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    You Need To Get Emotional With Your Audience

    If writing to an audience’s level of knowledge around a topic is of significant importance, so too is the notion that content must evoke a degree of emotion to achieve a deeper connection.

    We all engage with content that strikes a chord with us on some level.

    Consider for a second all the stories of world events, local movements, and BACON we connect with on our various social platforms.  Content that is meaningful, resonates on a personal level and makes an emotional connection with the audience is the content that passes through social networks with unprecedented velocity. The reason why memes (viral videos, pictures, etc.) spread like wildfire is because they elicit a positive or negative emotion from each of us.

    Is there a way to create content that can consistently tap into an audience’s emotional state within the confines of writing to their knowledge level?

    In a recent conversation with a content marketer, she relayed a story about a teacher telling her son to use juicier words when writing his assignments. That example is at the heart of what one should consider when writing content.

    There are words that by their very nature create a visceral response from an audience, and developing an understanding of emotional connectivity is critical to the goal of creating that kind of resonance.

    Topic or theme aside, writing with emotional connectivity through your language will  help you create a better connection with your audience.

    This is not a new concept by any means. The great writers and lyricists of our time who have illustrated their own authentic experiences through the use of language have inspired us all. In order for our content to connect in that same manner, it is important to not underestimate emotional connectivity in language.

    It’s our mandate as content creators to shape our stories in such a way that they not only educate, entertain or demonstrate thought leadership, but also, create a meaningful connection with our community.

    Inspiration is just one emotion that one can achieve when writing with more pronounced language and words. Have you considered words in persuading your audience to take action in a meaningful way? Of course we ultimately all want to see some kind of return on our investment in content creation, but just providing a mechanism for content marketing is not enough. We need to see results from our work, so that we can continue to do the kinds of things that will have a lasting impact on our audience.

    No matter what the context, ensuring that our audience is getting something from the words is of paramount importance. If we can somehow move the needle and persuade them to align with the message, our work is well on it’s way to having a meaningful impact.

    Language and the use of words can help one achieve just that.

    Sometimes, a piece of content does not have to force an audience to take action, or even be persuaded to do anything at all. Sometimes language can just provide an experience.

    Regularly consider the words that you are using to promote your brand within the context of your content.

    Are you providing a positive or negative experience? Are you doing all you can to create the best message for your brand? It is important to establish the language of your brand, regardless of the subject material.

    Always use language that will establish an emotional connection with your audience.

    There is no substitute for emotional words in content. Traditional SEO methods of stuffing content with words that may resonate with a search engine, is not  the same as impacting your story with language appropriate for real people. In the long run content creators will be way more successful with content that connects on that higher level. That is ultimately a more effective method of building a lasting community around a brand.

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