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    Comparison of Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: An Overview

    We’re just a month shy of the year 2018, and given the way marketing has evolved in the past couple of years, we can expect it to get even more complex and competitive. It’s therefore, vital for marketers to understand the depth of the available marketing methods and their underlying differences.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy, inbound marketing, outbound marketing

    How We Outsourced Sales and Generated More Outbound Results

    Picture this, you have a strong product, your marketing efforts are on point, and your sales team is working in overdrive to capitalize on growing your lead list. You are experiencing growth, but recognize that the rate needs to be accelerated.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, scaling, startup success, business growth, business success, Content Marketing Strategy, freelance, freelance tips, freelance work, freelancing, online marketing, online sales, outbound marketing, outbounding, outsourcing, sales, sales team, selling, Startup

    3 Benefits Ebooks Activate For Your Business

    In the current content-centric B2B environment, prospects are bombarded with all forms of original content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks theoretically all serve the same purpose: providing value to prospects at no cost.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, call to action, content assets, Content Marketing Strategy, Conversions, ebooks, inbound marketing, Lead Generation, marketing, marketing assets, marketing material, outbound marketing, prospects, writing tips

    How to Sell Content Marketing To Your Boss

    Hey, you’re a savvy marketer and you’re noticing the shift from traditional marketing to content marketing in the industry. You foresee that content marketing is here to stay and other companies have already started implementing it into their marketing strategy. It allows for an intimacy between a brand and its target audience, providing a softer sell to your consumers, which they adore. Nowadays, people are drawn to entertaining and educational content more and have become less receptive to traditional ads.

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    Topics: boss, Content Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, marketing, outbound marketing, statistics, traditional marketing