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    Content Audit at Atomic Reach: Strategies and Benefits

    In copywriting, empathy is paramount. Tailoring your tone based on your understanding of prospects makes your message easy-to-follow and, more importantly, useful. However, more often than not, content marketers find it hard to shake off their bias while crafting their brand message. As a result, their marketing message ends up becoming just another sales talk sans the empathy.

    How Content Audits help you cut through the bias


    According to Paul, the VP of Client Success at Atomic Reach, sometimes content producers are so immersed in their zone, their copies carry their bias. The bias is essentially stems from their perception of their prospects and their behavioral patterns. Even the most seasoned content marketers are prone to biases.

    So, how can you insulate yourself against these biases?

    Sometimes you need an unbiased mechanism or tool to uncover and analyze what you're doing. It tells you whether your brand message is ideally structured or suited for your target audience.

    It is imperative to stay unbiased and get into the shoes of your prospective customers in order to write your message in the language your prospective customers understand.

    This holds true whether you're writing a blog post or rewriting your service page.

    However, in reality, it's awfully difficult to keep your biases aside every time you craft your copy. Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that ran a content audit to see if your copy was perfectly tailored for your target audience?

    According to Paul, this is exactly why Atomic Audit was engineered a few years ago and it did a pretty awesome job for news articles and blog posts.

    However, soon they realized they needed to expand its scope beyond blog posts and news articles.

    Consider this: your website is the most effective marketing tool to communicate with your visitors.

    If the marketing message on your service page or about page fails to resonate with your audience, everything else simply falls apart.

    Moreover, when your prospects visit your website, they are more likely to enter through your home page rather than your blog.

    It was when they decided to build Atomic Audit – the tool that now helps content marketers go through their content assets and communicate the right message.

    So how does the team at Atomic Reach audit your website? Here’s the breakdown of the entire process.

    Goal-based Recommendations


    Atomic Reach maintains a very tight approach to auditing content assets- giving their clients suggested action items at the end of a report to help them achieve their business objectives.

    While some companies apply suggestions on an experimental basis, others go for a complete overhaul of their website.

    For example, recently, Jessica (their Data Analyst) recommended increasing the word count of a client’s price page because she believed the customers should see what they’d get for a given price point.

    She also suggested using the right pitch and language to create excitement for prospective customers.

    The client’s goal was to focus on improving conversions on their website.

    Understanding Clients’ Challenges

    Different businesses have different challenges and they need unique approach to analyze problems and offer solutions.

    At Atomic Reach, they start with a discovery session with the client to understand their unique challenges and business objectives.

    While some businesses desperately want to boost their traffic, others seek better conversions.

    This helps the team understand their unique challenges, analyze their content assets and offer effective recommendations.

    Example of Content Assets

    web design

    According to Paul, the content assets can vary from client to client, depending on structure of their website and nature of their business.

    Sometimes, you just need to analyze important sections of a website if you believe those pages are crucial to the boost conversion.

    Regardless of the content assets, Jessica’s recommendations would be based on what the tool says about your content. However, she can make stronger recommendations when client provides her with some historical engagement data.

    Strategic Recommendations

    When it comes to information on your website, visibility is everything. No matter how great a client testimonial is, it can go unnoticed unless it’s properly visible to your site visitors. Paul reports that they identify those potentially crucial pieces of information and suggests placing them more prominently on their website for better visibility.

    What Content Audit Reports Look Like

    Audit reports can very long because they are comprehensive enough for the clients to understand content recommendations. Most often, they contain screenshots of web pages with annotations and comments so that clients can fully grasp recommendations and make appropriate changes to their content assets.

    One recent report contained 75 pages including lots of text and graphs offering a comprehensive and visual understanding of the content recommendations.

    Graphs and visuals really help clients get the gist of the issues at hand and understand how quickly they should be fixed.- Jessica

    Sometimes they suggest improvements in sentences when they feel something sounds very unnatural and robotic.

    In another account, Jessica had uploaded three different content assets (namely email content, webpages and case studies) into the editor of a client’s account. She scored them and shared the metrics with that client.

    Her advice to the client was to give the editor a try to see for themselves where there were highlighted issues. Based on highlighted measures such as readability issues and emotional resonance, the client could figure out how he needed to apply the recommendations.

    As Jessica points out, a lot of businesses fail to realize their audience changes every 5-10 years, and they need to change the way they craft their marketing message. This change in approach is vital to crafting the voice your audience can resonate with.

    Tracking of Improvements


    Once the content recommendations are given in a list of action items highlighted based on their priorities, the client usually makes these changes on their website in the suggested order. Although, there’s no way to find out if the client did follow the recommendations or saw any performance improvements.

    After making these changes, some clients have asked the team to reassess their website to see if these changed pages produced results.

    The reassessment isn’t as comprehensive as the initial assessment. Jessica says many websites conduct A/B testing to find out the difference in performances before and after the recommendations are followed. This form of testing is the most effective approach to track the improvements once the changes are live.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what your business goals are, performing content audits boosts your conversion rates and makes your marketing message compelling. There is a slew of content auditing tools you can deploy to fine tune your content assets. But more importantly, if you’re looking for a tool to identify and measure the impact of your existing content assets, get an Atomic Audit.

    What is your approach to performing content audits on your website? How do you keep yourself free of any potential biases while auditing your website? Please, let us know in the comments below.


    About the Interviewer & Author:

    Interviewer: Amanda is the Marketing Coordinator at Atomic Reach, writing posts, sharing news, and connecting with the community on the daily. Her attempts at clearing her ever-growing reading list continues to be unsuccessful, and she really does believe that sharing is caring.

    Author: Susanta Sahoo is founder and chief content marketing strategist at Top League Technologies, a digital marketing start-up in Bhubaneswar, India. By offering SEO consulting services, he helps SMB’s build their online presence and boost ROI. Follow him on Twitter:@sushantsahoo

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