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How Brands Use Online Memes to Generate Interest and Drive Traction

If you have been using social networks for a while, Internet memes are no stranger to you. More often than not, those funny images or gifs overlaid with witty text hit home more than any in-depth article does.

The staggering success of Internet memes explains why they are being used by content marketers. Studies show our brains are more efficient at processing images than words. As many as 75% of Americans use emojis to communicate on the Internet.


Features of Popular Internet Memes

While images are easy to consume and engage with, you can’t use just any image to craft a catchy narrative. In order for your Internet meme to be viral, it has to carry the following features.

Easy to Consume: Your memes should be easily understood by your followers. If they can’t understand it instantly, they are less likely to engage with it.

Relatable to Your Audience: When you’re using memes for marketing, make sure they are relatable to your followers and, tie into your brand easily. The more relatable the memes are, they more viral they get.

Shareable: Memes can offer your brand an instant outreach as long as they are shareable. Make sure they are too good for your followers to resist.

Familiar: Cast your eyes across popular memes and you will see they are created around popular and familiar faces. When you create a meme for your marketing campaign, be sure to pick an image that your followers are already familiar with.

Funny, Witty, Clever, or Smart: Needless to say, your memes should be funny, witty, clever and smart in order to go viral. The choice of right image is almost as important the text that goes along with it.

How Brands Use Online Memes to Generate Interest and Evoke Emotions

Used well, Internet memes can work wonders for your brand. However, they have to be timed well and relevant to the current state of affairs. Here are some examples of Internet memes that popular brands used to generate traction.

Norwegian Airlines: When it comes to creating super viral Internet memes, timing is everything. The Norwegian Airlines cashed in on the divorcement announcement between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie by released an ad that offers cheap flights from London to Los Angeles.

You get the drift, right?

Jimmy John’s: If you think your products are too cold for Meme marketing, think again! The marketing team at Jimmy John’s summoned up their creative best to craft a meme around their products - sandwiches - that went on to amass more than 5,000 favs and over 2,500 RT’s.

Lesson to Learn: No matter what your product is, your meme will work if you know how to wear your creative hat well enough.

Ruffles: If you look around, you will find plenty of meme inspiration for your brand. Ruffles, the popular brand selling potato chips launched a meme campaign encouraging their followers to join in and post their grilling fail.

The campaign generated ample traction with their followers sharing pics of their grilling pictures.

Tools for Internet Memes

Creating memes for your marketing campaign takes some tools and tons of creative chops. While tools can help you create memes in minutes, it’s the content that matters the most.









Here are some of the more popular tools to create memes for your marketing campaigns:

  • Meme Generator
  • Quick Meme
  • MemeMaker
  • Memes

Final Thoughts

As the Internet is going increasingly visual and the world is moving at the speed of a tweet, you need to use images to keep up with the changing Internet trends. Using the right images, words and sense of humor, your brand can generate significant engagement and brand visibility without coming across to salesy.

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Published on August 4, 2017