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    How to Create Social Media Marketing Moments for Memorable Experiences

    *This is an updated post

    The "Like" started it all. Fast-forward to 2016, and Facebook users are now accustomed to emoting emoticons.

    As you scroll down your feed on Facebook, it's natural to Like, love, laugh, and more, when it comes to responding to someone's post.facebook

    The ability to express how we feel on various social media platforms using emojis, gifs, response videos, and pictures continues to support and amplify your content's message.

    For brands, showing emotion and the fact that there are real people who care about their customers goes a long way. The impact of seeing a real person respond to you when you're asking about an out-of-stock product with a solution always justifies the- Yes! cue fist pump in the air action.

    Creating that Emotional Experience Using Social Media Marketing

    These types of emotional responses for many businesses can still be missing and unheard of. To help you connect with your audience, use these 5 steps in your social media marketing strategies:

    1. Start by thinking about your audience.

    When you create a social media marketing campaign for a holiday what sort of messages do you want to share with your audience that people can relate to?

    With US Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, take note of the hashtags, commercials, memes, and Youtube videos being produced.

    When I personally think of Thanksgiving I think of family, food, and time off from work. The Sainsbury Supermarket in the UK does a phenomenal job getting their customers excited for Christmas, the shopping and food to come.

    As a brand, what messages resonate with your audience during the holidays? Do they like ugly sweaters, funny cat videos, or good deeds caught on video?

    Listen, research, and keep track of the topics and tones that your audience love to share, like, comment and respond to.

    2. Develop a social media marketing plan around your products and the experiences you're trying to create.

    Oreo always manages to come up with really resonating content to share on social media. Their ability to tie together pop-culture, holidays, and their cookie, is smart, witty, and always makes me smile.

    3. Create a post that checks-off brand and campaign guidelines. branding

    Make sure to include:

    1. The right form of media- determine if your social media posts should include a series of still images, animated gifs, or videos
    2. The right hashtags and the right amount of hashtags for that platform
    3. The right tags and mentions. If a part of your campaign was inspired by an influencer or if you're collaborating with one, make sure to mention them throughout your social media marketing campaign. Credit goes a long way. You will grow your network and be able to continue the conversation in the future.
    4. The right link. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media is linking your post to the wrong address or even worse having a broken link. Test links before you publish.
    5. A unique UTM

      tracking url for your campaign. If you're promoting a seasonal deal attach a unique URL to analyze the return on your social media marketing efforts

    4. Use your analytics and tools to post on your social media channels

    As marketers we should always be tracking the success of our posts.


    Use your analytics to post the right kind of content at the right time, to the right channel. Being active when your users are online and scrolling through their feed, is the prime time to generate some traffic back to your site.

    5. Respond and reach out to your community manually


    You're job is never done as a social media marketer. Simply publishing content won't get your community responding.

    Ask questions and talk to your followers, send out a survey, publish a poll, and start a conversation between one follower and another to help create a tight-knit community.

    Once you publish content for people to see, start the conversation to create an experience around your social media marketing campaigns. By starting conversations with your community, you are also showing them that your brand represents real people who genuinely care. When you continue conversations even if you aren't promoting a campaign, you will have access to followers who will always respond.

    Put in the time for them and they will put in the time for you.

    Key Takeaways

    Being successful at social media marketing means that you're not only able to optimize posts and communicate your brand to people, but you're also able to connect with them on an almost personal level. Always consider who is on the receiving end of your posts to determine if you're attracting the right target audience.

    Armed with these new tips, what's one that you thought was super useful? And definitely share a memorable social media marketing moment in the comments or on social media!

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    Original Post form 2011: Creating Emotional Experiences with Social Media

    -by Admin

    A company brand, blogger or social media enthusiast all work towards one goal – building an online presence to become an influencer. Whether it’s to motivate customer purchases, acquire blog subscribers or simply to boost your personal Klout score, there’s one intuitive tactic that wins people over and that’s to connect with your audience through emotions.

    The social media landscape is made up of constant communication and interaction so you have to join in on the conversation and listen. You may have acquired a following of 1000+ people and while you might be pushing content out on your Facebook page or Twitter account, is it really what your fans and followers want? Are your promotional efforts achieving their engagement goals? By tuning into social interactions and monitoring conversations that are made up of personal and individual experiences, you’ll be able to figure it out quite quickly. Look into what comments are being made and where? How are people reacting to this topic? What are they buzzing about?

    It’s too often that a company or individuals are too focused over their own marketing messages, without identifying the real informational needs of their customers.To stay in touch with what your community is saying, a great practice is to revisit your Twitter timeline and tune into what your followers are talking about. Drive online discussions and ask your Facebook fans for their opinions on various topics. The web provides an endless stream of photos on each topic, category or tags that visually tell a story of your brand’s life, from the perspective of your customers. It’s a picture-perfect map of learning what your audience likes and dislikes. Interact with these chatter bugs and you may find out something new in your market that will be more impactful for your brand.

    Providing these personal connections can create a bond with consumers and readers, helping you earn brand loyalty. The digitally-aged participate in social media for the value of experiences and engagement, so brands should follow suit. You have to offer a social experience in connecting with them to keep them coming back for more. Social media efforts go beyond quantitative measures whereas qualitative experiences will bring in long-term results.

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