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    How Do You Create Exceptional Content?

    Whether you are a brand, publisher or blogger, you are in the business of creating content.

    Some of you do it to tell a story, sell a service or product. All of you do it, so that you are heard over the noise.

    When your content connects with your audience, magic happens. Either the audiences share your story, buys your service or product or responds to you.

    It's that engagement, that drives ROI, readership, brand loyalty and evangelism. At the end of the day, that's probably what we're all after.

    You have tools to power your website, share your content to social networks, listen to chatter about your content and even analyze who is visiting your site, or sharing that content. You know what the results mean to your business, how it impacts sales, sentiment, and drives continued engagement with your brand, publication or website. When the stars align, and those numbers grow, you know you are doing a terrific job, when they don't you panic, and don't know what to do. Where and how did your content  fall short? What can you do better? How can you do more of the good stuff, and less of the bad stuff. How can you reach your audience every single time, so it's easier to explain your report card?

    The good news is,  you are not alone. We all struggle with figuring out how to maximize our content so that it can garner greater impact with our audience. None of us should ever settle for the status quo.

    All of us need to uncover ways to reach larger audiences with our content. That's how we'll break through. When we connect we move our message forward. When we engage with larger audiences we begin to build greater brand affinity, thought leadership and the rest of the benefits that come from being the go to source for knowledge and entertainment on a particular topic.

    We think, that in order to reach your intended audience, your content needs to speak to them directly, in a powerful and visceral way. You know that when you read something, that speaks to you, peaks your interest or arouses your emotion you're more likely to enjoy it and pass it along. When it falls short, you're less likely to get excited. It's that movement of content that creates power, for the story, and ultimately the brand or publication it came from.

    Well before you see the results of big data with all your post analytic tools, Atomic Reach helps you optimize your story so that it becomes even more audience focused at the beginning of your content's journey, before it's even published.

    We're not talking about demographics or psychographics though. At the heart of Atomic Reach's platform is our engine that analyzes content against series of audience focused measures. We think, that when content resonates with your audience's knowledge level on a particular topic or within a particular niche you are bound to do better.  Makes sense doesn't it?


    That's our story, what's yours?

    Topics: audience, Content Marketing Strategy, engagement, ROI