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    6 Content Marketing Trends You'll See Dominating in 2017

    The year 2016 has seen some groundbreaking developments in content marketing. With increasing adoption of ad-blockers, Google’s renewed resolve to punish annoying pop-ups, and major social media companies – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – launching a live video feature, content marketing in 2017 will never be the same again.

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    How To Confidently Explore Different Types of Multimedia Content By CopyPress

    During the past few years, marketers have started expanding beyond traditional blog posts.

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    5 Social Media Trends to be Aware of in 2016

    As the midpoint of another decade passes, digital marketing heroes have yet another wave of social media trends to be aware of.

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    Brands Embrace the Introduction of Instagram Video

    Adding some competition into the social media mix, Instagram recently announced the addition of videos to their popular photo-sharing app. As a direct competitor to Twitter's year-old Vine application, Instagram's 130 million users will now have the ability to post 15 second long videos to their profile (filters and all). A study done by social media analysts at Simply Measured, suggested that videos posted by brands on Instagram have twice the level of engagement to photos. With an increasing number of brands integrating Instagram into their content marketing strategy, how will brands start to utilize Instagram's new video application? Here are some ways brands have already taken advantage of video on Instagram.

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    10 Ways to Drive Traffic & Improve Your SEO Using SlideShare

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    Should Brands Jump on the Vine Bandwagon?

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    Budweiser Brews Content Goodness

    Creating content is challenging; creating content that resonates with target audiences and captures a broad spotlight is extra-challenging.

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