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    Why It Is Important To Make Data Driven Decisions

    Gone are the day when businesses would make decisions based on their gut feelings.

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    Topics: big data, decision making

    Why Content Marketing Strategies Fail Without Predictive Analytics [Podcast Recap]

    As per a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute’s & MarketingProfs, nearly 22% of B2B marketers said their content marketing strategies weren’t very effective while 4% of the respondent revealed their content marketing efforts weren’t effective at all.

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    Topics: Sales & Marketing, artificial intelligence, big data, buyer behavior, case studies, consumer behavior, Content Marketing Strategy, data and marketing, marketing, marketing metrics, marketing performance, marketing technology, martech, podcast, podcasting, predictive analytics, sales, sales decisions, Technology, tracking

    How to Use Big Data to Win Over Readers

    You may have heard that 80 or 90% of the world's data has been generated in the last two years. Well, guess what?

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    Topics: analytics, big data, blog writing, blog writing tips, Content Marketing Strategy, data insights, graphics, infographic, reading, story, storytelling, Technology, writing tips

    Why SEO and Big Data Don't Show Your Audience Love

    I've been thinking a lot, like many of you have been, about big data and it's impact on audiences. All the stuff in the news about Google's algorithm changes and what it's done to some sites traffic, traffic farms, and the supposed attempt of some to game the search system only in the end to lose, badly. For more details on that ongoing debacle, I'd recommend Tim Fernholz's article titled "Anonymous's first stock tip: Buy the internet company Wall Street hates".

    I could have convened a focus group, sent out a survey to my email database or polled the visitors to my website, and asked if any of them cared about any of this news. I suspect not a single person would have responded. You know why? Because they don't care about big data, or SEO or any of the other buzz words around how they "fit in" by our digital big brothers. They care I concede to the extent that their privacy is constantly being brought into question, but savvy web and social media platform participants have figured out ways to protect themselves from threat.What they do, is quality content, that speaks to them, and their needs. We need to create art that informs, entertains and garners an audience on its own merit, instead of worrying about how it's page rank is going to end up. The truth is, that strong content that resonates with an audience, I suggest, will always rise to the top organically, and there is no cheating your way to that top.

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    Topics: SEO, audience, big data, Content Marketing Strategy, engagement, Social Media