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100 Content Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

Have you ever had someone try to sell you something? Considering how ad-heavy our world is today, it is likely that you have. It is also very likely that an ad alone is not going to engage you enough to purchase the item or service.

You do not feel any connection with a mere ask, but you probably feel differently when the ask includes a story that adds value or makes the company relatable to you. This is where content marketing comes into play.

Content Marketing allows brands to speak to you while coming across as authentic, empathetic, and dedicated to connecting with you. It is a blog post that informs you of industry changes or a video on social media that reveals a customer reviewing the brand. For the foreseeable future, content will remain as king.

According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing receives 3 times the leads per dollar spent when compared to paid search. It also brings in conversion rates 6 times higher than other channels. 

The power to influence and engage an audience is what makes content marketing influential. In turn, those who understand content marketing, are successful with it, and sharing their insights about it are highly sought after and increasingly quoted.

The individuals below have established themselves as content marketing influencers as they truly get the nuances of content marketing and the impact it has on consumers all over the world.

If you are looking for some expert takeaways on content marketing, take a look at our list of influential content marketers you should be following.


Content Marketing Influencers: Who Are They?


Jeff Bullas


Jeff Bullas - Influencer, Author, and Blogger

Over the past decade, Jeff Bullas has been at the forefront of offering actionable advice to content marketers and Chief Marketing Officers. Through, he has shared his insights into using content to increase conversions and widen audiences. He has been called a “Top Influencer for Chief Marketing Officers,” by Forbes, and has been listed as one of the “50 Marketing Influencers to Watch,” by Entrepreneur.

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Joe Pulizzi - Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Author, public speaker, and philanthropist, Joe Pulizzi is the mastermind behind the Content Marketing Institute, the leading educational institute for content marketing. His efforts at promoting best practices for content marketing were recognized in 2014 when he was awarded the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award by the Content Council. Currently, among other initiatives, Pulizzi fundraises for the Orange Effect Foundation.

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mage result for Neil Patel


Neil Patel - Co-Founder of Neil Patel Digital

Called “Top Influencer on the Web” by The Wall Street Journal, and known as a “Top 10 Marketer,” by the New York Times, Neil Patel has become a leading voice for those in the digital and content marketing sphere. He has created his own successful digital agency that focuses on providing honest feedback to clients while helping them enhance their own ROI. He has been recognized as a “Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30,” by former President Barack Obama, and his company was featured on the list of “100 Brilliant Companies.”

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nn Handley


Ann Handley - Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs

When it comes to content marketing, Ann Handley has done a bit of it everything. She is a speaker, author, and current member of the LinkedIn Influencer program. Currently, she works as the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs. She has been cited by Forbes as “The Most Influential Woman on Social Media,” and recognized by ForbesWoman as one of “The Top 20 Women Bloggers.”

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Michael Brenner - Speaker, Author, and CEO of Marketing Insider Group

Michael Brenner has brought a customer-centric and creative approach to his insights on content and digital marketing. Over the past two decades, Brenner honed his approach while working with Nielsen, FullTilt, ICR, SAP, and NewsCred.

Today, he is a globally recognized speaker, bestselling author, and CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, a marketing firm that has helped numerous companies cultivate successful approaches to marketing.

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Mark Schaefer - Speaker, Business Consultant, Author

Mark Schaefer has over 30 years of experience working in global sales, PR, and marketing. He is a faculty member of the graduate studies program at Rutgers University, and has taken what he has learned through his decades of experience and poured it into his blog, keynote speaking opportunities, and numerous writings.

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Steve Cartwright - UI/UX Design Director & Web Designer of

While much of content marketing include conversations about verbiage, SEO, and overall content strategy, the user experience is a crucial piece that can often be left by the wayside. Steve Cartwright has bridged this gap and made website design and UX a necessary topic in regards to content marketing. He is currently a UI/UX Director for Nimble Collective Inc. and a Design Leadership Forum Member for Invision.

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Jay Baer - Founder of Convince & Convert

Jay Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert, an analysis and advisory firm that creates digital marketing strategies for organizations looking to increase their marketing reach. Baer has 25 years of experience in the marketing industry and is a New York Times Bestselling Author of 6 books, He has worked with the likes of Hilton, Grand Ole Opry, Cisco, and Arizona State University.

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arcus Miller


Marcus Miller - Internet Marketing and SEO Consultant for Bowler Hat

Marcus Miller has over 18 years of experience as a consultant focusing on SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing. His marketing firm, Bowler Hat, works with small and mid-sized businesses across the world to help them develop effective digital marketing strategies. He has been a Developer for Mobile Fun and Opera Telecom, as well as a graduate from Birmingham City University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

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ilach Bullock


Lilach Bullock - Online Business Expert, Speaker, and Coach for

Listed as one of Forbes “Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers,” and named as “The Top Digital Marketing Influencer,” by Career Experts, Lilach Bullock has made a noticeable splash in the world of digital marketing. She has had years of success as an entrepreneur, and international digital agency owner. Since 2009, she has given one-on-one actionable marketing advice to clients to help them build their businesses online. Bullock has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, Wired, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian.

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Lee Odden - CEO and Co-Founder of TopRank Marketing

Lee Odden is an avid blogger, talented speaker, and author. He is the CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing, a digital marketing agency that has served the likes of McKesson, Dell, and LinkedIn.

Odden has gone across the globe to share his insights regarding data-informed and customer-centric marketing. He has provided consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies and has created over 3,300 blog posts related to his marketing advice.

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eal Schaffer


Neal Schaffer - Speaker and CEO at Maximize Your Social

Named as one of marketing’s “Ten Biggest Thought Leaders,” by, and recognized by Forbes as a “Top Five Social Sales Influencer,” Neal Schaffer is a prominent voice in the world of business oriented social media. He is a creator of the social media for business blog, Maximize Your Social, a faculty member of Rutgers University Mini-Social Media MBA Program, and an author responsible for a book on social media, “Maximize Your Social: A One-Stop Guide to Building a Social Media Strategy for Marketing and Business Success.”

