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75 Email Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

Nissar Ahamed is the Founder and CEO of CareerMetis, a publication dedicated to helping jobseekers and freelancers with actionable advice and resources. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast and the co-host of The C.A.R.E. Podcast.

According to Constant Contact, for every one dollar marketers spend on email marketing, they can expect an average return of $38.

And, according to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer retention and acquisition. So, now that we know why email marketing is important, we need to understand exactly what it is.

Email Marketing can be powerful, and the internet has allowed us to learn how to harness its power from the best.

If you are looking for influencers that have experience in the best email marketing practices and are willing to share their insights, check out this list of 75 best email marketing influencers on the internet. 

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75 Email Marketing Influencers: Who Are They?


Kate Kiefer LeeKate Kiefer Lee Senior Director of Communications at MailChimp

Kate Kiefer Lee manages public relations and corporate and employee communications as the senior director of communications at MailChimp. Lee’s previous experience includes that of a magazine editor, freelance copywriter, and consultant. Along with her time as a writer, Lee has spoken about content and communications at numerous conferences across the globe. In addition to being a communications expert, Lee has also co-written the book “Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose.”

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Scott Cohen


Scott Cohen - Owner of Scott Writes Everything  

With 14 years of experience in marketing, Scott Cohen is a veteran in the content marketing and branding space. His past experience includes being vice president at Inbox Army and Inbox Group Email Marketing while also managing his own blog, Scott Writes Everything. With Scott Writes Everything, Cohen has covered topics related to email marketing, social media, and general life observations.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



David Daniels

David Daniels - CEO and Founder at The Relevancy Group 

David Daniels is the CEO and founder of The Relevancy Group. He brings over 20 years of marketing research, consulting, and analyst experience to the role. In 2017, Daniels was named “Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year,” by the Email Evolution Conference (EEC) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). He recently co-authored the book, “Email Marketing An Hour A Day.”

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Dennis Dayman

Dennis Dayman - Investor and Conference Speaker

Dennis Dayman has over 25 years of experiencing with the legal issues that surround email marketing. Whether it be combating spam, managing privacy and security, or data governance, Dayman has been involved with furthering these concepts. He is a frequent seed investor and a conference speaker.

Find him on Twitter.



Daniel FaggellaDaniel FaggellaCEO and Founder at Emerj

Daniel Faggella is an expert when it comes to marketing automation and the blending of AI technology with marketing and branding. Emerj, and two of his previous companies have addressed the role artificial intelligence plays in helping companies stay ahead of the competition. Along with being a CEO and founder, Faggella has also been a columnist for The Huffington Post on various AI and marketing related topics.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Skip FiduraSkip FiduraClient Service Director at dotMailer

Since the mid-90s, Skip Fidura has been a part of the marketing industry. He is currently a board-level marketer with an interest in blending the best email marketing messaging across online and off-line channels. While he is a client service director at dotMailer, he is also the chair of the Email Council of the DMA in the United Kingdom which promotes best practices for all who use email as a marketing channel.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Tamara Gielen

Tamara GielenFreelancer, Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

Tamara Gielen has over 15 years of hands-on experience as an email marketer. She is a thought leader and internationally recognized marketing automation and email expert. Gielen has trained hundreds of email marketers and has worked with the likes of Booking.com, Facebook, Citrix, and eBay. Her book, “Email Marketing: Tips, Tricks en Strategieën voor zowel beginners als gevorderden” is used in graduate school curriculums.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Natalie GiddingsNatalie GiddingsManaging Director at The Remarkables Group

Natalie Giddings have over 12 years of experience in the digital and content marketing realm. She is a managing director for The Remarkables Group in Australia and has developed and managed multiple other companies that specialize in digital marketing. She has implemented marketing automation practices while also working with clients that include Toyota, Nivea, Kmart, and Target.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Nate GoodmanNate GoodmanOwner and Founder at ThoughtReach

