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Make Your Social Media Channels Your Lead Converting Machines


Social media is something that has been a part of our daily lives. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we use social media as a part of our daily activities. But whether or not we can use social media to drive leads towards our business is a different story.

As you start to build a good brand image, gain engagement and drive decent followings towards your business channels, what are you going to do next? Using social media for lead conversion can be tricky but with the right tool and approach, it can provide businesses with a huge opportunity to increase leads and convert them to sales.

But how? How will you drive the traffic down the sales funnel and convert them into customers? Here are some tips to make social media your lead converting machine.

Start Mapping Out Your Target Market

Mapping out your target market is about finding and defining the right audience to deliver your content. It is not a complicated process but it requires research and understanding of current data to analyze your target audience behavior.

Various demographics should come into play. Age, sex, location, interests, etc should help you divide your audience into different groups. These are called general data. These general data can then be narrowed down through empathy mapping where you can further divide your groups of audiences by their experience, feelings and attitudes.

Getting the attention of your target is more than just knowing your audience; you need to also understand where they are coming from.  Mapping can help you have a better understanding of your audience; it allows you to use the right data which can help you create targeted and relevant content which can attract audience’ attention.

Learn Social Media Advertisements

Social media advertisements such as Facebook and Instagram ads, Twitter cards and Linkedin Advertising have come a long way. From merely brand awareness and engagement-focus ads to becoming one of the most effective revenue-based ads, these paid social media efforts are no wonder considered to be a big player in the industry.

In Facebook alone, there are about 2 million businesses which are already engaged in advertising. But just because social media ads have been proven to drive leads, doesn’t mean you dive into it immediately. It is important that your channels have gained traction first to amplify what have you already gained from organic lead generation campaign.

Also, not everyone has the same preferences as yours. While millennial audience would prefer Facebook; for CMOs and professionals, Linkedin would be a better option. It still boils down to how well you know your market. Find out which network they spend most of their time on and you will have better grounds to get connected with them.

Moreover, different kinds of campaigns need a different focus. If you want to increase brand awareness, focus on engagement like shares, likes and mentions. If you want to increase website traffic, focus on how many website visitors you can get from your social media campaign. And if you want to increase your conversion rate, focus on measuring your social media ROI by clearly-defined conversion approaches such as downloads, subscriptions and online purchases.

Lastly, while social ads open lots for business opportunities, specifically in marketing and promotion, the effectiveness of your campaign still lies in how you do it. You should know your platform well. Create ads based on the targeting options and analytics offered by the specific social platform to get the best social media ROI.

Share Gated Content In Your Channels

Social media and content marketing go hand-in-hand. You need social media to help you amplify your content. But the question is… how will you use social media to market your content for lead generation?

As much as you want to share free content to the public, you should also share seriously valuable and informative gated content so you can get lead-worthy information from your followers. The idea of having gated content is to increase the likelihood of leading your social media audience down the sales funnel.

If you already have been using social media for a lead generation campaign, you might have noticed that no matter how many viewers you get from your public contents, only a few of them actually have been converted to leads. With gated content, although fewer people can read your content, each one of them has provided you with lead-worthy information. 

Gated content can come in different forms like infographics, PDF, whitepapers, blogs, webinars and videos. Through social media, you will be able to tap into targeted social media audiences who would likely read your content in exchange for relevant information they need to provide.

Mix the gated content with quality social media updates that can strengthen your stand as an authority in the industry and you will be able to get your followers engaged in your business. Therefore, giving you endless opportunities for lead generation and conversion. In the end, it’s making your effort worth it.

Data Gathering And Analysis

In every kind of marketing, it is crucial that you gather data to see how effective your strategies are.

Use the data you have gathered to know which other areas in your lead conversion strategy needs further improvement. You need to keep track of the delivery of your strategy to your consumers so you can continuously connect to them and gather relevant lead information from them.

Another form of data gathering is social listening. If you know how your target market sees your business, you can use these useful insights to revamp your business and transform it into something the consumers will love.

Your business adaptability is crucial for your campaign success. As your prospect consumers change their behaviors and their needs and wants, you need to gather the right data to adjust and create a more efficient and effective campaign.

Final Thoughts

Social media is no longer just an add-on for your marketing campaign. It has become a crucial element that can provide big changes in your business. However, it is still your job as a marketer to figure out how you can leverage social media for your marketing campaign.

When it comes to lead generation, there are endless ways you can use social media. Learn to play with some of these strategies and see how it can boost your lead generation efforts. So get started and let see how your business perform.


About the Author: Al Gomez is the man behind SEOExpertPage.com, Dlinkers and UnliDeals. With more than nine years of experience in digital marketing, he enjoys supporting smartpreneurs like himself achieve online success. Connect with him on Twitter (@dlinkers).

Published on July 28, 2017

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