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    How to Increase Website Traffic from LinkedIn

    With over 400 million registered users from across 200 countries, LinkedIn is easily the largest professional network, and yet the most underutilized by many B2B marketers.

    In a recent survey, comScore ranked LinkedIn as the 13th most popular sites in the US with a staggering 119 million unique visits in February, 2016.

    According to a study by Econsultancy, "LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate


    Indeed, smart B2B marketers and publishers have been using LinkedIn to funnel traffic to their websites. For example, between July to December last year, Forbes registered a 127 percent boost in their LinkedIn traffic.

    While Facebook and Twitter seem to be very generic and noisy, LinkedIn has emerged as the most preferred destination for B2B marketers to drive traffic and qualified leads to their websites.

    By following this guide, you too can leverage LinkedIn to funnel traffic to your website.

    Let's take a look at what it takes:

    Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

    Optimizing your personal profile on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to funnel traffic to your company website.

    When it comes to your personal profile, be sure to optimize the following:

    • Use a professional headshot
    • Summary that introduces your work
    • Brief history of your work experience

    Take a look at Rand Fishkin's profile on LinkedIn below:

    Rand Fishkin LinkedIn

    Courtesy: Rand's LinkedIn Profile Screenshot

    Add Work Samples to Your Profiles

    LinkedIn allows you to add your work samples in the summary section. You can add links to your blog posts, e-books or any other digital media assets to showcase your skills.

    You should use this section wisely because your profile visitors will click through these links to visit your site. Therefore, you should share something that encourages them to click through and read.

    After you add your links, your media will appear in your summary making them stand out enough for visitors to view them. Use this section judiciously for optimum exposure.

    Build Your Connections

    Growing your network boosts your chances of getting more profile views, which sends more traffic to your website as well.

    Connect with your co-workers, people you've worked with, business partners, clients and even friends from other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    The more people you have on your network, the more exposure your profile gets.

    However, remember to send your personalized invite on LinkedIn to make it appear professional and courteous.

    Engage with Connections

    Being active on your LinkedIn profile is the key to driving traffic to your website. While it might sound intimidating, it's actually quite simple. Just follow the tips below:

    Post status updates.

    You don't have to post status updates as frequently as you do on Facebook or Twitter. Updating your status a few times a week should be good enough.

    Here are some ideas to make your LinkedIn status look professional.

    • Congratulate a coworker or past employee
    • Share a professional milestone that you've achieved recently
    • Ask a question related to your industry
    Share links to your articles.

    If you have a large network on LinkedIn, this is often the best way to put your authority in front of your audience. Again, be selective about the posts you want to share with your connections. Avoid spamming.

    Pro Tip: Even though LinkedIn allows you to send your posts to each of your connection, don't do it when you can simply share these posts as your status updates.

    Share links to other interesting articles.

    You don't always have to share your own articles with your connections. In fact, in order to keep it natural, share some industry updates or popular articles from other websites.

    Pro Tip: Don't go overboard with your sharing. LinkedIn has found that companies who post 20 times a month on average, reach 60% of their followers.

    Join Targeted Groups

    Joining niche groups in LinkedIn can be a great way drive traffic to your blog. But wait!

    I'd highly advise against doing this if your one and only goal is to drive traffic with little effort.

    There are over 2.1 million groups in LinkedIn and you are likely to find dozens of targeted groups no matter what your profession is. Therefore, there's a massive opportunity to build traffic to your website.

    However, here's the trick – you must invest in helping other group members to build your presence and authority. Just remember the following tips to make it work for you:

    1. When you're logged into your profile on LinkedIn, use the search box to search for your interests. Then choose "Groups" from the sidebar filter on the left. You'll get a number of groups that belong to your interest.
    2. The next step is to see which groups fit your requirements, which requires a bit of work and lots of patience early on. Some groups are closed while others are open. When it comes to open groups, you need to see the kind of topics they post and start engaging with them before joining. As for the closed groups, you need to apply to join.
    3. As stated earlier, don't start throwing links around; you may get banned for spamming and violating the rules. Introduce yourself in these groups and engage in various discussions to learn from others AND help others out. Learn the LinkedIn Group discussion etiquettes – they are crucial to building your reputation within the groups.
    4. Groups offer massive opportunities to build your authority and networking. If you stand out from others and build your personal brand, it will set the tone for you and you'll drive views to your profiles and build connections.
    Use LinkedIn Pulse to Grow Influence

    LinkedIn Pulse is a great platform to publish articles and demonstrate your authority. In fact, when your articles are popular, they go far beyond your connections, building your influence tremendously.

    Remember to incorporate the following tips into your articles meant for LinkedIn Pulse for optimum outreach:

    • Write in-depth posts about your industry
    • Optimize your LinkedIn Pulse articles with target keywords
    • Link to other popular articles within LinkedIn Pulse if necessary
    • Use any reputable apps such as Atomic Reach to proofread your posts

    Take Away

    Driving traffic from LinkedIn to your website is a long-term process – it doesn't happen overnight. More importantly, it takes building your presence among your connections in a way that's hard to ignore. With an honest and dedicated approach, it's easy to drive traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your website.

    Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics has famously said, "This is not an information age. It's an age of networked intelligence."

    Do you want to share any other LinkedIn marketing secrets? Please, let us know in the comment below.

    About the Author

    Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter:@sushantsahoo


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