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    Can You Enjoy The Trip Without Focusing On The Destination?

    Everyone has a story and each story is unique to their own journey and destination. We all want immediate gratification and that translates to the here and now.  We demand results in our everyday activities so when it comes to the debate of which is more important, we get told it is the journey, however, we are all focused on the destination.

    We get told that we should all enjoy life, take in each moment and cherish it because we don't have an infinite amount of time to live.  The journey is about living each day as it comes without being fascinated on the verdict.  We are all emotionally attached to achieving the Holy Grail and focusing on the destination allows you to make choices in order to get there.  Sometimes these choices are deliberate steps with our eyes on the prize end goal and sometimes getting there is just pure luck.  I wonder if it is really choices that combine with luck that help us get to our destination.  Or maybe it is all up to fate?  Seriously, who knows!

    I guess we are never fully satisfied and are always on way to a new destination.  Is this a misguided inaccurate infatuation with achievement?  Nothing is status quo anymore.  We have an endless need for more, to do more, to have more and become more or we feel inadequate.

    I believe that the journey and destination does not just apply to one’s personal life and goals but it also applies to professional goals.  Let’s look at that for a minute and talk about the journey and how it applies to professional goals.

    Most of us work in an environment where we all have certain roles to fill within an organization.  Each person’s actions can ultimately affect the others and the future success of an organization.

    We all have a story to tell and the best story teller sets themselves apart from the masses and their peers.  In business, this is marketing’s job to engage with their audience and sell their business.  It is imperative so people get paid.  At the end of the day we all have to pay our bills and support our families so this is a key driver in how we perform in our individual roles.

    What perplexes me is that this world we live in is an ever-changing place.  Nothing stays the same.  Technology is the perfect example. Technology is never stagnant.  There is no such thing as the final piece of technology.  We know this is true.  We know it is constantly evolving with no signs of an expiration date. Our mobile devices and technology has implanted the need for immediate gratification into the hippocampus of our brains and now it is what we expect.  Who would have guessed 30 years ago that we could have an answer to almost any question at our fingertips - thank you Google! We see everyday how things evolve and that change is inevitable which is indicative of the journey through life but then why are we all still hyper focused on the destination?

    It seems like over time our expectations in life have changed. We all want to become super over achievers at work, at home, with our children, our siblings, for our parents and friends.  How can we possibly have time to stop and enjoy the journey when our lives are so busy with everyday “to do” tasks to complete and excel at?

    Personally, I have to force myself everyday to have patience so I can enjoy the journey.  Success is not built overnight.  Nobody was able to build Rome in a day, right?!!!!  Working at a start-up doing business development,  we all focus on the destination which is a measure of success,  but the important part is really how you get there. What we need to understand is that it’s all about the journey.  It is the steps in which we need to take to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  That is the journey but if success is the destination then we are always on the journey to success.  So in fact, we are never at the destination,  because the destination means the end.

    Which takes us back to the story and its importance of the journey.

    I think the story - both yours and mine - is good enough that it drives us to achieve our goals.  That it is worth the effort to wait and reach the destination because the reward will be worth it.


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