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75 PPC Influencers Who Are Changing The Game

The Atomic Reach Team | Paid Search Influencers

Did you know that 46% of Americans start their morning with unlocking their phones and checking notifications?

What is more, the research by Disruptive Advertising suggests that 76% of people who search something nearby with the help of their phone will visit the business within the next few days.

While conducting their search, about half of users cannot differentiate between PPC links and organic links in search engines. Also, PPC has shown at least 50% more conversions than organic web traffic.

These numbers are huge and the professionals on this list will readily share their experiences and insights on the topic with anyone searching for more practical information.


elizabeth marsten


Elizabeth MarstenSenior Director at CommerceHub

Elizabeth Marsten is not only a founder at CommerceHub – an e-commerce solution helping brands and retailers increase efficiency and expand reach – but also a powerful PPC writer and speaker.

She wrote “Web Marketing for Dummies” and a series of other e-books on PPC.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




andrew goodman


Andrew Goodman - President at Page Zero

Andrew Goodman is a founder at Page Zero with a goal to bring some structure to the chaotic SEM segment.

He believes in small teams and the need for SEO experts and consultant to really listen to the clients and hear them.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Matt Van Wagner


Matt Van WagnerFind Me Faster Founder

Matt Van Wagner is a founder of search engine marketing firm called Find Me Faster.

His focus area lies within local and seasoned paid SEO strategies for small and medium businesses across the USA and Canada.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





David RodnitzkyCEO at 3Q Digital

David Rodnitzky is a SEM and digital media specialist with a focus on mobile marketing and online advertising. He was also a board member at such firms as Rental.com, Mercantila, and FindLaw, and a frequent speaker at numerous SEM conferences.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Brad Geddes

Brad GeddesCo-Founder at Adalysis and a Founder at BG Theory

Brad Geddes is a PPC expert and an Official AdWords Seminar Leader. He provides valuable advice with regard to blogging and PPC and he has spoken at over 85 conferences across the globe.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.







joe kerschbaum



Joe Kerschbaum - Vice President at 3Q Digital

Joe Kerschbaum is a SEM author and columnist. He is also a PPC speaker and teaches at Lynda. He currently serves as a Vice President and deals with client services at 3Q Digital.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Melissa Mackey



Melissa MackeySearch Supervisor at gyro

Melissa Mackey is a SEM professional and she specializes in PPC. She has vast experiences to share, from in-house to agency.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.






mel carson


Mel CarsonCEO and founder of Delightful

Mel Carson is an influencer in the spheres of social media, and personal branding. He takes digital PR strategies to a whole new level. He is also a passionate speaker looking to inspire businesses to use digital and tech.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.






 Lisa Raehsler


Lisa RaehslerAuthor and Founder at BigClickCo

Lisa Raehsler is a consultant in social media ads and PPC. She is also a SEM speaker and columnist. She is passionate about making businesses more productive with PPC.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.






John Gagnon



John GagnonBing Ads Specialist at Microsoft

John Gagnon is an expert in Bing Ads and PPC. He is passionate about discovering where the data and marketing collide.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Marc Poirier



Marc PoirierCo-Founder at Acquisio

Marc Poirier is a speaker and writer, and also an influencer in MarTech. He is a SEM expert and has an interesting background in cognitive psychology.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Bas van den Beld



Bas van den BeldFounder at State of Digital and Speak with Persuasion

Bas van den Beld is a professional speaker and trainer in digital consultancy. He is helping businesses adapt to the ever-changing world of media.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




David Szetela



David SzetelaOwner at FMB Media

David Szetela is a speaker an author in the PPC marketing field. He is an expert in AdWords, social advertising, and Bing Ads.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Bryan Eisenberg



Bryan EisenbergCo-Founder at Buyer Legends

Bryan Eisenberg is a pioneer and an international authority in online marketing. He is passionate about helping businesses improve customer journey as well as increase their own conversion rates.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Jennifer Slegg


Jennifer SleggSEM Consultant, Writer at The SEM Post

Jennifer Slegg is an expert speaker in SEM. She has been presenting at various conferences for over a decade with more than 20 years of experience in the fields.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Pamela Parker


Pamela Parker CairdContent Manager at Third Door Media & Author at Marketing Land

Pamela Parker Caird is an experienced content manager passionate about optimization and interaction in the SEM field.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Daniel Gilbert


