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    How To Gain an Edge Over Competitors With a Knowledge Base

    It’s not the money that makes the business world go round, it is knowledge. In today’s Information Age, the competitive leader is the one who holds the largest amount of data in their hands, and understands how to use it in their advantage. The data, of course, has to be actionable and structured. That’s where knowledge base software systems come into play. By providing a self-serving library that’s available from a single, easily accessible place, these innovative solutions can resolve virtually every key problem area of your business. The question is, can they obtain a strong competitive edge?

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    Topics: competitive advantage, Content Marketing Strategy, knowledge level

    You Need To Get Emotional With Your Audience

    If writing to an audience’s level of knowledge around a topic is of significant importance, so too is the notion that content must evoke a degree of emotion to achieve a deeper connection.

    We all engage with content that strikes a chord with us on some level.

    Consider for a second all the stories of world events, local movements, and BACON we connect with on our various social platforms.  Content that is meaningful, resonates on a personal level and makes an emotional connection with the audience is the content that passes through social networks with unprecedented velocity. The reason why memes (viral videos, pictures, etc.) spread like wildfire is because they elicit a positive or negative emotion from each of us.

    Is there a way to create content that can consistently tap into an audience’s emotional state within the confines of writing to their knowledge level?

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    Topics: audience, Content Marketing Strategy, emotion, engage, knowledge level