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10 Examples of High Converting Emails & How They Were Created

The Atomic Reach Team | Email Marketing

I’m sure we're not alone when we say literally hundreds of emails can hit our inbox every day!

It is estimated that 205 billion emails are sent worldwide every day, and with so many competitors demanding subscribers attention using engaging and creative email copywriting is more important than ever.

So what does effective email copywriting look like? Here are 10 great examples to give you some inspiration:


Goal: Complete purchase

Why it works:

  • The email copywriting in this piece of content is brilliant. It’s light-hearted and funny so that the recipient doesn't feel like they are being pushed to make a purchase.
  • This email has two clear call to action buttons “Return to Cart” and “Complete Order,” as well as only a small paragraph of text. By not giving the user too many options or adding lots of content WANDRD make the message of the email is clear.
  • The content is personalized, showing the exact item or items left in the user's cart.
  • They have added their guarantee at the bottom of the email as an extra push to the recipient. The copy of the guarantee is simple, opens ups up a dialogue, builds trust and puts the recipient's mind at rest.



Goal: Custom Suggestions

Why it works:

  • This email is all about personalization; it starts in the subject line, using basic substitution tags to not only include the recipient's name (a basic email copywriting technique) but also their home location.
  • Personalized subject lines increase email opens by 26%.
  • The personalized information immediately grabs the users attention and makes them curious to the content of the email, increasing the chance that it will be opened.
  • The campaign uses all the information available to Airbnb; from gathered data on other users, it can make suggestions about places to stay or other popular locations close by that the user will actually be interested in, and therefore be more likely to click on.


Goal: Newsletter

Why it works:

  • The structure of the copywriting in the email makes it easy to digest. There is a featured story at the top and then smaller, less prominent stories below. The featured story is also used in the subject line, providing consistency for the user.
  • The articles featured in the email all include the read time (ie. 6 min read) which is helpful to users who may not have the time upon opening the email to read a longer article. But, they can then leave it in their inbox and click through to it when they have the time, such as on their morning train commute.
  • Every article is categorized; when signing up to Medium you pick topics that interest you so if you are not in the mood to read about business today you can scroll down to something else such as technology.

Secret Cinema

Goal: New product/show

Why it works:

  • Secret Cinema is a London based company who specialize in live cinema experience that combines classic films with interactive sets and they only do one or two films a year. This email uses simple and creative copy to update the subscriber that a new show will be coming in the summer of 2019.
  • The email copywriting is short but engaging - “Your mission starts now” immediately draws in the reader and addresses them personally and makes them feel like they are involved in the story.
  • There is one straightforward action the recipient cant take “Get your tickets now.”
  • The copy includes a social media hashtag to connect with their audience and build a community.

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Goal: Year in Review

Why it works:

  • If you’re not a Spotify user or haven't seen this shared on social media over the past few weeks, Spotify Wrapped is Spotify’s end-of-year roundup, where they unveil their users listening data.
  • This email is part of a larger campaign which includes some hilarious billboards being displayed around the world. Integrating your email marketing with other media can be great for user experience, in fact, 65% of the top 20% of B2B marketers in social media lead generation integrate email with social media.
  • The email takes you through to a microsite that has your personalized data and includes easy social share buttons. People love to share things that sum up who they are, the personalization of this campaign is its genius and a massive contributor to its success.
  • Added bonus: You can’t see it in the image but the title in the email is animated, gaining the user's attention and helping their email stand out in an inbox full of updates.


Goal: Tasty Newsletter

Why it works:

  • BuzzFeed's writers are social media savvy and great at writing content that makes their users want to click. They use short and punch subject lines that stand out in the sea of content in your inbox but that also fit perfectly with their content.
  • When you sign up, BuzzFeed tells you how many emails you will be sent a week (in this case 4). A lot of email newsletters can bombard your inbox with too many updates so you unsubscribe, setting a subscribers expectations from the moment they sign up will stop users leaving your mailing list because of too many updates.


Goal: Survey

Why it works:

  • Their email campaign looks great - there is a clear objective and minimalist copy.
  • The email campaign is asking for customer feedback showing the recipient they care about their customers and want to improve their service.
  • The email copy is very subtly asking for a favor - “So, if you've got a few minutes” which addresses the fact that the recipient's life is probably very busy.
  • They have included an incentive to take the survey in the form of being included in a prize draw to win £500 Deliveroo credit.


Goal: User Re-Engagement

Why it works:

  • This email is a gentle reminder and the copy focuses on helping the user rather than calling them out for not having been running.
  • The last piece of copy “Now it’s time to get moving” motivates the recipient and makes them want to get active and make use of the app.
  • There is one bold and prominent CTA button that encourages the subscribers, taking them directly through to the app, doing exactly what it says it says on the tin, creating a seamless user experience.


Goal: User Update

Why it works:

  • Any successful email Goal must provide value to its reader and provide excellent customer service - Grammarly's emails do this 10 fold.
  • They enhance the user experience by showing them how well they are doing with their spelling and grammar and pointing out things like their productivity.
  • The email also points out personalized errors the user is making so they can be aware of areas they need to improve.
  • This is all done with minimal copy and engaging graphics making the content easy to digest even though it is a long email.


Goal: User Re-Engagement

Why it works:

  • Birchbox has created a very rewarding re-engagement email giving users 2 options to pick from.
  • They have sent out this to a subscriber who has been inactive and use emotional email copy to bring back old customers and make new sales.

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Written by: Michael Bibla

Michael is the Content Strategist at Atomic Reach, an all-in-one enterprise platform built to boost content performance. He is on a mission to empower marketers with actionable data so they make more informed decisions about their content strategy.

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