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arry Kim


Larry Kim - CEO at MobileMonkey

Larry Kim is a one-stop-shop guru on the utilization of Facebook Ads and messaging for marketing optimization. Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, a platform that helps companies engage with customers using Facebook Messenger. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Kim is a contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine. He has been ranked as the eighth most popular author on Medium and has been recognized by PPC Hero, Search Engine Land, and the US Search Awards.

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mage result for Pam Moore Marketing Nutz


Pam Moore - CEO and Co-founder of Marketing Nutz

With over 15 years of experience in corporate marketing and product management, Pam Moore has honed her craft regarding brand management and digital marketing optimization. She is a bestselling author, highly sought-after speaker, and has been ranked by Forbes as a “Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer.” In 2012, she launched Marketing Nutz, which has worked with clients such as HP, Sony Playstation Group, IBM, & more. In addition to managing Marketing Nutz, she hosts the popular Social Zoom Factor podcast.

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obert Rose


Robert Rose - Founder of The Content Advisory

In 2010, Robert Rose founded The Content Advisory, an education, consulting and research group of The Content Marketing Institute. For over 20 years, Rose has helped many organizations tell their story to the constituents they serve. He has advised brands like Capital One, Dell, Ernst and Young, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and UPS. He is an author, featured keynote speaker, and workshop teacher at several technology and marketing events across the globe.

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artin Butters


Martin Butters - Business and Social Media Director of markITwrite

Martin Butters is the leader that is at the helm of markITwrite, an organization that provides digital content and SEO services for multiple magazines and websites. In three years, Butters has developed an organic audience of over 120,000 and has helped multiple clients also grow their own audiences. Butters has become a prominent SEO and audience growth expert in his own right.

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ndy Crestodina


Andy Crestodina - Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Studios

For the past 18 years, Andy Crestodina has advised thousands of businesses on how to strengthen their digital media strategies. He is a top-rated speaker, podcast host, university lecturer, and article writer. Crestodina is the co-founder and CMO of Orbit Media, an award-winning and socially-conscious digital marketing agency located in Chicago. He has been recognized as a top marketing expert and influencer by Forbes and Entrepreneur respectively.

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ujan Patel


Sujan PatelManaging Director at Ramp Ventures

Sujan Patel’s ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs and marketers scale and grow their businesses. He furthers this vision through his own entrepreneurial and digital efforts. Patel is the co-founder of Webprofits, a growth marketing agency that has helped numerous companies enhance their marketing approach. In addition to his work with Webprofits, Patel is also a frequent blogger and shares his insights on growth marketing with readers on Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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ohn Hall


John Hall - Co-founder and Advisor of Influence & Co.

John Hall is the co-founder of, as well as a Co-Founder and Advisor to Influence & Co. The latter is one of the largest creators and distributors of expert content in media. Hall is a jack of all trades. When he is not helping companies realize their content marketing potential, he is managing his own real estate company, contributing to a weekly column at Forbes and, and also writing for the Harvard Business Review.

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aron Agius


Aaron Agius - Managing Director of Louder.Online

Aaron Agius has had an interesting and intriguing path to digital marketing. His journey started in the digital and IT space where he picked up on the technical aspects of marketing. From there he started his own consultancy in 2008 that grew from 40 cents in revenue to eventually working with Salesforce, IBM, Ford, LG, Coca-Cola, and Intel. He has been featured by The Huffington Post, Forbes, HubSpot, The Content Marketing Institute, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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ark Traphagen


Mark Traphagen - Content Strategy Director of Perficient Digital

A guru on marketing and branding, Mark Traphagen is a tour de force when it comes to sharing his valuable marketing insights. Along with being the content strategy director for Perficient Digital, Traphagen is also an in-demand speaker that has spoken at MozCon, SMX, SEOClarity, PubCon, and a host of other well-known marketing-related events. He hosts a monthly column about social media marketing for Marketing Land and has conducted numerous webinars related to digital marketing.

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hristoph headshot October 2018




Christoph Trappe - Chief Content Engagement Director of Stamats Communications, Inc.

When it comes to storytelling, and captivating audiences with engaging content, Christoph Trappe has years of success and experience. He has worked as a journalist, content marketing executive, and content marketing strategist.

Trappe has also used his platform and experience in content marketing to coach others in how to optimize their content strategy and storytelling processes. He has spoken internationally, is an avid blogger, and author.

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Shane Barker


Shane Barker - Digital Strategist, Brand and Influencer Consultant

Shake Barker’s successful work in helping companies optimize their approach to digital marketing has been recognized by The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., the Content Marketing Institute, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur, and B2C. He is a digital marketing consultant that helped multiple companies and individuals build their business through sound digital marketing practices. In addition to consulting, Barker is a contributor to publications by Salesforce, Yahoo Small Business, and MarketingProfs.

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osé Javier Garde Lecumberri


Jose Javier Garde 

With a blend of corporate management experience and training as a primary teacher, Jose Javier Garde has been able to blend his abilities as a teacher with his hands-on experience in corporate management and digital marketing. Not only has Garde taken on numerous hours of coursework in a masters-level social media and digital marketing program, but he also has an extensive amount of experience working in corporate management in the wine, engineering, and water technology sectors.

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and Fishkin


Rand Fishkin - Founder of Sparktoro

Equipped with 20 years of experience in the world of digital marketing and media, Fishkin has been at the forefront of establishing the most popular digital marketing brands we know today. In 2003, he founded SEOMoz, in 2011 he co-founded, and in 2014 he came back to the SEOMoz (now known as Moz) to further contribute to its development. Now, he has set his sights on helping businesses find the best content for their audience through founding Sparktoro.