Nate Goodman is a Certified Salesforce Administrator with 11 years of experience as a CRM and software designer. He is a fiction author and owner and writer for ThoughtReach, a WordPress-based blog that addresses topics in the WordPress, email marketing, and social media spheres. He has experience as a business analyst and email marketer that has worked with Cox Automotive Inc. and Applied Systems.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Sarah GreesonbachSarah GreesonbachFreelance Content Writer at B2B Content Studio

Sarah Greesonbach is a seasoned freelance writer that helps startups share their ideas by producing articles and whitepapers that are related to digital marketing, education, and technology topics. Her writings have been featured on Fast Company, CNBC, Business Insider, Forbes, and Salesforce. She is a former teacher & content specialist.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Luke GuyLuke Guy - Owner at The Money Transformers and Podcaster

Luke Guy is a blogger, entrepreneur, and graphic designer. His current primary role is that of podcaster and owner of The Money Transformers. Through his podcast, he shares insights into lead generation, monitoring and tracking ROI, creating an exemplary customer experience, and content marketing.

Find him on Twitter.



John W. HayesJohn W. HaynesMarketing Strategist and Contributing Author at iContact

With over 18 years of experience in the email marketing and content marketing, Hayes has worked with numerous technology-based businesses to use various forms of content marketing to bring success. He is a strategist and writer for iContact, an automation, and email marketing company. He is also an author of two books related to email marketing.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Phil HallowsPhil HollowsFounder and CEO at FeedBlitz

Phil Hollows is the Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz, a service that converts blogs into opt-in subscriptions. The organization is a leading provider of RSS-powered email marketing services. Along with founding and leading FeedBlitz, Hollows is a technology writer, conference speaker, and author of “List Blogging for Bloggers. Hallows specializes in providing resources for bloggers to utilize email marketing in distributing messaging.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Simms JenkinsSimms JenkinsFounder and CEO at Brightwave

Simms Jenkins is a CEO, author, and thought leader with a focus on email marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Brightwave as well as the founder of EiQ. Both organizations are furthering the use of email marketing. Jenkins has won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Atlanta Marketing Association, Marketer of the Year from the American Marketing Association, and Email Marketer of the Year at the Tech Marketing Awards.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jeanne JenningsJeanne JenningsEmail Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Jeanne Jennings has over 20 years of experience in the email marketing industry. Currently, she is an email marketing consultant for midsized to enterprise-level companies who seek to optimize their email marketing efforts. She is a Partner with CohereOne, and a VP of Client Strategy & Creative Service for Red Pill Mail. When she is not leading the charge in email marketing, Jennings serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University by teaching masters-level digital marketing courses.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jay JhunJay JhunAccount Director at IBM Watson Marketing

Jay Jhun is a blogger, former president of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, and an account director for IBM’s Watson Marketing department. He is an avid conference speaker on email marketing topics and has shared his insights at the Litmus Email Design Conference, IBM Amplify, DMA Email Evolution Conference, as well as many others. His blog addresses subjects related to email marketing trends and best practices.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


justine jordanJustine JordanVice President of Marketing at Litmus

Justine Jordan is a web and email designer turned marketer. She is a self-professed “email evangelist,” and avid presenter on topics and trends related to email marketing. She has shared her insights on email marketing at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit, Call to Action Conference, MozCon, and many other conferences related to email and content marketing. She was named “Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year” in 2015.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Harry KaplowitzHarry KaplowitzSenior Product Manager at Windsor Circle

Named among the “Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers,” by Cison, Harry Kaplowitz has a long history of bringing his email marketing knowledge to up-and-coming companies. From creating roadmaps for email marketing applications at iContact to leading Windsor Circle, a predictive marketing platform, Kaplowitz is an expert in creating strategic solutions related to email marketing. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Spencer KollasSpencer KollasVice President of Global Deliverability Services at Cheetah Digital

