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    5 Amazing Social Selling Infographics You Need to Know About Now

    It's 2014 and the sales game has changed drastically. Welcome to the age of social selling.

    For sales people, this means cold calling is not as effective anymore.

    Based on a study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank here's why you've got to change the way you sell:

    • 81% of people look at products online before making a purchase
    • 60% of consumers start their research with a search engine before heading to a specific website
    • 79% of shoppers feel empowered by technology because it provides access to information

    According to a recent report by Pardot, 72% of buyers who plan to purchase a business product begin their research with a Google search. Besides Google, B2B buyers also use personal networks (15.5%)  and LinkedIn (2.5%).

    To maximize success, you've got to get with the times to drum up new business.

    Here is a collection of some of the most recent and best infographics related to the social selling industry. Get out there and generate some leads using social media!

    1) Compelling Stats on Why You Should Generate Leads With Social Media

    First, let's take a look at the benefits of social selling. The infographic below was created by Neil Patel where he shows some stellar stats on social media and marketing and then outlines steps to develop a social selling strategy.

    How to Generate Leads with Social Media
    Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

    2) How to create a successful B2B online marketing program

    Next, we take a look at how you can amp up your strategy with a clear content marketing program. A content marketing strategy is essential to drive inbound leads, engage customers and convert them into sales. The infographic below is broken up into six critical components: strategy, content marketing, traffic generation, lead generation, lead management, and analytics and measurement to help you through it.


    The Science of B2B Online Marketing infographic designed by circle S studio.

    The Science of B2B Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    3) LinkedIn Dominates B2B Leads

    A whopping 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. With that said, here are some great tidbits from Oktopost on how to optimize your LinkedIn status updates and a breakdown of what times in the day are great for conversion!  Cool right?

    4) How to Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile

    So if you're prospecting on LinkedIn, make sure your profile showcases the very best of you. If you're contacting someone new, you wouldn't want to give a bad first impression right? Link Humans put together a great infographic on 10 great tips and tricks to help you boost your LinkedIn profile.

    5) How to Engage Prospects on Social Media

    Wondering how you even start a conversation on social media? Look no further. Here's a graphic that will get you in the gabbing-groove.

     6) Social Selling - Pencil It In!

    So now that you've got a good handle on social selling, it's time to schedule your lead generation strategy. Here's what a typical day can look like for you when you're ready to start selling online! Take a few tips from Ben Martin here:

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