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rika Heald



Erika Heald - CEO of Erika Heald Consulting

Over the past 20+ years, Erika Heald has helped multiple B2B and B2C companies hone their content marketing approach. She has worked with the likes of Charles Schwab, United Health Group, Redbooth, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and many others.

Currently, Heald heads up her own marketing consulting company that guides businesses in developing and implementing successful content marketing strategies.

In addition to consulting, Heald moderates a weekly on Twitter, and blogs on multiple content marketing-related topics.

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Pam Didner - CEO at

With a diversified background in finance, accounting, product support, and global marketing strategy, Pam Didner has a comprehensive understanding of how marketing impacts a company as a whole. Through, Didner helps sales, marketing teams, and businesses, “increase their productivity and effectiveness by using her own structured methodologies.”

Whether companies are seeking a speaker, consultant, a strategy expert, or training, Didner is equipped to provide help with all. She is a coach, avid tweeter, and author or two insightful books on content marketing.

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Carla Johnson - Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, and Author

Carla Johnson has spent the last two decades developing into a storytelling expert. She is an award-winning communicator, prolific author, and innovator that helps companies leverage the art of storytelling to realize actionable results.

Johnson has shared her insightful knowledge at numerous events and offers numerous training and coaching services.

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elly Hungerford


Kelly Hungerford - Owner and Consultant at CommunityWorks

Silicon Valley native but Switzerland based, Kelly Hungerford has 20+ years of experience in digital strategy as well as brand and product development. She has worked with business types spanning from small start-ups to larger Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, Hungerford established CommunityWorks, a freelance venture to help companies better connect with their target audiences. In addition to helping larger organizations, Hungerford also offers , a no charge consulting service for local business owners.

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an Cleary


Ian Cleary - CEO of RazorSocial

Ian Cleary brings over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and creating innovative digital media strategies. He has worked as CEO for RazorCoast, guest blogger for Social Media Examiner, CEO for Outreach Plus (now Purple Rain Technology), and is now heading up the team at RazorSocial. There he leads the team in providing training and consultancy related to content marketing. The company specifically works with B2B businesses in driving increased traffic and sales through inbound and outbound marketing.

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mage result for Michael Gass fuel lines


Michael Gass - Owner of Fuel Lines Business Development, LLC

Looking for a one-stop-shop for business development that includes an emphasis on branding and PR? Look no further than interacting with Michael Gass. Gass is the owner of Fuel Lines Business Development, a firm that offers business development resources, training, and consulting services. Gass has trained over 200 agency CEOs, developed the Fuel Lines blog which has been listed as one of ‘The Top 100 Marketing Blogs in the World,” by Ad Age’s Power 100 and is an avid speaker for many events and agency groups.

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eidi Cohen


Heidi Cohen - Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide

Heidi Cohen knew very early on that she wanted to be a major voice in the marketing industry. After receiving her MBA with New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business, Cohen developed her marketing career by working with large brands like Citibank, Bertelsmann, and The Economist. She has also expanded her reach by developing the Actionable Marketing Guide, a blog that provides marketing insights on social media, content marketing, and mobile marketing.

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hristopher Penn


Christopher Penn - Co-Founder and Chief Innovator of Trust Insights

Thought leader, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Christopher Penn is a highly recognized authority on digital marketing and marketing technology. His work has allowed him to work with large and famous brands such as Citrix Systems, McDonald’s, GoDaddy, McKesson, Toyota, and a slew of others. He is a Google Analytics Certified Professional, a HubSpot Inbound Certified Professional, and co-founder of Trust Insights, a firm that uses algorithms to help companies gain more from their data.

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ernie Borges


Bernie Borges - Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Vengreso

Bernie Borges is an expert in helping B2B marketers build their sales and marketing pipeline. His company, Vengreso helps B2B companies attract more customers with digital selling training and coaching, personal branding, marketing, sales alignment, and content creation. In addition to helping B2B companies better reach out to customers, Borges runs a weekly podcast entitled Social Business Engine, offers his insights at multiple events and has been recognized as a marketing industry thought leader by multiple publications.

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ndrew Pickering


Andrew Pickering - Co-Founder of Andrew and Pete

Large companies are not the only organizations who need insights regarding marketing. There is also a segment of small companies who want to optimize their marketing approach. Andrew Pickering, marketing keynote speaker, author, and content marketing advocate is Co-Founder of the firm, Andrew and Pete. This organization helps micro businesses develop and implement more creative marketing strategies. 

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eter Gartland


Pete Gartland - Co-Founder of Andrew and Pete

One half of the firm Andrew and Pete, Pete Gartland also helps microbusinesses receive better results and responses from their target audiences online. He is the author of two popular books entitled, “The Hippo Campus,” and “Content Mavericks.” He is a regular keynote speaker, owner of a weekly YouTube show known as, Marketing Unboringed, and also hosts one of the UK’s largest digital marketing conferences, ATOMICON.

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elanie Deziel


Melanie Deziel - Founder of Storyfuel

Melanie Deziel has established herself as an expert on content marketing, storytelling, and brand awareness. In 2016, she established Storyfuel, an organization that helps marketers tell better brand stories. She is a keynote speaker and is an advisory board member for the Native Advertising Institute. Deziel shares her expert content marketing insights through her Facebook group, The Brand Storyteller Society, and as a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University where she teaches the first ever masters-level course on content marketing.

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ohn Jantsch

John Jantsch - President of Duct Tape Marketing

He has been ranked as one of the top 100 “Must Follow” on Twitter, and his insights on small business have been cited by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNNMoney. John Jantsch helps independent marketers around the world hone their approach as marketing consultants through his firm, Duct Tape Marketing. There he teaches marketers how to improve client retention, double capacity, efficiently handle overhead, attract recurring retainers, and achieve work-life balance. His company blog has been recognized as a Forbes favourite, and specifically named as one of the top “100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs,” by Forbes.