Spencer Kollas is the current vice president of global deliverability services at Cheetah Digital and has a rich history of promoting best practices for email deliverability. Through his work Kollas has promoted strategies for business to get the most out of cross-channel marketing efforts. While he is deep in email marketing as a director of deliverability companies at other organizations, Kollas has also embraced thought leadership by writing articles, presenting at conferences, and participating in the GPDR taskforce.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Andrew Kordek


Andrew KordekCo-Founder, CSO, and COO at Trendline Interactive

Andrew Kordek is a co-founder and chief strategist for Trendline Interactive, an organization that provides email strategy, consulting, and client services to customers. Kordek leads the strategic and analytics team where he optimizes subscriber experiences. He is a frequent blogger, speaker, and an all-around thought leader in the email marketing community. Before co-founding Trendline, Kordek managed email optimization at Groupon.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Bill McCloskeyBill McCloskey - Founder at OnlyInfluencers

In the book, “Rebels’ Guide to Email,” Bill McCloskey was named “The Godfather of Email.” He has demonstrated his commitment to driving email marketing awareness since 2003 as the founder of eDataSource. He drove thought leadership in the email marketing industry by starting the Inbox Insiders List discussion and has also been named one of the “50 Marketing Leaders over 50 You Should Know,” by CMO magazine. In 2010, McCloskey launched OnlyInfluencers, a global community for email marketers.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


David MothDavid MothManaging Editor at Barclaycard

With over 10 years of experience, David Moth has made a career in promoting social media and content strategy in various digital publications. He has held positions as a reporter for Bucks Herald, and a research executive for TNS RI. Moth is currently the managing editor for Barclaycard where he manages all B2B content and website content. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Alyssa NahatisAlyssa NahatisDirector of Deliverability Americas & Global Services

Alyssa Nahatis works with Adobe as the director of deliverability for the Americas and global services where she works to set common deliverability standards and best practices around the world within Adobe. Nahatis has worked in similar roles with Experian, Return Path, and Merill Lynch. In addition to leading companies to adopt efficient deliverability practices, Nahatis has composed over 30 publications addressing topics such as email security, email marketing, and cross-channel marketing.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Ayaz NanjiAyaz NanjiIndependent Content Strategist, Content Creator, and Social Media Strategist

While working with companies like The New York Times, AOL, Google, and ICW Content, Nanji has demonstrated his expertise in strategic content creation and developing engaging customer experiences. Before ICW Content, Nanji worked as a senior content strategist for YouTube where he helped YouTube creators optimize their strategies. Now, as an independent content strategist for ICW Content, Nanji advises organizations on content strategy and audience development.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Cara OlsenCara OlsenDirector of Relationship Marketing at DEG

Cara Olsen has been named “One of 25 People You Should Meet at Salesforce World Tour New York” and “40 Under Forty” by Ingram’s Magazine in Kansas City. Olsen has worked in program and project management for DEG for almost fifteen years. She currently leads email strategists in the recommendation and program analysis realm of the company and works with API integration teams to implement trigger and transaction emails. 

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Mia Papanicolaou-1Mia PapanicolaouCOO at Striata

Mia Papanicolaou is the COO at Striata where she has also held positions of general manager, head of operations, and head of eMarketing. She has provided consultation for companies looking to expand their email marketing efforts in these various roles. As COO, Papanicolaou consistently produces blogs and speaks at conferences on the subject of email billing and email marketing. 

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Kath Pay-1Kath PayFounder and CEO at Holistic Email Marketing

Kath Pay was named one of the world’s “Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers in the World,” by Cison in 2014. She is a speaker, trainer, and owner of her email marketing firm, Holistic Email Marketing. Pay brings a consumer psychology and behavioral science approach to email marketing and strategy. Brands that she has worked with include eBay, Tommy Hilfiger, Adobe, Facebook, Barclays, and many others. 

