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How To Create Linkbait Content: The Ultimate Guide


We have been dabbling for years on ways to create world-class linkbait content.

In fact, we looked everywhere, from the most esteemed websites to the darkest corners of the web.

And I think we have had a breakthrough in our recent discoveries.

With the massive success of our backlink strategies, we felt like winning some karma points.

Therefore, we compressed all our “linkbait” knowledge into this step by step guide.

But first things first – here are some examples of linkbait content that will make you better understand what we are talking about.

Best Linkbait Examples

We analyzed everything, from blogs you browse in your lunch break, to the past-3-am websites!

Our big challenge was to discover patterns and see what brings backlinks.

Here’s the most linked content on the web

We gathered different data from the top websites on the WWW:

  • Website’s authority
  • How many referring domains are pointing to the specific page
  • Of all those backlinks, how many are do-follow
  • And the number of words in each post
  1. Google ranking factors
    • DA – 66
    • Total- 976
    • Follow – 850
    • Amount of words: 6 147
    • URL
  2. News about voice search
    • DA – 23
    • Total backlinks – 55
    • Do-follow – 47
    • Amount of words: 1 264
    • URL

  3. Beginners guide to SEO
    • DA – 89
    • Total Backlinks – 323
    • Do-follow backlinks – 271
    • Amount of words – 412
    • URL

And many more…!

So what did we learn from this process?

Honestly, a LOT!

We unlocked some secret knowledge that we’re about to share.



Surprisingly enough, we “condensed” all the above in 3 important factors:

  1. Ranking the post and getting the first backlinks requires blood, sweat, and time. So, practice and patience are a must!
  2. We also realized that only a certain type of content gets a LOT of links.
  3. The amount of links is not defined by the number of words the article has.

Now let’s merge the above into a strategy you can actually use!


How To Find Topics For Linkbait Content?

If you want to create content that attracts links, you have to become an expert in the following:

  1. Discover topics/content that gets links.
  2. Become a master at link-building

And here’s how to perform step 1:

  1. Understand that only certain types will get backlinks.
  2. Make sure that similar content has many backlinks already.
  3. Finally, check if there are any options to rank on SERPs


Step 1 – Choosing the right type of Linkbait content

If you went through the linkbait examples from above, you might have noticed that all of the content can be grouped into several groups.

That’s also the type of content that will get your site backlinks:

  • Controversial News or Entertainment (such as celebrity news)
  • How-to guides and in-depth tutorials (such as this article)
  • Content that includes research data (such as expert roundups)
  • Freebies that relate to your niche(such as free online tools)

So, the first step as you are about to embark on your journey of creating a link-bait content is to figure out what suits your industry the best.


Step 2 – Make sure people will link to your content

Be wary of the fact that not all educational guides, news, etc. get links.

In fact, some of our “linkbait” content has 0 links!

Experience taught us this: Even if you do everything right, you may still not get the links you were hoping for.

It was even harder to understand that, “creating awesome content” means nothing in the content creation world.

Thankfully, we discovered how the content YOU create, will get the links it deserves.

The simple answer is this – stalk your competition.

Your competitors have already done the hard work so you won’t have to go through it again.

So why not use this opportunity in your favour?

To do competitor content research, Linkody is the tool you need.

After you sign up, plug in all your competitors' information, you’ll be able to find all the link-bait content your rivals have been able to create.

And it goes like this:

Step 1: To find linkbait content hover over the Competitors tab

Step 2: Select one of your competitors

Step 3: Click on “View Top Pages”


View top competitor pages


Step 4: That’s where you will discover the magic that leads to backlinks:

You will able to see which are the specific topics that get more backlinks.

Create a list of potential topics and head-over to the next step.


Step 3 – Make sure you can outrank competitor’s content

Now your job is to make sure you can create a better piece of content than anything already published.

Make sure that your competition is “manageable” and you are able to get enough backlinks to rank the post on SERPs top-10 – that’s where most backlinks come from.

To make sure you have what it takes to create something that’s 3 times better than the best content on this topic, all you have to is Google:

  1. Think of what people would search and look for the best content accordingly
  2. After looking at the results ask yourself, “Can I do 3x better?”

Doing things better than your competition is simply a question of personal research on Google and adding some unique twists of creativity.


Check the topic’s competition

My favourite tool for checking competition is KWfinder. Let’s imagine that you want to create the biggest list of Growth Hacks on the web.