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ndrew Davis


Andrew Davis - Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author of Monumental Shift

If anyone knows about business growth and building brand concepts that last, it is Andrew Davis. Before becoming a renowned keynote speaker and bestselling author, Davis was a producer for NBC and also worked on The Muppets. He has created award-winning documentaries and content for small startups and has appeared in The New York Times and on The Today Show. Today, he uses his extensive experience in content marketing and business development to help business leaders grow their business.

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iveka von Rosen

Viveka Von Rosen - Co-founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso

If your content marketing plan includes LinkedIn (which it should), Viveka Von Rosen is a content marketer that you should make a point to follow. Internationally known as the “LinkedIn Expert,” Von Rosen works with B2B companies to help them achieve business success by utilizing LinkedIn. She is the author of, “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day,” and has been listed as a “Top Social Media Influencer,” by Forbes. Van Rosen has shared her knowledge at several events including Social Media Examiner’s Marketing World, MarketingProfs B2B Conference, HubSpot’s Inbound Conference, and many others.

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ouglas Burdett


Douglas Burdett - Host of The Marketing Book Podcast

With a history of serving the United States in the US Army and working in the New York advertising scene for companies like J Walter Thompson and Grey New York, Douglas Burdett is an advertising and military veteran. He is the founder of Artillery, an organization that helps manufacturers generate leads, and is the host of the podcast, The Marketing Book. On his podcast, Burdett interviews bestselling authors in the marketing field to provide timely insights and sage advice for listeners who want to break into the industry.

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att Heinz


Matt Heinz - President of Heinz Marketing

For 15 years, Matt Heinz has worked to deliver measurable results for his employers as well as his clients related to revenue growth, product success, and customer loyalty. His resume includes stints at Microsoft, Boeing, The Seattle Mariners, and many others. In 2007, Heinz took his advanced experience to begin his own marketing firm, Heinz Marketing. His business helps companies create a strategy to grow their revenue and customer growth.

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esper Laursen


Jesper Laursen - Founder and CEO of Native Advertising Institute

With a background in journalism and content marketing, Jesper Laursen understands how to blend the two worlds to achieve success. He is the founder of Brand Movers, an organization that helps companies reach their audience through the creation of engaging content, and he also hosts the largest marketing conference in Scandinavia known as Clever Content. In 2015, he established the Native Advertising Institute, an independent think tank that is designed to help marketers better utilize native advertising.

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athy McPhillips


Cathy McPhillipsVice President of Marketing of Content Marketing Institute

Cathy McPhillips has over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. From working as a media supervisor to leading the charge in social media and social strategy, McPhillips has helped numerous companies hone their digital media and overall marketing approach. Currently, she leads the marketing efforts for the Content Marketing Institute and also develops strategies to attract attendees to Content Marketing Institute events.

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oe Lazauskas


Joe Lazaukas - Head of Content Strategy and Executive Editor at Contently

Over the past eight years, Joe Lazaukas has honed his craft as a digital marketing strategist. After taking on a couple of positions in social media strategy and community management, he founded The New York Egoist, a blog that covered the intersection between the media and tech worlds in New York City. From 2012 to 2018, Lazaukas has worked in various roles for Contently, a company that helps businesses create content at scale. Currently, he is the head of content strategy and executive editor. 

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errak Sarikaya


Berrak Sarikaya - Senior Social Media Manager at Yesler

Berrak Sarikaya describes herself as an “amplifier.” Someone who brings attention to what makes her clients unique. With over eight years of experience of holding various marketing and content-related roles for Google and Paste magazine, while also starting her own company, Sarikaya surely is an “amplifier.” Her digital marketing company, Amplify Your Biz, has helped AT&T Small Business, Microsoft, and many others optimize their digital marketing reach. 

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tephan Spencer


Stephan Spencer - Founder of Science of SEO

When it comes to SEO, Stephan Spencer, a 20-year SEO digital marketing veteran knows his stuff. He is a three-time author, avid blogger, renowned speaker, and entrepreneur. He has founded his own SEO agency and even went on to develop a pay-for-performance SEO technology. He has been a contributor to The Huffington Post, Search Engine Land, and MarketingProfs, while offering his SEO insights to Target, REI, Verizon, Home Shopping Network, and many others. Spencer continues to speak at numerous events and host the Marketing Speak and Optimized Geek Podcasts.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.




ichele Linn


Michele Linn - Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Mantis Research

For over a decade, Michele Linn has dedicated her career to providing a deeper look into the creative world of content marketing. As the former head of editorial content for the Content Marketing Institute, Linn has written numerous articles, spoken at several industry events, and developed dialogue around various content marketing topics. In 2017, she co-founded Mantis Research, an organization that helps marketers conduct and gather research to use in their marketing efforts.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.




rew McLellan


Drew McLellan - Owner of Agency Management Institute

Drew McLellan brings over 30 years of advertising industry experience to his clients as well as up-and-coming professionals looking to make a splash in the industry. He owns and manages the Agency Management Institute, an organization that provides management training to small and mid-sized agencies. He has been interviewed, quoted, or published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, AdAge, The New York Times, CNN, and many other media outlets. He is also the host of the Build A Better Agency podcast.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.




mage result for Mitch Joel six pixels

Mitch Joel - Founder of Six Pixels Group

For over two decades, Joel has worked in digital media and offered his insights into using it to grow audiences and scale companies. He has been a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review, as well as an avid author and podcaster. Joel is the founder of Six Pixels Group, and advisory, investing, and content producing company that zeros in on commerce and innovation. 

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.



mage result for andrea fryrear


Andrea FryrearPresident and Lead Trainer at AgileSherpas

 When it comes to marketing training and coaching Andrea Fryrear is an expert. She is a certified professional in agile coaching, agile marketing, and agile leadership. She has taken her education and over ten years of experience and helped numerous marketers hone their craft. She is the author of “Death of a Marketer,” and president and lead trainer at AgileSherpas, an organization that helps marketing teams work more efficiently with the use of agile technologies. 