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Dela Quist-1Dela QuistCEO at Alchemy Worx

Dela Quist is the CEO of Alchemy Worx, a large email marketing agency that helps clients handle email marketing analytics, copywriting, HTML development, and many other features related to email marketing strategy. Before leading Alchemy Worx, Quist was a chair for the  Benchmarking Hub of the DMA Email Marketing Council and a director of european Sales where he supported email marketing as a viable communication source. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Arvin RaymandArvind Raman - Vice President, Global Technology Practices at Cheetah Digital

Arvind Raman has spent most of his career as a digital marketing professional and expert. He is now the vice president of global technology practices at Cheetah Digital, where he helps marketers better manage their data and communicate with customers to increase revenue. Before his time at Cheetah Digital, he held multiple positions with the latest being a principal marketing cloud architect. He has been named “Peer of the Year,” at ExactTarget and won the Employee Trailblazer Award at Salesforce.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


David Rekuc-1David RekucMarketing Director at Ripen eCommerce

At Ripen, David Rekuc has helped agencies and clients to blend a variety of marketing channels to appropriately market what they do. He has managed projects related to paid search, SEO, email marketing, and social networking for clients and agencies. Before his time at Rippen, Rekuc contributed for Entrepreneur as well as a columnist for Marketing Land on topics related to digital strategies to grow sales in the retail industry.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Becs Rivett-1Becs Rivett-KemmFreelance Email Marketer

Becs Rivett-Kemm is a freelance email marketer with eight years of experience in the medium. She owns a consulting firm that offers various email marketing services for prospective clients. While she tweets about topics related to email, she also shares her thought leadership thorough offering email courses and training related to list building, GDPR, email copy, email design, and email reporting.

Find her on Twitter.


Elliott Ross-1Elliott RossCEO and Co-Founder at Taxi for Email

Elliott Ross is the CEO and Co-Founder of Taxi For Email. Ross and his team created Taxi For Email to help clients control their email content without having to make difficult HTML changes. One of the hallmarks of the organization is its ability to create email templates that work along with any HTML platforms they choose. Before creating Taxi For Email, Ross was the managing director and founder of Action Rocket.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Tom Sather-1Tom SatherSenior Director of Research at Return Path

Tom Sather is a consultant with 20 years of experience in email marketing, specifically in deliverability, mail systems, privacy, ISP relations and mediations. Currently, Sather is the senior director of research for Return Path where he helps clients understand email marketing best practices, ensure marketers maintain email marketing compliance and provides audits for email marketing life cycles. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Chris Sietsama-1Chris SietsamaDigital Marketing Consultant at Teach to Fish Digital

Chris Sietsama is a digital marketing consultant with years of experience walking clients through digital marketing strategies and practices. He currently owns Teach to Fish Digital, an organization that helps companies develop and measure their own digital marketing campaigns. Sietsama has worked with Arizona State University, Behr, United Way, and many other organizations. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Elisa Silverman-1Elisa SilvermanFreelancer B2B Content Writer

Elisa Silverman has used her experience as a senior technology consultant and project manager to inform her writing as a freelance B2B content writer. Sure currently produces copy and content for technology buyer audiences. Throughout her time as a content writer for the likes of Greenpoint Global and Innodata Isogen, Silverman has produced prose that addresses topics ranging from landing page best practices to email marketing tactics.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Kimberly Snyder-1Kimberly SnyderSenior Marketing Strategist at Yes Lifecycle Marketing

Kimberly Snyder has been published multiple times for her email marketing thought leadership in MarketingProfs, The DMNews, and Essential Guide to E-Commerce. She has also contributed to the “Crawl, Walk, Run” an email marketing strategy Book. Currently, she works as a senior marketing strategist at Yes Lifecycle Marketing where she runs multiple email programs as well as manage deliverability ratios.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Sydney Aron Sullivan-1Sydney Aron SullivanFounder at S2 Marketing

