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Why Content Consistency is Key, and How It Can Boost Your Strategy

Why Content Consistency is Key, and How It Can Boost Your Strategy.png

Regardless of the resounding success content marketing has brought to companies that have embraced content marketing, there are many that still fail to see positive results.

Wondering why?

Well, it’s because they don’t have content consistency, i.e, the ability to produce content with a singular message often enough to carve out a niche for their brand.

In fact, according to a joint survey by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, nearly 57% of the content marketers surveyed said producing content consistently is one of their biggest challenges.

So, let’s see why content consistent is key to your marketing success and how it can boost your strategy.

It Establishes Authority and Credibility

With more and more businesses embarking on the content marketing bandwagon, the industry is getting more crowded and noisier by the day. Therefore, in order to set yourself apart, you need to speak in a unique voice and deliver high-quality information. In order words, you need to build content that helps establish your authority and boost your credibility.

The regularity of your content sends a very strong signal about your authority and credibility. Whether you publish twice or six days a week, you need to stick to the schedule as long as you produce high-quality content for your audience. Needless to say, you can’t really build your authority by ignoring quality. Content consistency is a must but the quality is simply indispensable.

It Builds Brand Awareness

What differentiates an ordinary brand from a well-known brand in the B2B content marketing space?

Brand awareness.

Content consistency plays a pivotal role in creating brand awareness. Not only should you be present across leading social media channels, but create content that is instantly recognizable and identifiable with your brand. For example, if you’re creating a YouTube Channel, the page should reflect the logo, background image, and color that are consistent with your brand image on your website and other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Similarly, when you create images, infographics, slideshows, and videos for social channels, they should reflect your brand vividly. Everything including the background sound, template, and even the style of greeting can be personalized in ways that reflect your brand and help your audience recognize your brand in a flash. After all, content consistency lies in the detail.

It Engages the Audience

Engagement is probably one of the hardest things to achieve in content marketing. Even as you publish quite frequently, you might not encourage your audience to engage with your content unless you cater to their taste and needs consistently. Understanding your audience is a prerequisite to creating content that resonates with your audience and compels them to engage with your content by sharing it with their peers over and over again.

So what exactly motivates your audience to engage with your content? Every content marketer conceives, designs, creates and presents their content differently. Even the same information can be presented in unique ways to appeal to the specific tastes of your followers. All you need is to develop a deeper understanding of your audience. The kind of visuals, graphics, and memes you create also speak volumes of your ability to appeal to your audience.

It Generates Leads

In a world of teeming with me-too content marketers, your voice is the unique selling point. When your voice is consistent enough, it creates the desire in your audience to associate with you so much that they begin to experience FOMO.

Your ability to create a sense urgency in your audience and cultivate exclusivity in your followers can gradually translate to a constant source of lead generation. Your content strategy could include give-away and featured customer in order to offer your audience an extra reason to stay connected with your brand.

Content marketing brands with an innovative strategy tend to generate more leads to than those who follow a standard template.

It Improves SEO Traffic

Content consistency breeds curiosity in your audience, which offers your brand an added advantage. Oftentimes, your prospects will search online with your brand name which will create a digital footprint large enough for Google Search (and other search engines) to recognize and display your website to your potential audience. The more people use brand queries, the stronger is your search presence. This invariably translates into better SEO and higher organic search traffic to your site.

Moreover, when you update your content channels (including blog) frequently, Google Search’s Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) ranking algorithm ensures your content appears higher up the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This essentially means your content is not only superior in quality but more relevant to certain search queries as well.

Final Thoughts

Brand building is no longer about just creating and sharing content just because you have to. It’s about creating content that offers a unique experience. With consistent efforts to differentiate your brand from others, you will not just build a raving fan following but create brand advocates as well.

About the Author

Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter: @ugosus.

Published on October 17, 2017

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