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arrett Moon


Garrett MoonCEO and Founder at CoSchedule

Garrett Moon has over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship, content marketing, and social media marketing. He is a well-known thought leader, author, and blogger on topics related to content marketing, social media marketing, and startup businesses. Currently, Moon is the CEO and Founder of CoSchedule, an online marketing calendar. Moon has led CoSchedule to become one of the fastest startups in North Dakota. In addition to leading CoSchedule, Moon has been featured in Forbes, Social Media Examiner, & CMI.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.




aul Roetzer


Paul Roetzer - CEO at PR 20/20, Founder at Marketing AI Institute

Author, speaker, and innovator, Paul Roetzer wears a lot of hats when it comes to spreading his valuable insights regarding marketing best practices. He is the author of “The Marketing Performance Blueprint,” and “The Marketing Agency Blueprint.” He is an international keynote speaker on topics ranging from marketing talent and technology to strategy. Also, he is the CEO and Founder PR 20/20 and The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.





ay Acunzo


Jay AcunzoFounder at Unthinkable Media

Jay Acunzo is a master at developing creative ways to raise brand awareness. He has worked in top-level marketing positions for Google, HubSpot, and NextView. Currently, Acunzo is the Founder of Unthinkable Media, a marketing advisory and talent coaching B2B marketing firm that helps B2B companies create podcasts. When he is not changing the status quo, Acunzo is a keynote speaker. His work has been cited by The Washington Post, FastCompany, Forbes, and many more.

Find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.





untae DeLane


Juntae DeLaneFounder at Digital Branding Institute

Keynote speaker, blogger, podcaster, and digital branding evangelist, Juntae DeLane has done it all when it comes to spreading the word concerning the power of branding. He is the founder of the Digital Branding Institute, a hub for digital branding resources as well as training. To this endeavor, DeLane brings his past experience working with Coca-Cola, Sony, Verizon, and many other large-scale enterprises. He has spoken at events and organizations that include Social Media Week, Content Marketing World, Hootsuite, and many others.

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athy Klotz-Guest


Kathy Klotz-Guest - CEO at Keeping It Human

Kathy Klotz-Guest brings a refreshing mix of comedy, community-minded ideas, and creativity to helping companies tell better and engaging stories. She has over 15 years of experience in building tech products and strengthening company marketing and communication endeavors. With Keeping It Human, Klotz-Guest uses a blend of improv comedy and solid training to help companies make their marketing and branding endeavors “human again.” She has spoken at SXSW, Digital Marketing Summit, & more.

Find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.





eg Miller


Peg Sieren MillerCo-Founder at B2B Marketing Academy

With almost 20 years of experience in helping companies find their marketing voice, Peg Sieren Miller is an expert in crafting worthwhile customer experiences and brand messaging. She has held numerous manager and marketing-related vice president positions. Currently, Miller is the Co-founder of B2B Academy, an organization that helps B2B marketers bring their marketing strategy to life using blog material and coaching. Miller also works as a senior director for content marketing and digital growth at Xactly Corp.

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lbert Jan (AJ) Huisman


Albert Jan HuismanFounder at Y Content

Over the past 20 years, Albert Jan Huisman’s interests have transformed from general marketing and sales practices for international firms to a keen interest and expertise in content marketing. He is a professional speaker on the subject of content marketing and used his past experiences to share what he knows as a marketing lecturer for Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands. When he is not teaching the ins and outs of marketing, Huisman runs Y Content, a strategic marketing consultancy company.

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aureen Jann

Maureen JannFounder and Managing Director at SuperDeluxe Marketing

With 18 years of experience in the marketing industry, Maureen Jann has dedicated her career to helping companies get out the word about what they do. From marketing project managing to event planning and marketing strategy, Jann has done it all when it comes to crafting a strong brand voice. Currently, Jann is the founder and managing director of SuperDeluxe Marketing, a company that helps businesses craft an effective marketing strategy and brand presence that puts them in the best position to attract customers. Jann is also the Co-owner of Spark Commons, a community-based co-working space that houses entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers in Bremerton, WA.

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mage result for Stephanie Stahl content marketing institute


Stephanie Stahl - General Manager at Content Marketing Institute

Stephanie Stahl’s career has allowed her to see and experience the rapidly evolving world of content marketing. This has put her in a unique place to offer valuable insights into successfully moving forward in the industry. Stahl has worked as an executive editor and vice president of content marketing for UBM Tech and is now the general manager at the Content Marketing Institute. Her ultimate goal is to help educate brands in creating ways to better engage their customers.

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hava Leibtag


Ahava Leibtag - President at Aha Media Group

Ahava Leibtag has over 20 years of experience in communications strategy and content creation. She brings a variety of experiences to her current role as president of the Aha Media Group. Early in her career, Leibtag worked as a reporter for the Jerusalem Post, and then went on to work in communications. For the past 13 years, Leibtag has helped organizations create content that yields results as president of Aha Media Group.

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hafqat Islam


Shafqat IslamCo-founder and CEO at NewsCred

Eight years ago, Shafqat Islam started the successful enterprise content marketing firm, NewsCred, at his own dining room table. Since then, Islam has led NewsCred to receive $90 million in funding and is now counting some of the world’s largest companies as regular customers. In addition to creating one of the largest content marketplaces online, Islam has held executive positions at Merril Lynch and was a media council member at The Paley Center for Media.

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mage result for Doug Kessler Velocity partners

Doug Kessler - Creative Director & Co-Founder at Velocity Partners

From the late 80s to early 2000s, Kessler worked as a copywriter and creative director for Boulder Oak where he created campaigns for B2B clients like Caterpillar and LIFFE. In 2001, Kessler moved on to co-found Velocity Partners, a London-based B2B marketing agency. In 2016, the Content Marketing Institute named Velocity Partners as the “Content Marketing Agency of The Year,” under 100 employees.