Sydney Aron Sullivan is the founder of S2 Marketing, an email marketing, and campaign management firm. She is an experienced email marketer with over ten years of experience in email and digital marketing. Sullivan has served as a consultant for SilverPop and has handled direct marketing projects for various Fortune 500 Companies.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Andy Thorpe-1Andy ThorpeProduct Owner at Pure 360

Andy Thorpe’s background is rich in coding, email marketing, and deliverability. For 12 years, Thorpe has worked in various roles for Pure 360, an email marketing and eCommerce software solution. With Pure 360, Thorpe has managed deliverability actions for clients, provided email marketing training, as well as fill the role as a consultant.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



tink taylorTink Taylor - Founder and President at dotMailer

Tink Taylor is the founder and president of dotMailer, a user-friendly and high-end email marketing system. Before founding dotMailer, Taylor worked as a developer on a global CMS system at IBM. He has a total of 17 years of experience in communications and has worked with the likes of BBC, Shell, HP, and DHL. He is a judge for the DMA awards email category and serves on the Email Marketing Council at the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn


Jordie van Rijn-1Jordie van RijnIndependent Email Marketing & Automation Consultant at eMailMonday

Jordie van Rijn is an expert on giving advice when it comes to email marketing and automation as he had a long and successful career out of it. In his role at eMailMonday, Rijn provides strategic and operational guidance for clients using email marketing to reach their constituents. Rijn is also the Founder and Chief of emailvendorselection.com, a website that provides resources for email marketing service providers.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Matthew Vernhout-1Matthew VernhoutEditor in Chief at EmailKarma

Matthew Vernhout is an email marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience in ISP policies, email authentication, deliverability, GDPR, and various email compliance and regulation topics. Vernhout has been responsible for overseeing and managing billions of commercial and transactional email deliveries for multiple leading email service providers. Almost a decade ago, Vernhout decided to take his knowledge of email marketing and create EmailKarma.net, a blog that covers email marketing trends.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Dennis Wakabayashi-1Dennis WakabayashiCX Strategist, Innovator, and Evangelist

Dennis Wakabayashi is a CX subject matter expert that shares his methodologies through his blog, wakabayashi.us. He has over 20 years of experience helping large-scale clients enhance their customer experience strategies. His advice and methodologies have been used by Wells Fargo, FedEx, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Gamestop, and other enterprises. He was named one of “The Top 25 Retailer Influencers To Keep an Eye On,” and one of “The 25 Most Influential Email Marketers You Should Follow,” by Campaign Monitor.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Tim Watson-1Tim WatsonFounder at Zettasphere

With 14 years of experience in email marketing, Tim Watson is an expert in guiding clients in optimizing their email strategy. He is the founder of Zettashpere, an organization that provides email consultancy services. In addition to founding Zettasphere, Watson is an Email Council Member for DMA where he is a part of the email best practice and partnership hub. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Chris Arrendale

Chris Arrendale - Author, Speaker, Training, Privacy, Compliance, GDPR, & Consultant

Chris Arrendale is the CEO of InboxPros located in Atlanta, Georgia. Arrendale’s background is in helping companies beef up their email marketing tactics and embrace best practices when it comes to email deliverability. His main specialties are in email best practices, ISP relations, and email privacy. He is an avid Tweeter and recently published a guide for email marketers entitled “Deliverability Inferno.”

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Chad White-1Chad WhiteResearch Director at Litmus

Chad White is a research director at Litmus where he leads the company’s research efforts on the current state of email marketing. However, one of White’s main acts of email marketing outreach is through his book “Email Marketing Rules.” White uses the book to take readers through 150 best practices to help marketers develop strategies for long-term email marketing success. He has been a columnist for MarketingLand and had been named the “Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year,” by Email Experience Council.

Find him on LinkedIn.


