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Defining Success with Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing [#AtomicFeature:014]


What is your definition of success?

Specifically for your content, what defines success? Is it a threshold of conversions, pageviews, time on page? How do you measure it?

According to one of our most successful content marketing influencers, Matt Heinz, defining success in terms of revenue early on is key to a successful content marketing strategy.



For 15 years, Matt Heinz has worked to deliver measurable results for his employers as well as his clients related to revenue growth, product success, and customer loyalty.

His resume includes stints at Microsoft, Boeing, The Seattle Mariners, and many others.

In 2007, Heinz took his advanced experience to begin his own marketing firm, Heinz Marketing.

His business helps companies create a strategy to grow their revenue and customer growth.

Check out his insights below:



1. What are the elements of a successful Content Marketing program?

Objectives first (why we're doing this, how it leads to revenue), Audience second (who are we selling to, who do we need to influence and mobilize and why), Creation third (i.e. in what format, at what level of depth, with what call to action) - they you get into distribution, amplification, conversion and measurement.

Those are the key elements of a successful content marketing program.



2. What are the most common mistakes you have noticed marketers make with their Content Marketing?

Not setting objectives up front, not establishing a clear and consistent picture of the target audience across all functions (sales, marketing, customer success), and finally engaging in channels your company is comfortable with vs what is most useful for your target audience.

3. In your opinion, which brand(s) do Content Marketing really well? Why?

HubSpot and Marketo have traditionally been very strong content marketing brands in B2B, at least in the martech space.

More recently I love what Drift is doing across platforms, and in their casual/conversational approach.

4. What is your favourite content marketing tool (or hack or resource)?

As a consumer of content I can't live without Feedly and Pocket, to find & consume more of the content I care about at a time that's convenient to me.

As a publisher I daily use Wordpress, Sprout Social and LinkedIn.

5. What are your predictions for Content Marketing in 2019 and beyond?

Formats will get shorter and more to the point.

We'll also continue to migrate from long/formal formats to shorter/casual/conversational formats.

6. How will AI or Machine Learning impact Content Marketing?

I really hope that AI makes it easier to identify the right content for the right customer at the right time.

7. What advice would you give to a Content Marketing newbie?

Define success (in revenue terms) and get to know your target audience better.


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Published on April 23, 2019

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