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Why The Quality Of Your Content Is More Important Than The Quantity

Why The Quality Of Your Content Is More Important Than The Quantity.png

Quality-vs-Quantity is an age-old debate in the content marketing world. However, with the growing emphasis on authority content, content marketers are now beginning to look at with a fresh perspective. Content marketing dynamics can be complex and vary from business to business in terms of results and effectiveness. Therefore, it’d be really hard, and rather simplistic to pick a clear winner. That said, a few recent cases studies have stated that quality content is the cornerstone of every successful content marketing campaign.

Poor Content Quality Leads to Poor Amplification

In this cynical yet insightful post published in 2014, Mark Schaefer observed why content marketing was not a sustainable strategy for many businesses.

Coining a phrase “Content Shock”, he said the content supply was exponentially exploding while content demand was flat, which he predicted might lead to less engagement for many businesses.

In 2015, BuzzSumo teamed up with Moz to analyze the social media traction and organic links of one million articles. After a random selection of 100,000 posts, they found that a majority of articles received only a handful of shares and even fewer links. They established that poor quality content could lead to poor amplification, which affected the social media traction or linkability of the content.

Why Quality Matters

After Google released Panda updates, the perception towards quality content has shifted significantly.

Tweet: Simply churning out reams of content is no longer considered a competitive advantage. #contentquality

"Simply churning out reams of content is no longer considered a competitive advantage."

As a matter of fact, Rand Fishkin from Moz coined a phrase “10X content” to emphasize on the quality aspect of the content marketing campaign.

There are several benefits of focusing on quality over quantity.

It Resonates with Your Audience: Quality content resonates with your audience. When you develop content with a specific persona in mind, and stay committed to addressing a problem, answering a query, and assuaging concerns, it tends to strike a chord with your audience.

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It Improves Your Bounce Rate: When you build quality content, your audience tends to spend more time on your site trying to discover more, eventually helping improve your bounce rate. A better bounce rate plays a crucial role in building your online authority, and translates to higher search rankings.

It Boosts Your Brand Authority: Content marketing offers you a unique opportunity to catch the attention of your target audience. If you make the most of it, you get closer to your marketing goals. Quality content inspires trust in your audience, and turns skeptics into brand advocates. The success of these five content marketing celebrities stands testimony to this fact.

It Generates Organic Traction: Quality content tends to fly on its own and get amplified by industry influencers, and your followers alike. If your content is unique, super useful, and has what it takes to resonate with your audience, it generates organic traction on its own.

It Drives Qualified Leads: It’s no secret that high-quality content drives qualified leads. According to WebDAM’s recently shared statistics, blogging consistently has helped B2B marketers generate 67% more leads.

How to Improve Quality of Your Content

The quality of your content is an indispensable part of the overall user experience, which is why Google advises content marketers to focus on improving the quality of their content. In fact, Google has already shared a list of best practices for you to consider while creating content for your marketing campaigns.

Here are a few points you should keep in mind to improve the quality of content.

Aim for Accurate Information: Offering wrong facts or including information without verifying sources might help generate some interests initially. However, it will backfire in the long run. If you want to establish your authority, you need to ensure factual accuracy of the information in your content. This is exactly what inspires trust in your audience, and adds to your online reputation.

Strive for Professional Tone, Correct Grammar: Writing is a tough job - it requires a great deal of research, conceptualization, and articulation. Doing it all by yourself can be mentally taxing, which potentially affects the quality of your content. However, your audience is unforgiving and the don’t appreciate content that is of poor quality. If you’re a small business unable to hire manpower, you can use these content marketing tools to improve your tone and optimize your voice based on your target audience.

Avoid Industry Jargon: Jargon refers to industry-specific words and phrases that make sense in a specific business environment. Content marketers often tend to overuse jargon making it hard for their audience. However, it’s nearly impossible for a content marketer to evaluate the difficulty level of their content, especially when they are developing it on their own. This is where a content marketing tool such as Atomic AI can be of great help. It analyzes your content against a pre-defined audience base, and then recommends changes to improve it further.

Final Thoughts

Even as quality content is paramount to your marketing success, you still need to produce it often enough to generate traction and engagement. Try to hit the sweet spot between creating high-quality content and sticking to a regular publishing schedule in order to build an audience to your website. Don’t sacrifice your content quality at the altar of publishing frequency because, in the long run, it’s the quality which is going to get you the desired results.

About the Author

Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter: @ugosus.

Published on October 5, 2017

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