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ontee Hou


Zontee Hou - President at Media Volery

Zontee Hou has blended her unique experience in academia with her corporate experience in marketing and branding. She is the president of Media Volery, a business that helps nonprofit organizations develop a strong brand strategy. In addition to leading Media Volery, Hou’s past experience of working in marketing and PR has allowed her to teach students about key best practices of marketing at the City College of New York and Columbia University in the City of New York.

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mage result for Tim Washer ridiculous media

Tim Washer - Keynote Speaker and Event Host at Ridiculous Media

Before he found his calling, Tim Washer spent 20 years working in the corporate sector for firms like IBM, Cisco, and Accenture. Eventually, he began dabbling in comedy writing work for Saturday Night Live, Conan, and The Late Show. This path allowed him to see ways that brands can begin to humanize their approach and create messaging that really resonates with their consumers. Today, he uses his experience to help businesses build relationships. 

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amsen Webster


Tamsen WebsterFounder and Chief Message Strategist at Find The Red Thread

For more than 20 years, Tamsen Webster has worked in brand and messaging strategy. She has used her experience to help coach professionals from a wide variety of industries to hone their messaging and best spread their ideas. Her company, Find the Red Thread, helps companies effectively introduce their ideas in engaging ways. She is the executive producer of TEDxCambridge, one of the longest-running TEDx events in the world, and an international speaker.

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eslie Carruthers


Leslie Carruthers - Founder and President at The Search Guru

Leslie Carruthers is a digital marketing professional with over two decades of experience in helping medium and large-scale companies create online success. She has presented insights from her digital marketing experience at the Digital Marketing Association, CMWorld, SMX West, and many other events. Carruthers is also the founder and president of The Search Guru, a digital marketing agency that helps companies identify target audiences and improve conversion rates.

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manda Todorovich


Amanda TodorovichSenior Director, Content and Creative Services at Cleveland Clinic

With over 20 years of storytelling experience, Amanda Todorovich is an expert on all things content marketing and blogging. She is responsible for leading the Cleveland Clinic to have the number one visited hospital blog online. In 2016, she was named the “Content Marketer of the Year,” by the Content Marketing Institute, and was a member of Marketo’s 2018 “Inaugural Fearless 50.” Todorovich has also worked as a chief content officer and co-founder of MedCity, and an assistant lecturer at The University of Akron.

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tacy Minero


Stacy Minero - Head of Content Creation at Twitter

Before making her mark at Twitter, Stacy Minero led content and communication strategy at Mindshare, American Express, P&G, Hershey, and Coca-Cola. In 2014, Minero began working in planning and creative agency at Twitter. In 2018, she took over as head of content creation and now helps brands strengthen their content marketing strategy on Twitter. In 2013, Minero was named a “Media All Start,” by Adweek, and received the 212 NYC’s Thought Leadership Award in 2014.

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had Pollitt

Chad PollittVP of Marketing at InPowered

A regular contributor to The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Social Media Today, Chad Pollitt is a guru when it comes to developing and executing marketing strategies. Pollitt began his professional career in service to the United States as a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. From there, Pollitt entered into the world of content marketing and promotion as a co-founder of Relevance, a platform dedicated to providing content promotion, news, and insights. In addition to co-founding Relevance, Pollitt is an adjunct professor of digital marketing at Indiana University and has authored numerous books regarding the topic of content promotion.

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mage result for karen mcgrane


Karen McGrane - Founder at Karen McGrane

Over the past 20 years, Karen McGrane has not only seen the evolution of the internet’s role in marketing, but she also participated in it. Since 1995, McGrane has used her work with user experience to create digital products and services to strengthen their digital media messaging. She helped to lead user experience initiatives at Razorfish and became a managing partner for Bond Art + Science. Here, she works with organizations across a variety of industries to develop actionable web strategies. 

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rdath Albee


Ardath Albee - CEO and B2B Marketing Strategist at Marketing Interactions

Ardath Albee is all about creating buyer-centric content that resonates with consumers. As CEO and B2B marketing strategist for Marketing Interactions, Albee aids clients in developing persona-driven digital content marketing strategies that generate revenue. Her work has led her to help clients like Cisco, Adobe, Dell SecureWorks, Acuity Brands, Demandbase, and many others. Albee also reveals her valuable insights and marketing wisdom on the Marketing Interactions blog, and as a speaker at many industry events.

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enee Blodgett


Renee BlodgettCEO and Founder at Magic Sauce Media

Named a “Top 10 Social Media Influencer,” by CEO World Magazine and Women’s Online Magazine, Renee Blodget is no stranger to helping organizations develop their brand voice. As the founder of Magic Sauce Media, Blodget had provided insight into developing campaigns for branding, word-of-mouth marketing, viral marketing, social media marketing, communications, and public relations. She has also managed the creation of content for TEDxUN, the only TEDx event held at the United Nations. In addition to her many accolades, Blodget ranked number 12 on Forbes’ list of “Top 50 Social Media Influencers.”

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ebecca Lieb


Rebecca LiebAnalyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights

For years, Rebecca Lieb has been at the forefront of digital advertising and media. She has worked as an analyst, practitioner, strategist, author, and speaker. Through her almost 30 years of experience, Lieb has served as an advisor and trainer to brands that include Facebook, Home Depot, Adobe, Fidelity, Honeywell, Cisco, and many others. Through her business, Lieb provides consulting, advisement, and thought leadership services to companies who want to sharpen and strengthen their marketing and brand strategies.

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hane Snow


Shane Snow - Founder at Contently

Shane Snow has blended his web design experience with a prowess for content marketing and content creation. Snow started his career as a web designer. He eventually took on the role of staff writer at Scroll Newspaper and went on to start his own web development company and work as an advisor for In 2017, Snow started Contently, a technology company that helps creatives and companies tell stories together. When he is not leading the charge at Contently, Snow acts as a correspondent for Wired, Fast Company, and GQ.

