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    The 3 Lesser-Known WordPress Marketing Tactics You Need

    You’ve likely read at least a bit about WordPress marketing at this point.

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    5 Common Blogging Mistakes

    Though it may not always sound like it, blogging can be hard work! It can be so easy to get discouraged when something that seems so simple isn’t nearly as easy as you thought it would be. Never fear--we’re here to help! Whether you’re about to embark on your first blog or are taking time to improve one you already have, here are five common blogging mistakes to keep an eye out for!

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    Which Blog Platform Is Right For You?

    I’ve talked quite a lot about different ways to improve your blog—everything from when to post to what to call your posts—but one thing I’ve only very briefly touched on is what blog platform you should use.

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    Time to Get Mobile-Centric With Your Site

    By 2014, it is predicted mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage. If you have a large readership that reads your content with a laptop, just imagine how much bigger your audience can grow just by making your blog available and mobile-friendly for mobile users. Right now, global mobile traffic represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic [Forbes]. Adapting to this increase of mobile users, bloggers and online publishers should invest in expanding and improving their websites and blogs for mobile users.

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    6 Ways to Power Promote Your Posts With Atomic Reach

    Atomic Reach has always been a social sharing platform that encourages members to contribute and participate in their Tribes. One of our frequently asked questions is how do members go about sharing each other’s posts. This is an important question because sharing is the only way you’ll get more traffic, readers and reach. And it’s much more fun to share with others!

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    New Atomic Tool - The WordPress Viewer Plugin

    Atomic Reach is excited to introduce you to our new WordPress Viewer (built by our fabulous tech team).

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