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    Supercharge Your Content With the New and Improved Emotion Feature!

    Another month, another major update!

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    How to Create 10X Content: A Handy Guide


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    Writer's Content Complexity Measure Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

    We recently pushed out a new update to our platform. You probably didn’t even notice – but look closer and you’ll see it immediately. 

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    How To Stand Out As A Freelance Writer Without Setting Your Fonts On Fire

    With a growing number of freelance writers entering the market, some freelancers may feel the need to resort to alphabet arson to attract attention.

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    Creating Your Own Blog As A Freelance Writer

    If you have been generating a decent amount of business as a freelance blogger, you’ll need to muster up enough motivation and creativity to create your own blog. Ghost writing, or writing under another company’s brand can provide a good start for your writing career, though creating your own blog elevates your game to another level.

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    Topics: blog, blog design, blog tips, blogger, blogging, Content Marketing Strategy, domain, format, freelance writer, freelancing, how to create a blog, portfolio, web design, writer, writing tips

    How To Find Time To Blog As A Part-Time Business

    Pursuing freelance writing as a "side hustle" or in your "spare time" can be extremely rewarding, both financially and creatively. You might decide to generate revenue through your own blog, contribute posts to customer sites on a contract basis, or ghost write for a variety of web channels.

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    Superlatives: Are You A User?

    How would you describe someone as the most super at something? You’d use a superlative of course! Bad jokes aside, a superlative can either be an adverb or adjective, and is used to describe that which is greater than anything else.

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    Topics: blog, Content Marketing Strategy, grammar, superlative, writer

    How to Brainstorm Blog Topics and Collaborate With Guest Bloggers #AtomicChat

    On Monday, June the 1st, we discussed how to effectively brainstorm blog topics and collaborate with guest bloggers. Ann Smarty was our Twitter chat guest, making it a successful discussion (as we knew she would!) and it left us inspired. How do you come up with blog post ideas and do you work with guest bloggers (or are you one yourself)?

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    3 Reasons Why Content Creators Will Thrive in 2013

    It’s official: content marketing is here to stay. Marketing isn’t just about TV commercials, print advertisements and direct mail anymore. It’s also about being social on the Internet, sharing, producing and engaging great content with a target audience.

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