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    5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Instagram

    With more than 400 million active users, Instagram is a powerful tool that helps small businesses share their story in a fresh way.

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    Deck Your Editorial Calendar with Awesome Content

    Holidays can be stressful, both at home and in your business. The key to relieving at least some of that stress can come from planning ahead. And one way to plan ahead, at least in your content marketing, lies in a solid, well maintained content calendar.

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    Going Beyond: 4 Ways You Can Deliver Exceptional Client Service

    Last week, I had one of the most rewarding experiences in client services yet: a blogger I outreached to offered to give me a LinkedIn recommendation. I was both pleased and surprised at this offer. It’s not often that client or customer service positions receive such positive feedback.

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    Journalism heavyweights are also self-marketing mavens

    Feeling homesick for the prairie town you grew up in? Write a thought piece on it. Went back to blonde? Tweet it. Indulging in the wonders of a Starbucks frappucino? Instagram it.

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    3 Killer Marketing Strategies from the Fashion World

    Fashion retailers are in a unique position to milk the benefits of content marketing. They occupy a sweet spot at the intersection of art and commerce, able to shroud the shamelessness of selling with romantic images of messily chic flâneurs enjoying macarons at Parisian cafes, all filtered through Amaro, instagrammed, tweeted, posted on Tumblr and tagged “inspiration”. Fashion sells you a dream world, then reminds you that only a handbag can grant you admission into that world. And boy, does it work.

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    The Best Brand Advocates: Bloggers


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    Building an online brand presence-What’s not to like?

    Building a brand presence online? More important than what’s not to like, is the, why like it? This is the key question that brands should be asking when building a Facebook page, a Twitter stream or any other social media account you can name off. It’d be far too easy to say just create a page, log in on a daily basis and watch your fan base grow.  To increase awareness and build an influential online presence, you need to work.  Brands need to be aware of what’s working and what is not. In a large pool of voices competing for customer attention, how do you do you reel in the fans and followers and get them to bite with a “like”? More importantly, a “like” that is actually meaningful…one attached to a real customer prospect.

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    Tory Burch - Kudos For Building A Content Experience

    First it was your teenage daughter, then your brother in law, then your grandma, and then the entire world. Everyone has tapped into social media, and brands are taking notice and taking action. Fashion designer and women’s clothing mogul Tory Burch, is a prime example of a company not associated with online media or networking who has tapped into their consumer market through interaction, varied and interesting content and listening to what customers are saying and doing.
    Lots of women like to shop. All the time if possible and in the new era of ipads, smartphones, and laptops, it is possible. The key is to make the clothing accessible and easily purchasable online. How is this done? By creating an exciting and engaging content experience for consumers. As outlined in the article, Tory Burch did just that by hiring an Instyle Magazine editor Honor Brodie, who did an excellent job in creating an online resource for women to learn about trends, style and ultimately Tory Burch. Reiterating how important providing a resource of information and interactivity is to consumers. Brodie, says is now “where content and commerce work together in a very twenty-first century way.”

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