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    How To Protect Your Online Brand Reputation

    Reputation managing is about controlling how the business and the products and/or services are supposed, and then maintaining a positive reputation for the company as a whole and for the brand. It is about protecting and maintaining reputation.

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    Topics: branding, Content Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing Tips

    Five Tips For Marketing Products To A Millennial Audience

    Like it or not, millennials make things happen. They’re the most connected, tech-savvy generation to ever exist, and currently make up the biggest part of the global workforce. What that means from an eCommerce stance is that they have enormous purchasing power - to the extent that unless you can 100% guarantee that they’ll never be interested in your brand, you cannot afford to ignore them.

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    Topics: branding, Content Marketing Strategy, demographics, social media marketing, b2c marketing, millennials

    Why Your Brand Needs A Content Style Guide by CopyPress

    Life as an editor is easier than ever. Many software platforms like Atomic AI and other grammar-centric technology can eliminate your spelling and syntax errors. However, you don't hire editors to simply run spell-check and format your content; you hire them to defend your brand.

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    Topics: branding, branding tips, Content Marketing Strategy, content tips, design, graphic design, infographic, marketing, marketing tips, Small Business, smb, style guide

    5 Examples of Powerful Brand Stories to Use For Your Business

    We all enjoy a great story, don’t we? Think about how enthralled you become when you pick up a great book, listen to someone recap an event or even just have someone explain something to you that they’ve experienced.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, about us, behind the scenes, branding, branding stories, bts, company, company news, Content Marketing Strategy, marketing, marketing strategy, storytelling, writing tips

    How to Create Social Media Marketing Moments for Memorable Experiences

    *This is an updated post

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, social media manager, branding, community growth, community manager, Conversions, digital marketing, engagement, Lead Generation, marketing, online marketing, sharing, Small Business, smb, Social Media, social media campaigns, social media marketing, social media strategy, website traffic

    4 Steps to Creating Content That Stands Out from The Noise

    *This is an updated post

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    Topics: search, SEO, blog, blog tips, blogging, branding, community, Content Marketing Strategy, keywords, long-tail keywords, marketing, writing tips

    How To Confidently Explore Different Types of Multimedia Content By CopyPress

    During the past few years, marketers have started expanding beyond traditional blog posts.

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    Topics: tools, video, animated video, animation, brand, branding, budgeting, Content Marketing Strategy, creative assets, design, designers, go viral, graphic design, infographic, live video, marketing, marketing strategy, media, Technology, text video, tutorial, video content, video marketing, viral content

    5 Tips To Ensure Your Brand Voice Resonates with Your Audiences

    Your brand voice is an extension of you. It’s how to talk and how people feel after you’ve said something. It’s more than your logo and color scheme.

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    Topics: atomic audit, audience, audit, brand voice, branding, Content Marketing Strategy, marketing

    How to Do Curation Effectively By CopyPress

    Many companies understand the value of content creation, but few dedicate a significant amount of time to the content curation process. Sure, social media is a thriving marketing industry, but it's rare to find brands that have a strategic curation strategy to make sure their content is getting shared while building relationships with others.

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    Topics: blog, blog posts, blog tip, blogging blog tips, blogging tips, branding, Content Marketing Strategy, Conversions, copypress, curation, digital marketing, infographic, marketing, online marketing

    How To Make That Boring Conference Brochure Standout

    Printing conference brochures costs your business money and time.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, assets, branding, business conference, business events, business growth, communication, company assets, Content Marketing Strategy, graphic design