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How Will AI Impact Email Marketing? 11 Experts Share Thoughts

The Atomic Reach Team | Email Marketing

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is top of mind for most marketers.

As it becomes more popular, it is being applied to many different channels including email marketing.

However, it is hard to predict how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact email marketing as a whole.

So, we decided to ask 11 email marketers to share their thoughts about the potential impact artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on email marketing.

Here's what they had to say:


Matthew Smith-1

Matthew Smith

Founder at Fathom & Draft

"Fancy words. We're hardly doing traditional personalization accurately.

If we can dial in behaviours for people and start to see ways of delivering refined and curated content then we really start to offer customers a service rather than a gimmick."

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david hoos


David Hoos

Director of Marketing at The Good

"I doubt that most people have a strong enough working knowledge of AI and Machine Learning to answer this accurately. That said, I think that at the very least, they may help automate more activities that are repeatable and leave more strategy work to humans."

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Dave Sutton-1

Dave Sutton

CEO at TopRight

"Broadly speaking, marketing processes with high complexity, high predictability, and high repetitiveness are logical targets to be managed by machines. Most email marketing execution and analytics processes fit this characterization and we expect that AI will likely replace most human activities in these areas over the next several years. As AI continues to pervade our everyday lives, the next generation will be AI natives."

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Dennis Wakabayashi

CX Strategist, Innovator, and Evangelist

"AI and Machine Learning will enable savvy marketers to link all kinds of different databases from marketing to logistics to drive new relationships between brands and consumers.

Right Product, Right Time, Right Message, Right Experience."

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Jaymin Bhuptani-1Jaymin Bhuptani

Master Monk at Email Monks

"Marketers have already started using AI & Machine Learning principles in their email marketing strategy. They are getting inspired by brands like Amazon and Netflix to create more targeted emails with better subject lines.

It gives a conversational tone to the emails, which drives better subscriber engagement."

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Nate Goodman


Nate Goodman

Owner and Founder at ThoughtReach

"AI can be inserted in the email body to dynamically make recommendations to customers about products they might be interested in. And it can be inserted into the automation flow to help determine the next best path the recipient would be most likely to respond to."

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Tim Watson-1

Tim Watson

Founder at Zettasphere

"So there is a lot of hype about AI right now. Much like there was hype about big data and many other 'game changing' technologies in the past. It's just the next iteration of technology that helps us meet the fundamental aim of email. I'm not saying AI isn't important. It has a role to play and will help us improve copy, design, targeting and more. 

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Matthew Vernhout-1


Matthew Vernhout

Director, Privacy and Industry Relations at 250ok

"Most businesses are not ready for AI, they are still at the BI stage of their programs. AI will have a bigger impact on the mail that people receive and where it delivers (Inbox, spam folder or trash)."

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Becs Rivett-1


Becs Rivett-Kemm

Freelance Email Marketer

"It will allow us to understand the subscriber's action and provide more targeted communications based on their previous history."

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Sarah Hayes-1


Sarah Hayes

Account Manager and Social Media Strategist at 21 Handshake

"My prediction for email marketing in 2019 ability to segment your list into niche to speak directly to their interest."

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Kath Pay-1

Kath Pay

Founder and CEO at Holistic Email Marketing

"It already is impacting email. From sending emails to a recipient at the time they're most likely to open them, to testing virtually, to AI-written subject lines, to continually testing & optimizing using AI to sending 1:1 emails based upon the data (informed, behavioural and contextual) we have of the recipient. 

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Written by: Nissar Ahamed

Nissar Ahamed is the Founder and CEO of CareerMetis, a publication dedicated to helping jobseekers and freelancers with actionable advice and resources. He is also the host of The Career Insider Podcast and the co-host of The C.A.R.E. Podcast.

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