’s quality and relevance to your audience, but that also acts as a benchmark of predictability and consistency with your content creation endeavors is an extremely powerful tool.

    Imagine if that same platform provided an understanding of what structure and language your audience required based on their knowledge level as part of the scoring scheme. Helpful right?

    Tools that help you consider this consistency and all the elements required from an audience’s perspective before you publish become that much more powerful. With an understanding of how content performed in the past against a set of metrics and diagnostics, you can perfect, or at least get a lot closer to a model of consistency in a predictive manner moving forward. Setting benchmarks and targets at an organizational level is a critical component within the process.

    It’s a lot easier to hit .300 if you have a coach reminding you of what you need to do versus you just guessing when you hit a slump.

    Ideally, leverage tools that not only guide you but also help you improve your content during the creation process.

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy