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Creating High Converting CTA’s & How They Affect Conversions

Creating High Converting CTA’s_Creating High Converting CTA’s

The Call-to-Action (CTA) is a fundamental ingredient to any successful marketing plan. In digital marketing, the CTA is normally a button with copy, and the modern digital world is largely dependent on the effectiveness of the CTA button.

If you have a website, you have a call-to-action, or multiple CTAs. There is no such thing as a winning marketing campaign until and unless there is an effective CTA which leads the visitor to take an action.


This button is vital for two reasons.

First, they can be used to attract and drive people to a particular page where they eventually convert. This can be in the form of contacting you, purchasing a product or service, asking for an estimate, signing up for your newsletter, or something else.

Second, CTAs can significantly help in boosting your CTR (click-through rate), which is the number of pages an average visitor goes through once they visit your website.

It is meant to be a delicate connection with the reader, visitor, consumer, etc. It’s how you persuade them to take that first crucial step towards engaging with your brand and trying to convince them further.

The call-to-action buttons are pertinent to this concept and technique.

One of the most essential tasks of online businesses all over the world is to increase conversion rates. Conversion Rate Optimization demands an effective strategy, as influencing visitors in buying your idea and completing the desired action can be a difficult task.

How to Create High Converting CTAs

A CTA is the button that generates a conversion after being clicked and must be crafted and presented properly to be effective and fruitful.

You can create as high converting a product page as you like, but it will not be enough until and unless there is a CTA designed to appeal the user enough to make them land on your desired page.

The following elements are essential when creating such a CTA:

Choice of Words

The copy on your CTA button are incredibly important.

They depict the action required to be taken to boost the conversion rate. The following CTA from Joules for getting newsletter signups, for example, is a great example of what your copy should read like:

Example of effective CTA copy.

The first word must be appealing and effective in triggering an emotional response. It should excite the reader and must be followed by text related to the offer. The following are some additional examples:

  • Sign Up for a Free Trial
  • Get a 30-day Free Trial
  • Download this Free eBook

The Positioning of the CTA button

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the positioning of the button, so it’s really up to you.

However, here are some recommendations you can follow:

  • The CTA needs to be above the fold.
  • The CTA can be used to put additional information about the offer. It is mostly used to gather data from the visitors helping the firms in gaining valuable consumer insights regarding their likes and dislikes.
  • It is a good marketing practice to provide some promotional text alongside the CTA. For example, if the CTA is "Sign Up for a Free Trial", the accompanying text could be "No Credit Card Required".

Shape of the Button

Many of the marketing experts believe that an unusual shape of a CTA can be a great way to increase conversions.

Creativity here will go a long way as it can attract the eyeballs of the viewers and give a refreshing look to the site. It is also advisable to try out new shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and even more creative shapes.

Your creativity in e-commerce and CTAs shouldn’t end here. Often e-commerce sites give errors like 404, or they run out of stock, this is where you can make use of creative CTAs by redirecting users to different pages.


The colour of the CTA button is quite significant when it comes to persuading the viewers to click on it. Like shape, there are no universal rules in the colour part of the button, but there are some principles that need to be taken care of to boost the conversion rate.

  • The button should stand out from the rest of elements on the page. This can be done by using contrast and different colours.
  • In an effort to making the CTA stand out, the overall look of the page should not be spoiled.

New call-to-action

Do CTAs Affect Conversion Rates?

If you want your CTA to effectively drive prospects and generate conversions, it’s highly imperative that your understanding of what exactly works-and why is both thorough and ongoing.

This is quite relevant and necessary in the modern fierce marketing environment, as mobile technology and the Internet usage continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

When it comes to the practices that help boost the conversions consistently, there are typically three practices:

Appeal to the Needs of the Visitor

The basic principle of the marketing is to come up with a set of goods and services that match the needs of the customers.

All elements of your marketing including CTA should be formed keeping in mind the needs of the target audience. Customers instinctively tilt towards the option that looks promising and satisfies their needs or wants.

CTAs Must Be Visible

When your customers visit your site, you want them to spot the CTA easily. You can’t increase the conversion rate with a CTA if no one can see it. The button needs to stand out, one way or another.

It is currently trending to have a CTA that matches the color scheme you have created, which aids in visually confirming that the button is directly associated and linked with your brand.

The following banner by Sophie and Trey, for example, shows how simple, minimalistic yet appealing one must make their CTA in order to attract the visitors and create a want in them for your product/service.

Example of a Minimalistic CTA.

Guide the consumer to the next stage

CTA acts as a bridge between marketing and sales. You can’t expect people to cross the bridge till they are aware what’s on the other side.

Don’t just leave them on the option of apply for trial or download free. They should be smoothly navigated to the next page.

CTAs Are Everything

CTAs are an essential component on your landing page or website. Creating an effective CTA doesn’t necessarily need to be a complex process.

In many scenarios, the most obvious, logical option is the most effective one.

It is highly significant to understand the dynamics and demographics of the target audience and then synchronizing the marketing elements to fulfill the need of the same segment.

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Published on December 13, 2018