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    The 5-Step Writing Process (for Optimized Content Marketing): From Brainstorming to Publishing

    Every writer wonders how to optimize content. They also have a special, subconscious ritual for ideal writing and copy optimization.The process is more of a routine that comes naturally and is not basically a set process. Being able to follow an ideal writing process can help you deal with tricky situations and create better content. Here is a 5 step writing process guideline to help you optimize your writing process.

    1. Prewriting (for copy optimization)

    Prewriting includes the set of things that you need to do before you begin to actually write.

    • Finding the idea:
      To begin writing, you need to have a basic idea on what you are going to write. If it is something specific, then you have most of your work cut out for you. However, if the topic is depending on your creativity, you can always gain inspiration from your surroundings.
    • Working on the idea:
      Once you have come up with the basic idea, you should start working on the details that you will put in your article to communicate your idea. Build on it in a clear yet strong way to write engaging content.
    • Structure the idea:

    Your idea will need a definitive structure. The structure is how your article will appear once it is finished. Use of bullet points, sub-headings etc. is optimal.

    2. Writing (to produce high quality content)

    Once you have an idea in mind, and have worked on the structure, you can begin writing. When you begin to write, write a first draft. Forget about the typos, grammatical errors or how sophisticated the article sounds. Write anything and everything that comes to mind. You will have time later on to fix the article, but if you lose focus, the creativity may fade away.

    3. Revise (to further cement your content strategy)

    The final outlook of your article depends greatly on this step. Reviewing the article properly is imperative, as it will define your expertise as a writer. You can follow the process below when revising the article.


    When you write your first draft, it may have fewer words. As you revise, you can work more on the draft and add some detailed insights on your writing. This will help increase the word count.


    A piece of writing without any particular flow is boring to read. Arrange your sentences in a particular manner to create flow in your written piece.


    When you write the basic draft, you may have penned down some raw ideas. You can refine and replace them with other notes that are more relatable or authentic.

    4. Editing (to produce SEO optimized content)

    After writing down, adding, rearranging and replacing your article for more elegant words and ideas, you finally get a readable piece of writing. It is now time to edit the article to remove any typing errors, grammatical mistakes, wrong phrases or any other mistakes. By doing this, you will make your work authentic and professional. Check out AtomicWriter to help you edit all of these important structural and formatting elements.

    5. Publishing (push out on your content marketing platforms)

    After following all of the above guidelines, you should now have yourself a finished piece of writing that is ready to go on the web. Look for a good source to publish your work to show off your great work!

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