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Healthcare Content Marketing Case Studies: J&J, GE Healthcare and Arkansas Children’s Hospital

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What does content marketing really do for healthcare brands? From Mayo Clinic to Cleveland Clinic, many healthcare organizations have benefited from content marketing campaigns. In this post, we will share some case studies of global healthcare brands and how they leveraged content marketing campaigns to make it big.

So, here are the stories.

Johnson & Johnson

Healthcare content marketing drives several benefits for your brand; thought leadership is the most striking of them.

The “Care Inspires Care” campaign by Johnson & Johnson is one great illustration of how to use content marketing in the healthcare space to establish influential leadership and evoke emotional responses from consumers.

As a lead-in to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Johnson & Johnson launched a Facebook Campaign, prompting people to share random acts of care. Moreover, the global healthcare brand created a “Champions of Care” program to acknowledge the efforts of various stakeholders including FIFA World Cup volunteers, J&J employees, and several other healthcare organizations. The popular healthcare campaign also included children’s books with inspiring stories of health workers who took care of sick children.

As a result of the campaign, Johnson & Johnson reached a staggering 25 million acts of care.

download.jpgCourtesy: JNJ

GE Healthcare

Building a high-quality workforce is key to achieving sustainable growth in the healthcare sector. However, given the intense competition among brands to acquire talent, it’s imperative to promote your brand as a compelling organization to your potential employees.

When GE healthcare wanted to attract highly qualified millennial college grads, it was pitted against the likes of Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The 123-year-old healthcare brand drove a series of innovative social media and content marketing campaigns to highlight its advanced medical imaging technology, entitled “The Pulse of Health, Science, and Technology”, which was essentially a Tumblr blog featuring breathtaking radiology images. Among the stunning images were images of creatures - from humans to insects to one-celled organisms rendered using imaging studies such as MRI,PET Scans, X-ray, and Computed Tomography.

Moreover, the Tumblr blog also featured videos showcasing medical imaging technology development, and the creative, vibrant, casual workplace culture of the healthcare company.

The Tumblr campaign helped GE healthcare earn a massive 1.4 million views, amassing over 120 million earned media impressions. The engagement from college students meant GE Healthcare was able to recruit new talented easily.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Smart healthcare brands have a unique sense of timing when it comes to launching awareness campaigns. The Arkansas Children's’ Hospital started the #100DeadliestDays campaign to spread awareness of risks kids face during the summer - the duration between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Highlighting the potential risks of death and injury, the campaign featured a downloadable parent-teen agreement, infographics on safety driving measures, and a content hub around Injury Prevention Center.

The #100DeadliestDays hashtag campaign was a massive success for the Arkansas Children's Hospital with active participation from many healthcare providers and doctors who shared ACH’s safety tips with their own patients.

Final Thoughts

The successful content marketing campaigns of these healthcare brands stand as testimony to the power of content marketing and how it can massively change the fortunes of a healthcare brand. Whether you’re an individual healthcare professional or a multi-specialty healthcare clinic, content marketing can help you achieve your business goals.

Published on August 1, 2017

Topics Content Marketing Strategy