Anna Yeaman-1Anna YeamanDesigner at StyleCampaign

For those looking to understand the best way to design emails for maximum engagement, look no further than Anna Yeaman. She is a designer at StyleCampaign where she helps clients design responsive and engaging emails for their constituents. She has helped clients stay up-to-date on ever-evolving email marketing trends and regularly tweets about email design best practices.

Find her on Twitter.


Justin Zhu-1Justin ZhuCo-Founder and CEO at Iterable

Justin Zhu has blended his long-term experience with software engineering with marketing automation. He is the co-founder and CEO of Iterable, a software platform that gives B2C marketers the tools to manage their own email and mobile messaging. The program also provides pre-built integrations for APIs, a nod to his past as an engineer. Zhu has worked as a software engineer at Google and built user growth systems at Twitter.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Alex Williams-1Alex WilliamsSenior Vice President at Trendline Interactive

Alex Williams works as the senior vice president at Trendline Interactive and has a robust career of working in digital strategy and marketing. Williams regularly tweets about email marketing and email compliance, and shares email marketing trends to help marketers improve their approach with their own constituents.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Daniel Codella-1Daniel CodellaSenior Content Marketing Manager at Wrike

Daniel Codella has used his expertise in writing and as a content marketing manager to promote best practices for content marketing. Codella has worked with ZURB, a website design company, to grow social media engagement, secure coverage in high-profile publications, and produce numerous company newsletters. He has been a contributor on Content Magazine, and currently produced lead-generating blogs and ebooks at Wrike.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Philip Storey-1Philip StoreyFounder and CEO at Enchant

Philip Storey is a CRM and marketing automation professional that has 15 years of experience in the marketing industry. He has worked to grow email marketing success for companies of all sizes and has spoken globally on the topic of email marketing best practices. He was nominated as Email Marketing Thought Leader of the year at DMA and has also been an Email Council Research and Benchmarking Hub member for some time.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Matthew Smith-1Matthew SmithFounder at Fathom & Draft

Matthew Smith is the founder of Fathom & Draft, Really Good Emails, and Atlas Local. He has a background in design and studio art that he has taken and applied to digital marketing and email design. Smith uses Fathom & Draft provides web and email design services for clients while Really Good Emails showcases engaging and responsive email designs for marketers.  

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Justin KhooJustin KhooEmail Geek at FreshInbox

Justin Khoo has over 20 years of experience as an email developer and email marketing consultant. He has worked with the likes of eBay and Adevenix. While he has worked extensively in the field, in recent years, Khoo has started to share his knowledge of email marketing and design through his work as a writer for Email on Acid and FreshInbox. Along with writing, Khoo is the founder of Campaign Workhub, an email review and QA software.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jaymin Bhuptani-1Jaymin BhuptaniMaster Monk at Email Monks

Jaymin Bhuptani is an expert when it comes to creating attractive and responsive email designs. While his past experience is in business development and search marketing, Bhuptani’s current endeavors are as a Master Monk for Email Monks. With this organization, Bhuptani connects experienced coders with businesses to provide high-quality email design and coding. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Dan Oshinsky-1Dan OshinskyDirector of Newsletters

Creating newsletters is an art, and it seems to be one that Dan Oshinsky has mastered. Oshinsky began his career in media as a reporter and eventual editor,  this quickly evolved into his extensive work with creating growing newsletter audiences for BuzzFeed and The New Yorker. He has used newsletters to create “courses,” developed and ran A/B test to optimize newsletters at The New Yorker, and developed successful growth strategies.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Bryan Harris-1Bryan HarrisFounder at VideoFruit

Bryan Harris has eight years of experience in digital and growth marketing. He is currently the founder of Videofruit where he and his team help clients start and grow their businesses. Along with leading Videofruit, Harris has developed the Videofruit’s blog which provides insights into the company’s marketing experiments. Harris also launched Growth University, a personalized 1 on 1 coaching program for companies and agencies.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Joe Pulizzi-1Joe PulizziFounder at Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author. He is one of the first individuals in the marketing sphere to use the term “content marketing.” In addition to founding multiple startups, Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, a leading content marketing educational resource for businesses. He has written numerous publications  and has spoken at SXSW, Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Summit, NAMM, and more.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Tim Burrowes-1Tim BurrowesFounder and Content Director at Mumbrella