Daniel GilbertFounder and CEO at Brainlabs

Daniel Gilbert is passionate about PPC. As a PPC expert who uses automation and data, his goal is to provide top-notch consultancy to the businesses thus making them the best places to work.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Frederick Vallaeys



Frederick VallaeysCo-Founder at Optmyzr

Frederick Vallaeys is an expert in using big data insights with a goal to improve account management. He also partners with SalesX in helping companies grow with the help of AdWords.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Christi Olson



Christi OlsonSearch Evangelist at Microsoft

Christi Olson has both in-house and agency experience in marketing. She is now working within the Bing team at Microsoft using SEM techniques to improve digital marketing strategies.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Purna Virji



Purna VirjiGlobal Engagement Senior Manager at Microsoft

Purna Virji is a Keynote speaker as well as an author in conversational AI and digital marketing. She is an expert in SEO, SEM, and voice search.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Marty Weintraub


Marty WeintraubFounder at Aimclear

Marty Weintraub is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur focused on psychographic targeting in the digital marketing field.

Search and social marketing conferencing are some of his strongest sides.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Joe Martinez


Joe Martinez - Director of Client Strategy at Clix

Joe Martinez is a director at Clix Marketing as well as a PPC writing and speaking expert.

He consults clients about making the best use of digital marketing for their businesses.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Ginny Marvin


Ginny Marvin - Third Door Media's Editor-in-Chief

Ginny Marvin manages editorial operations at Marketing Land as well as writes about paid search, social, and retargeting.

She has both in-house and agency marketing experience with more than 15 years in digital.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Jd Prater


Jd PraterQuora Evangelist

Jd Prater’s mission is increasing brands’ and marketers’ awareness when it comes to Quora.

He is an advocate of digital storytelling and an expert in seasoned growth marketing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Susan Wenograd



Susan WenogradAccount Group Director at AimClear

Susan Wenograd is an expert in paid search and Facebook ads.

She advises businesses how to use paid media to generate more conversions and sales.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Kirk Williams



Kirk WilliamsOwner at ZATO Marketing and BHive

Kirk Williams is an expert writer and speaker in such spheres as PPC and shopping ads. He speaks a lot at the conferences and hosts a weekly PPC chat on Twitter.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Mark Irvine


Mark Irvine - Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wordstream

Mark Irvine is passionate about data-driven research in trends on Bing, Facebook, and AdWords. PPC Hero has named Mark the 5th most influential PPC Expert. He travels around the word presenting about trends in SEM industry.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Samantha Noble



Samantha Noble - CEO & Founder at Biddable Moments

Samantha Noble is focused on helping brands grow revenues through audience development and PPC.

She is also a founder of Digital Females.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Mike Rhodes



Mike RhodesFounder and CEO at WebSavvy

Mike Rhodes uses AdWords to help his customers penetrate the digital world better through social and intelligent search capabilities, along with a firm strategy.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Aj Wilcox


AJ WilcoxFounder at B2Linked

Aj Wilcox is an expert in LinkedIn ads, with practical expertise in increasing ROI for his customers, and not just generating leads.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Maddie Cary


Maddie Cary - Senior Client Manager at Point It

Maddie Cary oversees PPC marketing in music, finance, e-commerce, IT, and fashion.

She is also the founder of a PPC training program.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Andreas Reiffen


Andreas ReiffenCEO at Ceralytics

Andreas Reiffen is passionate about data-driven advertising. He is also a marketing technologist with experience.

Ceralytics is mainly focused on PPC and Google Shopping campaign management.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Gianluca Binelli



Gianluca BinelliFounder at Booster Box

Gianluca Binelli is passionate about using scientific marketing to improve performance. She has over 6 years of experience in Google managing online marketing with AdWords.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





James Svoboda



James Svoboda - CEO at WebRanking

James Svoboda is a search marketing guru with 20+ years of experience. He is also a columnist and a co-founder of Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Aaron Levy



Aaron LevyManager of Client Strategy as EliteSEM

Aaron Levy has a passion for growing businesses as well as people via PPC. He is an expert in data-driven analytics, machine learning, and client strategizing based on data.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Julie F Bacchini



Julie Friedman BacchiniPresident & Founder at Neptune Moon

Julie Bacchini is a hero conference speaker as well as a PPC influencer. She helps her clients build web presence and has a special passion for creative web design.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Navah Hopkins


Navah Hopkins - Services Innovation Strategist at Wordstream

Navah Hopkins is passionate about using data to innovate. She has PPC and SEO experience to help guide customers in algorithmic changes – ie. Penguin and Panda - and make smart decisions to improve their sales.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Andrew Lolk


Andrew Lolk - Founder, Lead PPC Manager at SavvyRevenue

Andrew Lolk has handled some of the biggest Danish advertisers in AdWords use.

