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    How To Start Blogging Again After A Nice Long Break

    Owning a blog allows you to share your passion, interests, and just anything that pops up in your mind. The best part, no doubt, in blogging is when other people appreciate your work – becoming loyal followers of your blog, engaging in your posts, and even sharing them on social media.

    But what would happen if your blog became inactive for a long period of time? Does this mean that you need to start again from scratch?


    The Unavoidable Period of Rest

    It’s not uncommon for a blogger to experience a long period of rest – not being able to write a post good enough to publish. In fact, there are many reasons why this may happen, some of these are:

    • Getting sick
    • Going on a long vacation
    • Getting busy on your full-time job
    • Running out of creative ideas for a blog post

    The reasons above are just some of the many reasons that force a blogger to go through an unavoidable period of rest. The best thing you could do, if this happens, is to start blogging after a break– easier said than done.


    Getting Back to Blogging

    Now that you’re ready to start blogging after a break, you may want to consider these effective blogging tips that would help you restore your blog’s former glory. Below are 5 blogging tips that would help you in getting back to blogging:


    1. Come up with a mind-blowing post

    What’s a better way to re-attract your followers? No doubt, a mind-blowing post would capture their interests once again – along with many new readers!

    • Research on your topic – heavily
    • Spend days writing and editing your post
    • Make sure to think of a captivating title

    You’ll realize how effective your efforts are once the blog post goes live. Of course, share this via social media as much as you can to maximize the results.]


    2. Your mailing list is the tool that you need

    We’re pretty sure that you already have a mailing list. Create a captivating subject line to make your followers click on your email – make them know that you’re back!

    A mind-blowing post (with an enticing title) works well with your mailing list. Use these two simultaneously in order to maximize your comeback!


    3. Consider looking for other bloggers to guest post

    Why are guest posts so useful? They help you refresh your ideas for a new post – you need to get used to blogging after a break. At least, with guest bloggers, you get fresh ideas from another person’s mind.

    The best thing about this is that your followers see your blog posting regularly again – at most, a few posts a day.


    4. Be part of a blogging community

    Being part of a blogging community has tons of benefits. You get tips from your fellow bloggers, enhance your network, build relationships, and promote your latest posts – all of which are more than enough reasons to join a blogging community.

    There are many blogging communities on social media. There might even be one in your neighborhood; the key is to start looking for them.


    5. Research for the latest trends/news

    Are you confident that you’re still updated on the latest trends/news in the industry you’re writing about? Even if you are, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research. You can even learn a lot of things that you can write about!


    If you haven’t updated your blog for a long period of time, we highly encourage you to write again. Blogging after a break would allow you to further develop your writing skills and skills in the topic you’re writing about – not to mention the financial benefit you get from blogging.

    Without practice, you would slowly lose your ability to write creative and interesting blog posts. What if you need this skill in the near future? What if you suddenly decide that you want to be a full-time blogger?

    Getting back to blogging already? Use these 5 blogging tips to get back in the game – work on your inactive blog once again, reap the rewards. Trust us, you wouldn’t regret a thing.


    Author Bio: Raffy Marabut is a dedicated and passionate freelance copywriter/blogger. He is driven with passion and has an eye for creativity. Additionally, he loves writing about business, technology, and how-to articles. He graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines (The Prestigious, Royal, and Catholic University) and has a Bachelor’s degree inEntrepreneurship.  Twitter: @choreograffyWebsite:


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