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lex Hisaka


Alex Hisaka - Director of Content Marketing at Mesosphere

Alex Hisaka started her career as a journalist, fulfilling a childhood desire to be “a newspaper lady that helps people.” This quote has guided her throughout her career, including her switch from print journalism to digital media. She transitioned from journalist to copywriter and finally to a content marketer. She has worked for PayPal, LinkedIn, and now as director of content marketing for Mesosphere, a software company that helps businesses adopt enterprise standards.

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essica Gioglio


Jessica Gioglio - Co-Author at McGraw-Hill Education

When it comes to creative brand storytelling, Jessica Gioglio knows her stuff. Gioglio’s passion for storytelling has led her to work with the likes of Sprinklr, Dunkin’ Donuts, and TripAdvisor. She has shared her digital marketing experience at events like SXSW, Social Fresh, Social Media Marketing World, Hubspot’s INBOUND, and countless others. In addition to being a practitioner of digital media, Gioglio is also an accomplished author. She has been a co-author for “The Laws of Brand Storytelling,” and “The Power of Visual Storytelling.”

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adya Khoja


Nadya Khoja - Chief Growth Officer at Venngage

With a highly skilled background in SEO, sales, and event management, Nadya Khoja knows how to help companies grow their audience and develop solid marketing strategies. While new to the field, Khoja has made significant contributions to the field of marketing, one being her web-series, Drunk Entrepreneurs. There, Khoja shares marketing tips and strategies for entrepreneurs in a light-hearted and festive environment (mimicking a casual conversation over drinks). 

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eannine Rossignol


Jeannine Rossignol - Chief Executive Officer at Edge Building and Construction

Can the industry of architecture, construction, and commercial building become the next frontier for excellent customer experiences and well-thought-out marketing strategies? Jeannine Rossignol is working to make this a reality. She is currently the chief marketing officer for Edge Architecture where she is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution. In 2017, Rossignol also launched Edge Building and Construction, where she also helps to better shape client experiences in the construction industry. 

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rian Honigman


Brian Honigman - CEO at Honigman Media

Writer, Adjunct Professor, CEO, Speaker, and all around digital marketing guru, Brian Honigman has done it all when it comes to content marketing. Having overseen digital marketing and social media strategy for the likes of Marc Ecko and LunaMetrics, Honigman has years of experience honing his craft as a content marketer. He is a frequent contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, and many other popular publications. 

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avid Meerman Scott


David Meerman Scott - Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

With over 30 years of experience that includes stints in international sales, marketing management, and product development, David Meerman Scott has spent his career helping companies find their marketing voice. At the height of the dot-com boom, Scott was vice president of marketing at NewsEdge, an online news distributor. After his time there, Scott went on to become a keynote speaker and bestselling author. He has spoken at countless conferences and authored innovative books that discuss elaborate on his insights.

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an McGaw

Dan McGaw - CEO of Effin Amazing

From being an award-winning entrepreneur to serving the United States as an Ambassador of Entrepreneurship, Dan McGaw has positioned himself as an influential voice in content marketing. He has led teams at Kissmetrics and CodeSchool and is now the founder and CEO of Effin Amazing. With Effin Amazing, Dan McGaw integrates marketing technology and automation into their marketing approaches. In addition to leading marketing teams, McGaw has served as a growth mentor for 500 Startups and helped to develop Orlando’s startup community with the Startup America Partnership.

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on Loomer


Jon LoomerOwner of Jon Loomer Digital

Before starting Jon Loomer Digital in Fall 2011, Loomer led marketing strategy and promotions for the National Basketball Association and the American Cancer Society. At both companies, Loomer led the planning and execution of key marketing initiatives. After his time at the American Cancer Society, Loomer started Jon Loomer Digital as a way to help businesses use social media to make a difference. He grew the company to generate 4 million page views and ise one of Social Media Examiner’s “Top 10 Social Media Blogs.”

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eth Godin


Seth Godin - Founder and CEO at Seth Godin Productions

It is impossible to talk about content marketing influencers without mentioning Seth Godin. With over 30 years of experience, Godin has turned his marketing wisdom and insights into one of the most popular content marketing blogs in the world. He is the founder of two large and influential companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo), and has authored 18 bestselling books. In 2013, Godin was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018.

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li Gardner


Oli Gardner - Co-Founder of Unbounce

Oli Gardner’s professional mission is to help marketers skirt mediocrity by using data-informed copywriting, design, and strategies that better engage customers. He is a prolific international speaker that hopes to help the next generation of marketers move the needle forward when it comes to engaging customers. Gardner has been recognized as a “Top Rated Speaker,” by 75 percent of the conferences where he has shared his speaking talents. Today he is an individual contributor and public speaker for Unbounce, a Canadian software company that produces landing pages for businesses.

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rittany Berger


Brittany BergerFounder at Work Brighter

For almost a decade, Brittany Berger has helped startups and small businesses create and manage their content. Because of the limited resources that can come with smaller companies, Berger learned how important the skills of repurposing and content optimization is to effective content management. She has been named as one of Search Engine Journal’s “50 Incredible Women in Marketing,” and also recognized by Outbrain as one of “50 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017.” 

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hayla Price


Shayla Price - Marketer

Shayla Price is an optimizer and implementer when it comes to helping businesses realize their content marketing potential. Through her services, Price has helped companies build buyer personas, build customer journeys, develop segmentations, and drive higher conversions. Price’s talents have allowed her to work with the likes of Shopify Plus, Kissmetrics, Yotpo, Hostgator, and Agorapause. For her work, Price received the Bronze Award for Best Writer from Discover CMS and has taught audiences about user-generated campaigns at several conferences.

