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How to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally: 4 Readability Tips

How to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally_ 4 Readability Tips

There’s a prevailing misconception among many B2B content marketers — B2B purchase decisions are driven by reason, not emotion.

However, that is a myth at best.

And, such myths can and have been negatively affecting your content marketing approach and execution strategies.

Contrary to the marketing myths, it’s not just B2C buyers who are emotional, but B2B buyers seem to be equally emotional about purchasing decisions as well.

According to a study by Google, the CEB and Motista, B2B brands spark an emotional connection with over 50% of their potential buyers.

How Emotion Influences B2B Buying

Clearly, such biases can affect your content marketing strategy and general approach in many ways.

As a matter of fact, B2B buyers are more emotional about their choices because they represent an organization and the collective interests of many people, not just their own.

Undermining this truth can potentially affect the development of buyer personas.

In other words, only when you understand the prospects well enough, can you craft content that strikes a chord and move them enough to the point that they will engage with your brand.

These Emotions Make Online Content Go Viral

This is why the “Readability” of your content is crucial to your buyers’ engagement.

So, how do you improve readability of your content to boost traction and ensure positive engagement from your buyers?

Check out the following readability tips that move your audience emotionally.


Write Conversationally

Whether you’re writing for B2C or B2B audience, be sure to make your content conversational. Conversational content is easily readable and, more importantly, relatable.

Here’s an example:

Hook your readers through conversation

According to Neil Patel, conversational tone helps your content boost its readability. In fact, he was able to get 247% more people read his content by simply making it easier for his audience to read his content.

So, how do you make it conversational? Try some simple rules.

  • Try to use less jargon unless the context warrants it.
  • Don’t write long sentences — they are not only demanding but require long attention span as well.
  • Make it about your readers (use “you”) and about the storyteller (use “I”) to improve relatability of your content.

Use Metaphors and Analogies

Metaphors and analogies are often the best tools to improve content readability and explain relatively complex topics to your audience.

Metaphors are essentially a style of writing wherein you cite an everyday, relatable example to explain a rather complex scenario.

Here’s an example:

Social Media is like water. On its own, water does some cool things, but when combined with other compound it enabled the evolution of all forms of life. - Mike Volpe

Likewise, analogies can help break down complex subjects into more relatable terms.

Here’s an example:

"Blogging is like jogging — you get better results with 30 minutes a day rather than run like a total maniac just once a month.

You get the drift, right?


Inspire Your Readers

Content marketing is as much about sharing tips & tricks as it’s about inspiring your audience. Inspiring your readers can help them stick around and keep reading.

So, how do you inspire your readers?

  • Empathize your readers by stating their everyday challenges and pressing needs. We tend to follow along a guy whom we can easily relate to.
  • Use cookie content approach, meaning try to use elements that make reading a pleasure. It might be a funny (and relevant) image, an out-of-the-box solution, an inspiring quote and so on.
  • Use a compelling CTA (Call-to-Action). Don’t let your efforts fizzle out easily. Show your readers how they will benefit from your tips, tricks and advice.

Share Your Vulnerability

Admit it!

No matter how skillful you’re at your trade, you’re still scared of making mistakes and meeting unforeseen challenges.

While your audience looks up to you for valuable advice and inspiration, they also want you to be yourself and not pretend you’re a superhero.

Being transparent and sharing your weaknesses, failures, fears and concerns, will offer your content an emotional appeal.

When your story has an emotional quotient, it will boost curiosity and improve engagement.


Nurture the Needs of Your Audience

As a B2B content marketer, nurturing your leads is integral to a successful campaign.

You need to help your audience explore their needs and then present yourself as a solution provider.

It’s your job to help your audience perceive your solutions as a must-have rather than just nice-to-have.

Explain the rewards associated with a particular approach to solving a problem and then encourage your readers to seek solutions.

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Final Thoughts

Nathaniel Hawthorne once famously said:

Easy reading is damn hard writing.

Your success in content marketing largely depends on how well you capture the imagination of your audience, and connect with them at an emotional level.

If you’re able to improve the readability of your content, it’s half the battle, so to speak!


Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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