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Why Data Is Golden with Kelly Hungerford from Community Works [#AtomicFeature:016]


How do you analyze data?

What do you use to analyze your data?

According to one of our most experienced content marketing influencers, Kelly Hungerford, shares her insights on why we should treat data like gold.



Kelly Hungerford is the owner of CommunityWorks, a freelance venture to help companies better connect with their target audiences. 

Silicon Valley native but Switzerland based, Kelly Hungerford has 20+ years of experience in digital strategy as well as brand and product development.

She has worked with business types spanning from small start-ups to larger Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to helping larger organizations, Hungerford also offers, a no charge consulting service for local business owners.

Check out her insights below:



1. What are the elements of a successful Content Marketing program?

My experience stems from the tech industry, so I find organizing content marketing programs in a similar way to how technology projects are structured works really well to help ensure success.

I group the various elements of strategy and their corresponding deliverables into project delivery phases, such as:

  • Discovery (research and auditing)
  • Envision (strategy, audience definition)
  • Build (content planning and creation)
  • Sustenance (promotion, measurement, analysis)

I find that mirroring technology project methodology works really well for content programs. It allows me to easily group strategic and tactical work together in an agile manner.

It's helpful when speaking to tech teams because you are using a similar vocabulary and methodology they are already familiar with.



2. What are the most common mistakes you have noticed marketers make with their Content Marketing?

The two biggies I see are a lack of communication and not setting clear goals.

Time, budget and effort can be drastically reduced by communicating early about your program and bringing all the right players around the table. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking only about your department, your team, your goals.

Think big and inform other departments about what your plans are. You'll find new opportunities for collaboration, ideation, and cost savings.

Honing in on one goal can seem tough, especially when it's easy to think about all the ways content can deliver value!

Stay focused and use that one goal as your northern star, and don't stray. You have a higher chance of succeeding.



3. In your opinion, which brand(s) do Content Marketing really well? Why?

If you haven't checked out Avocados from Mexico, head over there now.

They are serving multiple audiences in a fun, avocado-loving way.

I love what they are doing to inform and entertain. I just ran across this brand and I am already a fan!

4. What is your favourite content marketing tool (or hack or resource)?

One area that doesn't get enough attention still in the content marketing process is the importance of SEO and Analytics.

Not a pro? I'm not either.

I tap into MeasureSchool for free GA learning on YouTube.

I top it off with Andy Crestodina's blog on the Orbit Media site. #HackoftheYear

5. What are your predictions for Content Marketing in 2019 and beyond?

Good content is like good food -- it brings people around the table.

But a community is what keeps them coming back from more.

Brands that combine a strong community element into their content program are going to see higher results moving forward.

The emphasis is going to shift to more "people" media and not just paid media when it comes to promotion.

6. How will AI or Machine Learning impact Content Marketing?

There are a lot of far out and cool ways machine learning and technology can deliver really cool content experiences. Adobe is a great example of technology working to deliver on this.

On a practical note, I think machine learning can help content marketers by freeing up time. If a machine can analyze millions of pieces of text or headlines, then it can also analyze my text and help create the best possible headline.

I don't know about you, but headline writing can be tedious. I'll happily outsource this to a machine.

7. What advice would you give to a Content Marketing newbie?

Start with a crash course on how content, social media, and SEO work together and then learn as much as possible about analytics, as early as possible.

Data is golden!

In parallel, grab these three books: Content Chemistry, Content Inc, and Everybody Writes, and have fun!


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Published on May 2, 2019

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