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    How User-Generated Content Effectively Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

    The last topic on our Twitter chat (#AtomicChat) was about user-generated content (UGC) featuring special guest Douglas Karr. UGC is a fantastic way to involve your fans and customers with your brand.

    A few of our Atomic chatters piped in and described it as:



    So how can you implement a user-generated content strategy? Read on to learn more!

    First, let's define user-generated content:

    User-generated content is media created by others. For example, your fans, prospects, users, customers and/ or clients. The content is in forms of status updates, blog posts, reviews, comments, images, etc. In our chat, Douglas points out that, "It doesn't have to be totally written or produced by users. You can collect and enhance their content too!" He also adds that it's not just comments and reviews anymore. Businesses are actively enticing their users to submit content.

    How is user-generated content effective for marketing?

    Here's something that may blow your socks off. Did you know that UGC is a 35% more memorable than other media? It's also 50% more trusted than other media! 

    And for retailers, you'll be happy to know that UGC is 20% more influential on purchases than other media types. Check out the rest of the juicy stats here in this infographic by Crowdtap and Ipsos.

    How can UGC help your business?

    Based on the stats above, it is evident that user-generated content is effective because it's trustworthy, reliable and relevant. As pointed out by the folks at Econsultancy, it's a good advocacy tool for brands. When done right, UGC campaigns that make it easy for your consumer to market on your behalf will lead to higher levels of engagement and provide actionable consumer data.

    Check out all the amazing tips on how UGC helps your business in the transcript below:

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    Your Turn

    Do you have user-generated content? What tips do have about implementing a UGC strategy?

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