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How to Use Twitter for B2B Lead Generation

With a mind-boggling 500,000,000 tweets per day, Twitter has evolved into a must-have tool for B2B marketers. An upward movement in Twitter’s advertising revenue per 1000 timeline views indicates B2B marketers are constantly turning to Twitter for their lead generation campaigns.



Courtesy: BusinessInsider.com Courtesy: BusinessInsider.com



One of the most preferred platforms for driving engagement and brand awareness, Twitter has been helping businesses generate quality leads over the past few years.

Here are some quick tips on how to use Twitter for B2B lead generation.

Twitter Profile Page Optimization

Your Twitter profile page itself offers a slew of opportunities for B2B lead generation. When your prospects visit your profile page, it should offer important information about your business or campaign to draw them into your website or any customer page designed for lead generation. Use a creative header photo to convey to clear-cut and compelling message to your prospects prompting them to follow your landing page.

Here are some examples of creative and compelling Twitter headers.



If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the Twitter headers of these popular brands.

Community Engagement

Use tools such as HootSuite, Tweetdeck and SproutSocial and follow the relevant keywords in your industry. This will help you keep track of the conversation happening around your brand, products or services.

B2B lead generation on Twitter is partly sharpening your community engagement skills for customer acquisition.

There are a couple of possibilities you may see on Twitter.

  • A prospect is seeking information on tools or services related to your industry.
  • A prospect is suggesting your brands, products or services to another user.
  • An existing user or old user is sharing their experience on Twitter.

Each of the above scenario offers an opportunity for you to engage with your audience for lead generation.

You can also create a Twitter list of all industry influencers to organize tweets from the influencers. If you could build a community around your brand, it will pay off big time.

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Twitter Lead Generation Card

Twitter’s Lead Generation Card is another effective way to generate B2B leads. When you create a Lead Generation Card on Twitter, it allows you to create a card with an image and a call to action.

Your prospects can opt-in with just one click without even leaving Twitter. Since Twitter already knows their name and email address, their details are auto-filled as soon as they click on your lead generation card.

The email addresses of the interested subscribers are collected in Twitter. In order to add the emails to your CRM database, you can either use a compatible CRM system or export and import the email addresses manually.

Twitter’s Lead Generation Card is considered effective as it makes it easy and simple for your users to subscribe easily - it doesn’t have any pop-ups, lengthy forms or separate landing pages.

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Final Thoughts

With the ever growing Twitter user base, B2B marketers are leveraging its hidden potential to drive engagement and generate high quality leads. However, it’s important to remember that the conversion of the Twitter leads will largely depend on the nature of your campaign and the products/services you’re offering.

What are your approaches to using Twitter for a B2B lead generation?

Published on May 18, 2017

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