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cott Abel


Scott Abel - President at The Content Wrangler

If you are a marketing professional, the chances are high that you have heard of Scott Abel. Abel has been a primary fixture in the content marketing scene for over 15 years. He has been a columnist for EContent Magazine, the director of the San Francisco Content Strategy Content Marketing Pros Meetup, and is now the Interim Director of Content at ExO Lever. However, Abel is most known for his blog, The Content Wrangler. There, Abel shares relevant insights, news, events, and training for content marketing professionals. 

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oe Chernov


Joe Chernov - Chief Marketing Officer at Robin

Joe Chernov is a 30-year marketing industry veteran. While his career has always intersected with marketing or branding in some way, Chernov’s interaction with content marketing began as a vice president of content marketing for Eloqua. He has gone on to serve in marketing leadership roles for the likes of Kinvey, Hubspot, and Insightsquared. Currently, Chernov is the chief marketing officer for Robin, a scheduling and workplace management tool. He writes for popular marketing blogs and speaks at different marketing conferences.

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aria Poveromo


Maria Poveromo - Vice President, West Communications at IBM

Named as one of the “25 Smartest Women on Twitter,” by FastCompany, and listed on Leadtail’s “Behind the Brand,” Maria Poveromo has made a career of successfully leading marketing teams at various technology companies. She has held numerous executive-level roles at high technology companies before serving as vice president of communications at Adobe where she oversaw internal and external communications programs. She now leads IBM’s west coast communications and public relations programs.

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artin Jones


Martin Jones - Senior Marketing Manager at Cox Communications

Martin Jones is a nationally recognized writer and keynote speaker with over 18 years of experience in marketing leadership. Currently, as senior marketing manager at Cox Communications, Jones manages social media, content marketing, and employee advocacy for Cox Businesses. When he is not helping Cox Communications better engage with their audiences, Jones takes the time to speak at events like SXSW, Social Media Marketing World, Digital Marketing Summit, and many others. 

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aura Fitton


Laura Fitton - Inbound Marketing Evangelist at HubSpot

When it comes to maximizing your brand’s voice on Twitter, Laura Fitton is an expert. In 2009, she co-authored “Twitter for Dummies,” and founded the first “Twitter for Business Consultancy,” named Pistachio Consulting in 2008. She has guided several tech executives in making the choice to use Twitter to optimize their businesses. She has shared her insights at various events, in academic settings, and through various national publications. Today, Fitton works as an Inbound Marketing Evangelist for HubSpot where she shows companies how to grow their following.

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ari Smith


Mari Smith - Social Media Speaker and Consultant

Mari Smith has figured out a powerful formula for internet marketing success: relevant content and genuine relationship building. Smith has taken this strategy and grown her social media following to almost two million individuals. As a powerful and credible influencer, Smith has worked with a number of companies as a brand ambassador. While also providing social media consulting, Smith is an author and keynote speaker. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, & Fortune.

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ary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuck - Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, NYT Bestselling Author

Considering all that Gary Vaynerchuck has accomplished in the world of digital media, it makes sense that he is a highly sought-after speaker and five-time bestselling author. Vaynerchuck is the CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency that serves several Fortune 100 companies. The company partners with clients to help them increase business outcomes by utilizing various forms of digital media. His company has taken on clients such as General Electric, PepsiCo, Toyota, Unilever, and many others.

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eslie Bradshaw


Leslie Bradshaw - Board Member at Hyper Island

For almost 20 years, Leslie Bradshaw has honed her skills in digital media management. She has co-founded a digital media agency (JESS3), led project strategy and engagement at C-SPAN, worked with business leaders as an Innovation Fellow for the U.S. Chamber, and has held advisor and managing partner roles at various media startups and boutique agencies. Currently, Bradshaw is a Board Member for Hyper Island, a company that creates immersive learning and development experiences for companies.

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rian Solis


Brian SolisPrincipal Analyst at Altimeter Group

Brian Solis is an award-winning author, world-renowned keynote speaker, and prolific writer and blogger. His books “What’s the Future of Business,” and “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design,” explores different connections and scenarios between customer experiences and journeys with business innovation. He is a regular contributor to leading business publications like Adage, Forbes, Wired, and VentureBeat. 

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Steve Rayson - Owner at Bright on Cafe

If you are a political scientist, campaign manager, or a political professional, Steve Rayson is definitely a content influencer you want to follow. Rayson is the former co-founder of BuzzSumo, Anders Pink, and Kineo. He is currently an MSc student at the London School of Economics, and when he is not in class, Rayson shares his research and findings on the role media and content play in political events. Rayson also uses his website to share useful and relevant articles, while also posting lists of other political scientists to follow.

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andy Frisch


Randy Frisch - Co-Founder, CEO, and President at Uberflip

Named one of the “Top 50 Fearless Marketers in the World,” by Marketo, Randy Frisch’s accomplishments coincide with this acknowledgment. As the CMO and co-founder of Uberflip, Frisch has created a content experience platform that helps B2B marketers personalize the content experiences of their customers. In addition to leading Uberflip, Frisch’s goal has been to help marketers go beyond content creation and consider the experiences they are helping their audiences to have. 

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eirdre Breakenridge


Deirdre BreakenridgeCEO at Pure Performance Communications

For the past 25 years, Deirdre Breakenridge has helped senior executives in mid to large-size companies better communicate with their stakeholders. Her professional experience has allowed her to become a career communications strategist. She has been a president of a PR firm and held numerous executive-level positions related to marketing. Her website, provides valuable marketing advice and resources to communications and PR professionals. 

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assio Politi


Cassio Politi - Founder at Tracto Content Marketing

Content marketing has not just taken America by storm, but it has also become a global phenomenon that stretches to each continent. This is why individuals like Cassio Politi are valued and essential to the work of content marketing. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Politi is the founder of Tracto, a content marketing agency. In addition to founding Tracto, Politi is an international content marketing consultant, creator of the Virtual Seminar, and was a speaker for Content Marketing World in the United States. 

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