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    5 Ways B2B Startups Streamline Their Conversion Strategies

    The prime objective of any content marketing campaign is to generate conversions.

    Of course, B2B companies are no exception, except that their conversion goals may vary depending on the nature of their campaign.

    B2B companies that spend a sizeable portion of their marketing budget on content marketing always seek out better ways to optimize their sales funnel and thus, their conversion rates.

    Whether you’re a small start-up or a larger business, the following tips will help you optimize your lead conversion strategies and in turn, boost your sales.

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    3 Data-Driven Techniques to Boost Your B2B Conversions

    Effective content marketers are often great observers — they understand the evolving consumer psychology and the science behind buyers’ behaviours.

    It’s not enough to just create content. You need to understand how your target audience behaves in different scenarios. In fact, this very understanding of consumer behaviours can affect the design of your content and marketing message.

    That’s why, we at Atomic Reach, always emphasize the importance of data and statistics when understanding consumer psychology and building robust marketing campaigns.

    In this post, we’d like to share three data-driven techniques to help you conceive more intuitive content strategies and boost your conversions.

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    Is Your Content Optimized for Conversions? Here’s 6 Ways to Find Out.

    Why do businesses invest a fortune in content marketing? Is it for page views or gaining social media traction or some other vanity metric? The fact is your content marketing will fail unless your audience converts and becomes a paying customers.

    Adopting a run-of-the-mill content marketing approach can help you get some page views, but it’s unlikely to help you meet the prime objective of your marketing campaign, conversions. On average, when you deliver optimized content based on your audience’s interests, you’re likely to see a boost of approximately 88%.

    So, how do you figure out if your content is optimized for conversion and ready to move your audience through the funnel?

    Here are six ways to find out if your content is primed for conversions.

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    Sharing Social Content: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Posting

    In 2016, we predicted that visual content (e.g, videos, images, memes, infographics) would be a dominant content marketing trend, attracting more engagement in the upcoming year.

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    How To Leverage Social Holidays, & Why To Include Them In Your Content Strategy

    Social holidays are essentially occasions that are celebrated — wait for it — on social media. Have you ever come across that funny hashtag such as #CrosswordPuzzleDay on Twitter and wondered who could possibly be celebrating it?

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    5 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Budget for Social Media Marketing

    Sometimes when you’re running your small business, it seems like there’s a new expense around every corner. From suppliers to employees to insurance to sales commission -- it’s only natural that you’d be looking to cut corners where you can to pay for the stuff you have to.

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    How to Create Content for Highest Conversion in Native Advertising

    Think your ads are not performing well? Then let me tell you that you are alone then. 37% of advertisers globally are moving in the same ferry.

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    Make Your Social Media Channels Your Lead Converting Machines

    Social media is something that has been a part of our daily lives. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we use social media as a part of our daily activities. But whether or not we can use social media to drive leads towards our business is a different story.

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    How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

    Even though LinkedIn has a staggering 430 million users, many businesses still perceive it as a platform that ONLY serves the purpose of connecting employers with their prospective employees. However, LinkedIn is much more than just a networking platform for employers and job seekers. According to a study by Demand Wave, LinkedIn is the most sought-after platform for lead generation and sales for B2B marketers across all social media channels.

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    How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sales Leads Using Social Data

    A couple of decades ago, gathering data meant sending out a small army with questionnaires that haunted public places where you could find your target market. Now, data is literally on your fingertips.

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