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    How to Dust off Your Content Marketing Strategy with Machine Learning Tools

    As a marketer who crafts content for the online world, I often question whether or not I’m being heard.

    With the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is made everyday, traditional marketing methods of getting your content in front of your readers might not be as effective as before.

    Getting heard over all that digital noise now requires implementing smart technology into your marketing mix.

    This means applying a shiny new coat of machine learning polish to your content strategy.

    Machine Learning by Definition

    Machine learning is a sub-set of artificial intelligence, where the smart aspect is seen in the output. After you program computer algorithms to do an action, it is then able to adjust its response based on the data and information it analyzes.

    In the context of content, a tool that uses machine learning algorithms to give you editing suggestions based on your past engagement data, helps you to mould your content strategy for your audience.

    To better understand what machine learning does, think about search engines, self-driving cars, and even video games. When you search for a word a drop down of popular phrases appears in Google Search. In this Super Mario game the strategy of the “player” adapts to the level, improving how and when he gets to the finish line.

    Refocusing and Creating A New Content Marketing Strategy

    There’s too much content and not enough engagement according to TrackMaven’s survey. Trying to keep afloat in the overwhelming tidal wave of content, while trying to paddle our way against the water current requires us to now approach content marketing differently.


    As a marketer, you track your analytics to better understand how to create an effective content and social media strategy. The manual process of going between your Google Analytics, and social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn takes time and might not be accurate to your needs.

    While you sift through so much information do you sometimes ask yourself these questions…

    • What metrics should I actually be looking at?
    • Why is this important to know?
    • How do I create a strategy from all this information? (Likes, shares, comments, traffic, leads, etc.)

    With machine learning tools, you will be able to easily adapt your content marketing strategy to your audience’s shifting engagement behaviours. How they read, why they share, like, and comment will all become known without adding hours.

    Creating Personalized Content Using Machine Learning Tools

    Your wish to become more efficient at your job can come true with machine learning tools.

    You will be able to reduce the time it takes to figure out what content has gotten you the most engagement in the past and personalize it based on predictive analytics. This forgoes the need to trial-and-error blog topics, email campaigns, job listings, and social sharing strategies.

    Time to apply that polish…

    To help you get started on using machine learning technology for your new marketing strategy, here are 3 tools to help in hiring, emailing, and content creation.

    Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Content Marketing Team

    When you’re looking to hire more content writers to increase your blogging efforts, finding qualified writers that will fit into your company’s culture could automatically mean putting in extra hours.


    Using Textio’s smart word processor you can now optimize that job listing to remove that challenge and so much more. Here’s a quick breakdown of what it can do:

    • Predicts how successful your listing will be
    • The likelihood of a response
    • Percentage of success compared to similar documents
    • Shows you important phrases and words that will have more impact
    • Identifies the pros and cons of that phrase including tone and gender appeal

    With Textio, you will be able to save time and attract the right talent for the job, making for a strong team and high quality content. 

    Email Marketing Driven by Intelligence

    Out of any marketing tactic, email marketing has continued to thrive. As consumers, we love it because we get information delivered straight to our inbox without having to search for it. As marketers, it’s a great way to deliver the key events worth sharing to those who are very close to being leads. The challenge is now making your content more relevant and personalize to the recipient.

    Being an avid online shopper, one day I was surprised by the topics that were recommended to me. It was very clear that there wasn't a person behind the screen watching what items I clicked on, so how did they do it?

    With's software, you are able to send each one of your subscribers relevant information. Specifically made for retailers, this predictive email marketing software can increase click-through rates (CTR) for repeat business. By analyzing customer buying behaviour and past transactions, product recommendations are sent to the recipient at the times that have been proven to generate more clicks.

    example email

    From this example, you can see exactly which items I was interested in and other promotions that could encourage a conversion.

    Without this technology I would be receiving irrelevant product recommendations, which meant that this email would have gone to the trash.

    Writing Blog Content and Sharing Strategies

    As bloggers, content writers, and social media managers, we're familiar analyzing our analytics and insights when creating our content and social strategies. Yet we're still challenged with maintaining consistency in our blog and knowing when and how to share a post.

    The Atomic Reach platform uses machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to make your content creating and blog sharing efforts more accurate to your audience's reading and sharing preferences.

    Using Writer, you will be able to consistently edit your content for your audience’s reading level. If you need to write for an academic audience, but you’re used to writing for a general audience, Atomic Reach can help you edit your content to suit that reading level based on measures like paragraph density, titles, and emotion.

    Intelligent blog sharing automation in the Scheduler module, identifies when you should share your blog posts based on past trending social engagement behaviours. This update to social media automation removes the guessing game of when to share and what to share for your most engaged audience.

    The Insights dashboard identifies which audience gives you the most engagement, and uses predictive analytics to show you how much more you could be getting if you stick to writing for that audience.

    Picture the Atomic Reach platform like a game of archery.

    You have one target, but can miss the mark if something in your environment changes. With multiple writers, maintaining the same standard to hit that mark every time becomes even more challenging.

    To ensure that your arrows stay true, Atomic Reach’s feedback gives you the right recommendations to hit that your target every time.

    Ready, Set, Go!

    The traditional way of content marketing can continue to lag if we don’t adopt new technologies that will help us do our jobs better.

    We want to work smarter not harder, and with machine learning tools adding a bit of intelligence into the mix will result in huge improvements.

    Reducing the time, stress, and confusion of online marketing is possible with machine learning tools.
    You will easily find great writers, create better targeted emails, and publish relevant and engaging content for your audience.

    With this 3 tools to get you started, what challenges did I miss? Let me know in the comments and share this article.

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