Tim Burrowes has over 30 years of experience in media as a reporter and editor. Early on in his career, he worked as a reporter for local news outlets in the United Kingdom and then transitioned into writing about marketing industry news in the mid-2000s as a group editor for Reeds Business Information. Currently, Burrowes is the founder of Mumbrella, one of Australia’s leading media and marketing websites. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


rosRos (de Vries) HodgekissCustomer Experience Programs Manager at Campaign Monitor

Ros Hodgekiss brings over 10 years of email marketing experience to her current role as a customer experience programs manager at Campaign Monitor. She has five years of experience in writing HTML email guides and resources for designers. She has worked at CNET Networks Australia where she worked on B2B and B2C email campaigns, handling the design, execution, and reporting for the organization's email marketing efforts. 

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jaina Mistry-1Jaina MistryEmail Marketing Specialist at Litmus

Jaina Mistry is an email marketing specialist and freelance writer. She specializes in email design and development and also focuses on reporting, planning, and analysis. Mistry has created email marketing campaigns and worked as an email consultant for Alchemy Worx, and has produced writings on email marketing campaign best practices for Campaign Monitor. She now works for Litmus as an email marketing specialist.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Andrew King-1Andrew KingSenior Product Marketing Manager at Campaign Monitor

Andrew King has worked with the likes of Kia Motors, Econsultancy, and Lyris in various marketing roles. Currently, he works with Campaign Monitor as a senior product marketing manager where he develops market segments, researching competitors, and helps marketing teams improve their messaging to reach target audiences. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



Ann Handley-1Ann HandleyChief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

Ann Handley is an undeniable tour de force when it comes to helping marketers rethink the way their business markets what they do. She has been cited as “The Most Influential Woman in Social Media,” by Forbes and has also been recognized as ForbesWoman’s “Top 20 Women Bloggers.” She is a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program and the co-founder of ClickZ.com, a major news source of digital marketing news.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Joanna Wiebe-1Joanna WiebeCopywriter and Founder at Copy Hackers

Joanna Wiebe has a wide range of experience with conversion-based copywriting. Her company, Copy Hacker helps clients by sharing online marketing know-how with marketers. She has also shared her marketing insights at MozCon, Opticon, INBOUND, Microconf, and many other marketing-related conferences. Wiebe is also the co-founder and head of growth at Airstory, an online content creation platform.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Demian Farnworth-1Demian FarnworthSenior Writer at Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Demian Farnworth is an accomplished copywriter with a keen interest in creating copy that is clear, concise, and made for search engines. He was a copywriter at Rainmaker Digital for three years before becoming a senior writer at the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. Farnworth’s past clients include Hubspot, KISSmetrics, Treehouse, the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine, and many others. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Barry Levine-1Barry Levine - Senior Marketing Technology Reporter at MarketingLand

Barry Levine has a long history of helping companies optimize their content as well as creating engaging and helpful content of his own. Levine has a history of writing about marketing, advertising, and sales technology and acting as a consultant for the likes of Siegel and Gale, AIG Insurance, VentureBeat, and others. He currently works as a Senior Marketing Technology Reporter for MarketingLand.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Dave Chaffey-1Dave ChaffeyCo-Founder at smartinsights.com

Since 1997, Dave Chaffey has worked to inform the masses on useful and practical digital marketing practices. He is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and commenter. Chaffey is the co-founder of smartinsights.com, a platform that helps marketers optimize their digital marketing practices. He also provides consulting and training services to the business members of smartinsights.com

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Chris Towland-1Chris TowlandThe Restaurant Marketing Guy at Local Marketing Solutions

