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    How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Marketing In 2018

    From virtual assistants to self-driving cars, the AI industry has already made its presence felt across the tech world. However, it’s still in the nascent stage and holds tremendous possibilities in the future.

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    Topics: artificial intelligence, Content Marketing Strategy, tips and tricks

    8 Content Marketing Tricks to Turn Dry Topics into Engaging Narratives

    Back in 2008 when Content Marketing wasn’t such a “thing” in the digital marketing world, I was hired to ghostwrite “interesting” content for ID Integration Inc., a Washington-based company offering software solutions to help their customers meet IUID compliance.

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    Topics: content engagement, Content Marketing Strategy, tips and tricks

    Joe Sugarman’s Tricks: Write Copies Your Audience Can’t Stop Reading

    Joe Sugarman is a legendary direct response copywriter and owner of the very popular BluBlocker Sunglasses.

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    Topics: audience, blog writing, tips and tricks

    Work-Blog Balance: How to Manage an Engaging Blog and Keep Your Day Job Too

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    Topics: balance, blogging, blogging strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, digital marketing, engagement, engaging, tips and tricks

    7 Tips to Help You Produce the Most Amazing Content Marketing in 2014

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    Topics: wordpress plugin, writing, blogging, Content Marketing Strategy, Conversions, digital marketing, effective, emotions, engagement, frequency, headlines, resolutions, timing, tips and tricks, uniqueness