You have read our 100 Game-Changing Content Marketing Statistics and now you want to make a list of 300. The real question is, “Can you rank your post on the first page of Google?”



Only high ranked posts on Google collect backlinks over time and to acquire these links automatically – you have to ensure that your 300 Marketing Statistics post will reach SERPs top 10.

And in order to reach the top 10, you will need at least 30 backlinks.

That’s harder than it sounds!

Therefore, I would keep on browsing the web for better topics to write about.

Otherwise, it would take months, if not forever, to rank your article.


How to know if you have a good Linkbait topic?

When looking for great topics to write about, there are 3 things you need to consider:

  1. Choose the type of linkbait content you want to create.
  2. Check if your competitors have already created similar topics (and if they have backlinks)
  3. See if you can write an improved version of the topic:
    • Search Google to discover the best content.
    • See if you can get on Google’s top-10 with max 3-5 backlinks:
      • If the Domain Authority of your website is under 20, then search for topics with difficulty under 30.
      • If your DA is above 20, you can choose topics with difficulty up to 40.

How To Create Great Linkbait Content

Here’s what you need to do to create linkbait content:

  1. Find the top 5 content pieces on your topic
  2. Read them!
  3. Gather the best parts of each article
  4. Combine them all in one post
  5. Add a bit of creativity
  6. Add some content on missing parts, such as research, data, and examples.
  7. Write the post.
  8. Add visual elements, such as pictures and GIFs.

If you do this your article will be the best the World Wide Web has seen.

Go on and do what gets backlinks

The articles from the best linkbait examples section all had more backlinks than most of the blogs combined.

What’s interesting is that they all acquired their backlinks differently.

Different audiences need different triggers and approaches to succeed to have them add a link to your content.

And since your job is to get on the article on the first page of Google, let’s see what your options are.

You start off by “stealing” some backlinks from your competitors who’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

To do that, once again, head over to Linkody:

Go to “Competitor’s Links” page


what is seo topics backlinks


  • Step 1: Select a competitor from the Competitor’s drop-down box
  • Step 2: View all links of your competitor
  • Step 3: Filter it for your article’s topic
  • Step 4: And select the number of links for that competitor’s page

Hold on tight - there are just a few more steps left.

Export the list of referring pages


what is seo backlinks


  • Step 1: Now you have to export the list of your competitor’s backlinks
  • Step 2: Upload the list to an email outreach tool such as Ninjaoutreach.
  • Step 3: Create a personalized pitch and send it to them
  • Step 4: Last but not least, watch the backlinks come in the dozens.

Once the backlinks start coming in, it’s time to filter down. This is when you will develop separate pitches for selected types of content.

Turning Controversial News Into Linkbait Content

Content of this kind gets more backlinks if shared on Social media and seen by as many people as possible.

You want to cover a creative angle and add a bit of scarcity, to ensure that other websites will need to reference your content.

Here are a few strategies that you can use to get the maximum amount of backlinks:

  • Offer content upgrades
  • Always ask for credit
  • Contribute to other news publications and websites

Turning Guides & Tutorials into Linkbait Content

Education is one of the most profitable industries on the web and people love to link in-depth guides in their content.

The most common reason people do not succeed at creating this type of content is that they go for very competitive niches.

Go for niches that are not yet saturated with content.

And once your guide is ready, here’s how you get lots of backlinks to it:

Turning Research & Case Studies into Linkbait Content

Some blogs have made it a requirement for authors to source their articles.

So, once again, you can use this to your advantage:

Turning Freebies into Linkbait Content

Most online businesses engage with people worldwide before even they become leads.

There are a couple of ways to go about this.

  • You can go on review websites and have your tool reviewed.
  • Find more Free tools and check which pages link to them. All you have to do is steal their backlinks.
  • Create a guest blog and include your free tool.

What's Next For Linkbait Content?

In summary, there are four different types of linkbait content:

  1. Trending / controversial news
  2. Tutorials / in-depth guides
  3. Research / case studies
  4. Free tools and stuff

Then you’ll need to find a low-competition topic for your niche and write a kick-ass article!

If you have done proper keyword research for your linkbait post then few backlinks should be enough to rank on Google’s first page.

Then all you’ll need are some backlinks, and link-building should go on autopilot!

Sounds easy, huh?

So, happy backlink hunt!

Published on April 22, 2019

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