He is passionate about conversion optimization and has background in SEO, affiliate marketing, and Google Analytics.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Matt Umbro



Matt UmbroFounder at PPCChat

Matt Umbro is e-commerce PPC as well as client relations guru. He is also responsible for the oversight of content production at PPC Hero.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Amanda Sibley



Amanda Sibley - Director of Marketing for HubSpot for Startups

Amanda Sibley is an expert in Facebook advertising, PPC, digital marketing, and has experience in client relationship building as well as the programming side of online advertising.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Elisa Gabbert


Elisa Gabbert - Content Marketing Manager at WordStream

Elisa Gabbert is managing WordStream’s blog in terms of SEO and content. She is an expert in PPC and digital marketing, as well as a poetry and creative writing enthusiast.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Aaron Charlie


Aaron Charlie - Training Manager at Silicon Beach Training

Aaron Charlie is an expert in content marketing, technology, design, social media advertising, SEO, and much more.

He is a programmer, software editor, and has experience in video editing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Justin Bruce



Justin BruceFounder at Justin Bruce Marketing

Justin Bruce has 15 years of experience in strategic marketing and design. He has been working in both B2B and B2C streams.

Find him on Twitter.





Zach Thompson


Zach ThompsonPartner at RYP Marketing

Zach Thompson is one of a few web entrepreneurs who have been helping businesses gain online presence.

They use SEO, Internet marketing, and web design tools to help their clients grow.

Find him on Twitter.





Bethany Bey


Bethany Bey - Clix Marketing Training Manager

Bethany Bey has experience working and building digital strategies for many different clients, including AdWords training.

She believes the line between content and advertising will become only thinner.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Angela Stringfellow


Angela Stringfellow - Marketing Strategist and Chief Ideation Officer at CODA Concepts

Angela Stringfellow has considerable experience in developing innovative, cross-channel campaigns with a goal to strengthen brands and nurture audiences.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





 Sarah Peduzzi

Sarah Peduzzi - Director of Marketing at JetPack Workflow

Sarah Peduzzi is an expert in Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, Bing, and Google Tag Manager. She leads businesses to success in the digital world by using her expertise in paid search and paid social.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





 Tom Demers

Tom Demers - Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Measured SEM

Tom Demers helps businesses of differing sizes in varying industries get the benefits of paid search management, SEO, and strategic content marketing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Eric Wortman


Eric Wortman - Sports and Live Events Senior Account Manager at Google

Eric Wortman manages relationships between Google ad platforms and professional sportsmen.

Eric is passionate about digital marketing and all things tech.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Chris Soames


Chris SoamesCo-Founder at First10digital

Chris Soames is a blogger and consultant, he has been managing international web strategies of different brands.

Now the Commercial Director at First 10, he assists clients in clarifying their marketing strategies and creating campaigns to engage their consumers and thus increase sales.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Ryan Kettler


Ryan KettlerSenior Digital Marketing Manager at RBC

Ryan Kettler is a content marketing expert, with a focus on client communications. His sphere of expertise lies within the small-sized businesses.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Matt Ganzak



Matt GanzakFounder at ScaleUP Academy

Matt Ganzak is passionate about helping consulting and coaching businesses grow though the digital means. He helps build funnels, set up paid and Facebook ads, as well as grow audiences.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Carrie Hill


Carrie Hill - Co-Founder at Ignitor Digital

Carrie Hill is crazy about local search, social media platforms, and Schema Markup.

She is willing to help businesses grow by utilizing Zero Click Search (Google’s cannibalization of data for display in search).

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Vanessa Fox


Vanessa Fox - CEO of Keylime Toolbox

Vanessa Fox finds SEO metrics that matter and offers actionable ways of cultivating organic traffic from unpaid search. Google webmaster tools + web analytics are essential for success in Google unpaid search. Vanessa educates businesses to better monitor SEO and engagement metrics with free search.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




John Lee



John Lee - Learning Strategist - Client Experience Design & Delivery - Bing Ads at Microsoft

John Lee is passionate about search (PPCChat), as well as social and display advertising.

