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    The Smartest People Eat Chocolate and Optimize for Great Content


    It is a long-standing truth that correlation does not equal causation. Picture two events (A and B) where a correlation exists. There are actually four fundamental relationships between them. A is the cause of B. B is the cause of A. There is a common cause C, but A and B do not cause each other. Or lastly, their correlation is simply coincidental.

    There are many fun examples of random events having strong correlation. One of my favorites is this study.  It shows that chocolate consumption in countries correlates to the number of Nobel prizes it has won. Suggesting that event A (eating chocolate) causes event B (smarter population). Of course this does not hold true. There is likely another event forcing the correlation. Maybe having extra income to spend on chocolate, also allows for more spending on higher education like university.


    Correlation is an integral part of what we do here at Atomic Reach. Our platform relies on the principle that optimized content correlates to more audience engagement. The correlations are in the numbers! We’ve analyzed thousands of pieces of online content. We find time and time again that optimized content performs better. Optimized content correlates to a 40% increase in webpage views and unique views.

    Optimized content also shows a correlation to more social engagement. When using the Atomic Engager™ we see over a 50% increase across all networks. In fact, we are so confident in these patterns that we are actually guaranteeing the boost.


    So, now the tough question, what causes these awesome correlations? Obviously there are many unknown variables when dealing with the online landscape. However, we have months of Atomic research backing our findings. We know that improving content in certain ways drives engagement. These enhancements are the exact measures that make up our Atomic Engager™.

    For example, we know that writing an excellent article headline boosts engagement. In a detailed way the Atomic Engager™ guides one’s efforts in crafting these headlines. This in turn maximizes your overall chance for engagement.

    There are many Atomic measures and they all work in tandem to better optimize content. With the robust data we have collected, it is hard to argue that optimizing content is not partially in control of causing the engagement trends.

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