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    Choosing the Right Medium Changes How Your Audience Shares Your Story

    It's been fifty years since Marshall McLuhan famously proposed that "the medium is the message" in his publication Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. When he originally wrote it, he meant that the way in which the content is conveyed is more important than the content itself. Although the phrase has been twisted and misinterpreted ad nauseum, the initial meaning still rings true.

    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the printed word but I'm coming to terms with the fact that traditional media is fading away. Even as recently as a week ago, it was rumoured that beloved hip-hop magazine XXL would discontinue its print publication following the footsteps of magazine giants Newsweek and Spin. This was later revealed to be an overstatement—XXL will be scaling back from bimonthly publication to quarterly—but its still the death rattle of a dying industry.

    The quality of your content is important—that will never change—but in an increasingly digital landscape, the way you present it has become paramount. Nowadays it seems that everybody has a blog. Writing one is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and to convince people into thinking you're an expert.

    So you've established yourself as the next great content king/queen. What next? Knowing where to share your ideas is very important. This can dictate not only the audience, but also when and where you reach them. Whether you choose to share your story on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any combination of social networks, developing a strategy is crucial to increasing readership and page views. Choosing the right medium is a significant choice that you'll have to make.

    But how do you create this strategy and map it to your editorial calendar? There's a lot of data to examine and interpret though. Thankfully, Atomic Insights exists.

    Once you've created your account, input your blog's RSS feed and connected your Google Analytics/social accounts, Insights will analyze your historical data and make things easy for you. You'll learn the best topics to write about, the best time to publish and even how your past articles are performing.

    Atomic Insights also tells you exactly where to publish, which makes choosing your medium extremely easy. You can learn which social networks are the best for your audience based on your past performance and tailor your content specifically for them.

    In an increasingly fast-paced digital world that is already oversaturated with content, knowing how to acclimate yourself and your content is more important than ever before. You can affect your results dramatically by making only slight changes to the way you deliver your messages. It's difficult to constantly have to sort through all of your analytics but that's why you should sign up for Atomic Insights. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

    Topics: Content Marketing Strategy