If you are in the hospitality or restaurant industry and are looking to improve upon your marketing efforts, Chris Towland has proven he is a viable expert on the issue whose content deserves a look. Towland has worked with hundreds of restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom to help them optimize their marketing approaches. He shares many of his tips in his “Restaurant Marketing Success Guide,” for restaurant and hospitality marketers. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jessica Best-1Jessica BestDirector of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley

Data is a huge driver when it comes to creating effective marketing campaigns, and Jessica Best has used her career to help marketers realize this as well as improve their email marketing approaches. As a digital marketing evangelist at emfluence, Best led the execution of email and customer service marketing strategies for Barkley and began to share best practices on and offline. She was named the “Bob Stone Marketer of the Year” at the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Jon MacDonald-1Jon MacDonald - President and Founder at The Good

Jon MacDonald began his career as a web designer for an advertising agency and quickly begin to connect web design with business marketing and branding. As the president and founder of The Good, MacDonald helps companies grow their revenue from their eCommerce and lead generation strategies. He is a “40 Under 40” winner and has led The Good to become one of Oregon’s top 20 fastest growing private companies. 

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Dave Sutton-1Dave Sutton - CEO at TopRight

Dave Sutton has been blending and explaining the left and right brain aspects of marketing for decades. He is a CEO, founder, and co-author who has established himself as a pioneer of “Enterprise Marketing Management.” He has worked in helping companies to brand themselves as well as implement enterprise information systems. Sutton is the co-author of “Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing,” a book that guides companies through the process of creating long-term organic growth.

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Summy Lau-1Summy Lau - Content Marketing Specialist at Winspire

Summy Lau is an experienced freelance writer turned inbound content marketing specialist. She uses multiple types of content to generate leads for her current company, Winspire. Lau has produced and designed everything from landing pages to eBooks to engage clients. Lau has used email blasts to develop a consumer-company relationship with a database of over 100,000 clients.

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Sarah Hayes-1Sarah Hayes - Account Manager and Social Media Strategist at 21 Handshake

Sarah Hayes is a career-long digital marketer. As the director of marketing for the West Michigan Tourist Association she developed marketing plans and various types of media to increase awareness. Currently, she is an account manager and social media strategist for 21 Handshake, a full-service B2B marketing service organization. Hayes makes a practice of engaging prospects and customers on her social media channels.

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Bill WallsBill Walls - CEO at InTouch Marketing

As CEO of InTouch Marketing, Bill Walls provides marketing consulting for small and medium-sized businesses. His services address mobile text marketing, web design, B2B Marketing, and email marketing. However, Walls moves beyond consulting and gives helpful marketing insights on the InTouch Marketing blog. He covers topics like measuring KPIs, inbound marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and more.

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Jordan BehanJordan BehanFounder and Strategist at Narrate Creative

Jordan Behan began his career in traditional media as a news reporter. His interest in marketing and ad sales led to a transition into marketing. His various roles in marketing led to the position of Lead Storyteller and Content Manager at Hootsuite. Behan is now the Founder and Strategist of Narrate Creative, a content strategy and inbound marketing firm for technology companies and digital agencies. 

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Eric KeatingEric KeatingVice President of Marketing at Zaius

Eric Keating has extensive experience in working to develop marketing programs to promote SaaS products. He has worked in various marketing roles and is now the vice president of marketing at Zaius. His specialties include digital property optimization, customer-centric product roadmaps, and cross-functional team performance. Keating has shared his marketing ideas and insights at the MarTech Conference and MITX.

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Mark Brownlow

Mark Brownlow - Owner of Email Marketing Reports

Mark Brownlow is an author and content creator. He began his career as a research academic after graduating from the Universities of Oxford. His professional life has included stints as a journalist, business writer, and marketing consultant. Currently, Brownlow writes for SmartInsights, and in his spare time reimagines popular fiction titles in the form of emails.

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