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    Atomic Reach Improves Its Grammar Feature With Rules You May Not Know About

    It seems like cutesy emojis, short-and-sweet tweets, sarcastic hashtags, and shorthand phrases (i.e. OMG and LOL) have taken over our daily vocabulary, kicking good ol’ grammar to the curb. Does grammar even still matter?

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    Why You Need to be Using the Oxford Comma

    How do you read this sentence?

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    Superlatives: Are You A User?

    How would you describe someone as the most super at something? You’d use a superlative of course! Bad jokes aside, a superlative can either be an adverb or adjective, and is used to describe that which is greater than anything else.

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    Grammar Games: 5 Common Grammar Mistakes

    We’ve all made at least one of these five common grammar mistakes, and we can’t seem to shake them. There's that mental debate we have with ourselves, ‘should I use who or whom’ here? The trick of reading it out loud doesn’t seem to help, and asking a friend or co-worker could jumble up your thoughts even more. There's nothing worse than publishing something, or submitting work with these grammar errors because you know you are fully capable of distinguishing the two. You constantly need to Google, Wiki, or each word to ensure that you are using the right one.

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    7 Best Practices for Editing Your Articles

    Whether you are a writer or editor, you will want to achieve the best you can with your content. Take note of this list of seven pointers to be sure you are following the best practices when editing your articles.

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    7 Foolproof Editorial Tips to Help you Become a Better Writer


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