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    3 Steps to Incorporate AI into Your Content Marketing

    AI is the new content marketing. It’s no longer the faceless Hollywood science-fiction movie character it was in the 90’s.

    It’s helping companies crunch data at an unprecedented speed and deliver highly personalized content to their customers.

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    Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing Strategy

    3 Common Questions about AI in Content Marketing Answered

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest buzzword in the content marketing industry.

    A survey by PwC revealed AI will be the fundamental to business in future with 72% terming it as a business advantage and game changer.

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    How to Improve Your Content Marketing with Content Intelligence: 5 Quick Tips

    Even as content marketing has assumed greater adoption in the B2B industry today, it still hasn’t been able to solve one of the most perplexing challenges content marketers face on a daily basis.

    The challenge is many of them are not really sure what kind of content they should produce to address the concerns of their niche audience.

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    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy

    How AI Can Improve Your Content Marketing Decision Making

    Content marketing is no longer about guesswork or gut-feelings. It’s about data intelligence and machine learning.

    Right from choosing your tools to building personas, each and every decision needs to be on the button if you want to get the most of your content marketing efforts.

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    5 Steps to Hit the Perfect Readability Score for Your Niche Audience

    Nothing kills your content marketing campaign quite like unreadable content.

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    9 Outside the Box Lead Generation Tactics That Work

    Lead generation is a constant battle for the modern marketer—mainly because there’s no such thing as too many leads. Even after a successful campaign, there’s still more work to be done. It can be downright exhausting. In fact, 61% of marketers say generating high quality leads is their biggest challenge (source).

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    How to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally: 4 Readability Tips

    There’s a prevailing misconception among many B2B content marketers — B2B purchase decisions are driven by reason, not emotion.

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    How Predictive Content Improves Marketing-Sales Relationship

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in the B2B content marketing space today. We have seen Predictive Analytics, Predictive Lead Generation and now, Predictive Content being largely integrated into content marketing processes across the industry.

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    New Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

    Content marketing has come a long way since its early days.

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    Why You Need Artificial Intelligence For Data Analysis

    Consumer data is the interface through which businesses can read their prospects’ intent.

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