He is also a PPC trainer, blogger, and speaker.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Perry Marshall



Perry MarshallFounder at perrymarshall.com

Perry Marshall is world's first professional in sales growth using the 80/20 leverage. He is also a bestselling author on such topics as Google & Facebook ads.

Find him on Twitter.





Lisa Sanner



Lisa Sanner - Digital Marketing Consultant 

Lisa Sanner is a digital marketing and as enthusiast, she is pro in SEM/PPC. She is also a great team builder. Her passion lies in learning and growth - businesses, people, and plants.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn





Jeff Allen


Jeff Allen - President of Hanapin Marketing

Jeff Allen specializes in competitive digital strategies for firms with many brands, regions, or product/service lines.

These businesses are essentially “complex” as they have many specific needs. Jeff designs proactive strategies to grow such businesses.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Michelle Morehouse


Michelle Morgan - Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing

Michelle Morgan is a paid search guru at Clix Marketing with experience in search, retargeting, display, and social media campaigns.

SEM industry is her field of expertise with a focus on PPC account administration as well as analytics.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Kevin Lee


Kevin LeeCEO at Didit, Founder at We-Care

Kevin Lee is passionate about SEM and especially likes delivering speeches at conferences on this subject.

He is a leader of a full-service marketing, strategy, and creative agency.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Katy Tonkin



Katy Tonkin - Marketer at Bing Ads

Katy Tonkin focuses on digital advertising and digital education. She is an advocate of diversity in digital as this is exactly what brings creative and effective solutions.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Chris Haleua


Chris Haleua - Director of Product Management at DOMO

Chris Haleua is a data storyteller. He is fanatic about BI and analytics. In the past, he also served as Adobe Product Marketer as well as Omniture Product Manager.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Amy Bishop


Amy BishopDigital Marketing Consultant at Cultivative Marketing

Amy Bishop is a digital marketer and a PPC enthusiast. She is also a PPC freelancer. She has delivered many speeches on PPC across the globe. She also loves writing about her sphere. Paid search is what she is good at.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Heather Cooan


Heather CooanFounder at HDCDigital

Heather Cooan loves automation, social marketing, paid acquisition, and solid strategy building.

She develops marketing tactics with an aim to accelerate the implementation of digital strategies.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Rick Galan


Rick Galan - Head of Digital Marketing at Qualtrics

Rick Galan is a digital marketing guru with technical base. His experience is mainly in managing rigorous ROI metrics and providing results.

He specializes in SEM(PPC), SEO, and social media marketing.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Crystal Anderson ONeill



Crystal O'NeillPresident at SEERInteractive

Crystal O'Neill brings focus to the chaos of a fast-paced digital firm. She enjoys solving complicated challenges. She has vast experience balancing business with a focus on individuals.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Paul Kragthorpe



Paul Kragthorpe - Technology Director at WebRanking

Paul Kragthorpe is a search manager. He has vast experience in SEM and Internet marketing but his background is in web programming and troubleshooting.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Justin Freid


Justin FreidWriter, Tech and Network Security Consultant

Justin Freid is a writer for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. His specialties encompass public speaking, branding and identity management (online and IRL), negotiation, technology in small-sized businesses, as well as not-for-profit development.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Megan Leap



Megan Leap - Content Marketing Director at Convince

Megan Leap is a revenue-focused Internet marketing advisor. She is fanatical about great digital marketing.

Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.






Greg Finn



Greg Finn - Partner/Marketer at CypressNorth

Greg Finn is crazy about digital marketing. He is a data-driven advisor to clients of all sizes looking to increase their digital footprint.

Greg also talks PPC each week on his weekly news podcast - Marketing O'Clock.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Bryant Garvin



Bryant Garvin - Head of Advertising at PatternHQ

Bryant Garvin specializes in paid media, CRO, e-commerce, and lead generation. He is a guru in video adverts, Amazon, and YouTube ads. He is also a dedicated speaker.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Jon Kagan


Jon Kagan - Director of Search & Biddable Media at Results Digital

Jon Kagan creates and executes SEM and biddable media strategies for varying clients in the financial sector. Jon supervises such team activates as linking strategies, keyword research, vendor vetting and contracts, creative copywriting, and of course a trustworthy relationship with the customer.

Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.





Written by: Nissar Ahamed

Nissar Ahamed is the Founder and CEO of CareerMetis, a publication dedicated to helping jobseekers and freelancers with actionable advice and resources. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast and the co-host of The C.A.R.E. Podcast.

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