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How High Quality Content (With AI) Helps Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Atomic Reach Team | Artificial Intelligence
How High Quality Content (Using AI) Can Help Your Inbound Marketing Strategy.png

The success of every inbound marketing depends on the quality of content created for its target audience.

If your content resonates with your audience, they trust your brand and your authority to solve their problems.

However, one of the toughest problems in inbound marketing is knowing whether your content will leave any positive influence on your audience.

This is precisely why you should focus on improving the quality of your content rather than just following the content marketing trends.

Background Research

Before you build a content marketing strategy, it’s important to research your demography and understand the behavioral patterns of your prospective audiences. This holds true no matter which industry you belong to. If you’re a B2B marketer and targeting enterprise customers, you need to dig into the background of the companies and the software they use.

Developing Personas

Writing content is like developing a software solution. Nobody develops a software without knowing the problem in the first place. Similarly, you don’t simply write content, you actually solve a problem. Therefore, it’s important to establish an existing problem before you write content that addresses it.

It is this approach that sets you apart from other content marketers and improves your odds at capturing audience’s attention. Based on the data gathered from your demographic research, you can develop multiple personas whom you can keep in mind while developing content. The more accurate is your demographic data, the higher are your chances of your content making a positive influence on your target audience.

Content Formats

Apart from learning more about their pain points, you also need to know content consumption behaviors of your target audience. As the technology evolves, the content consumption patterns keep on changing as well, making it crucial for content marketers to distribute content in formats compatible to their target audience.
Every content marketing campaign typically involves three different content formats such as:

  • Long-form Content (eBooks, Whitepapers)
  • Bite-size Content (Social media posts, curated content lists)
  • Visual Content (Infographics, YouTube videos, Instagram content)

While long-form content such as eBooks and white papers help educate prospects very early in their buyer’s journey, bite-size or snackable content fits the short attention span of most consumers. Likewise, visual content such as infographics, YouTube videos, and Instagram content help your brand get in front of the consumers that are already using your competitors’ products.

Content Distribution

One of the most overlooked aspects of content marketing is the distribution of content itself. Despite the high-quality content, your content marketing may fail to reach your target audience unless you know how to share it. An overdose of content can kill the curiosity of your audience. Therefore, you need to follow an innovative content distribution schedule so make sure your content gets optimum traction.

Improving Content Quality using AI

The quality of your content is determined by - among other factors - its readability. According to research by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), the average US citizen reads at the 7th-grade level. Therefore, if your content is too complex for your audience, they’re likely to drop off and quit reading it in the middle. A research by Christopher Trudeau at the Thomas M Cooley Law School in Michigan found that 80% of readers prefer sentences written in clear English. If the issue is more complex, it should be written with as much clarity in order for your audience to comprehend it, and engage with it.

The clearer the value and relevance, the higher the probability of conversion

Readability offers some compelling benefits:

  • Content clarity almost always converts better. With improved readability, your content becomes more clear.
  • Readability improves your search engine rankings. According to Moz’s Ranking Factors Experts Survey, the reading level of your content can affect your search rankings.

Setting Benchmark for Readability - the Atomic AI Way

Let’s face it - improving readability of your content is a tough task, especially when you’re producing a large volume of content. The problem compounds when you factor in the readability challenges on mobile devices. From writing short paragraphs to avoiding gerunds to omitting needless words to using the active voice, it can be really overwhelming.

The best approach to achieving consistent in quality and readability, therefore, is to adopt an AI-driven content marketing platform and set a benchmark for your content marketers.

This is where our Atomic AI platform comes to your help. Powered by machine learning, our platform analyzes your content and evaluates the potential areas of improvements to help your content become perfectly readable and engaging for your audience.

Final Thoughts

Letting an artificial intelligence driven content platform take care of readability can help you focus more on other important aspects of your content. You can spend more time researching your topics, gathering data, and articulating your tone. With the proven success of AI-based content marketing platforms, your inbound marketing efforts are more likely to produce better engagements and generate more leads.

About the Author

Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter: @ugosus.

Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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