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    How Do You Start A Podcast? Our Marketing Coordinator Shares

    Time to face the hard truth. You need to give your content marketing strategy a boost, and what you've been seeing a ton of people creating podcasts.

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    7 Easy Ways You Can Write The Best Tumble-Free Titles

    Every writer goes through the process of trying to craft the perfect title. In fact, you spend 80% of your time on this aspect of blog writing in general. A lot of thought goes into making your title engaging and optimized for search.

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    Topics: search, SEO, titles, writing, blog post, blog tips, blogging tips, Content Marketing Strategy, new blog post, writing skills, writing tips

    Why You Should Develop Your Writing Skills for Blogging

    Writing starts with reading. Don’t laugh, we’re serious.

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    Topics: writers, writing, bloggers, blogging, Content Marketing Strategy, writing skills, writing tips

    4 Ways To Hone Your Writing Skills

    You know who your audience is, you’ve been writing for them for a few years now, and yet your writing feels off. In a competitive industry of bloggers, online writers, copywriters, freelancers, and content marketers we face stagnation. We don’t know if our writing is improving, degrading, or simply blending in with the crowd. There are tools (like AtomicWriter!) to help, and thousands of blogs publishing and republishing writing advice, but how do we become better if we’re already seasoned writers?

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    Topics: tools, writing, Content Marketing Strategy, proofread, vocabulary, writing skills