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    Why Brands Should Work With Mommy Bloggers

    Reaching out to mom bloggers might have been a foreign idea to marketers before but in this era of mommy-blog stardom, it’s time that marketers start to listen up!

    Why Should Brands Work With Mom Bloggers?

    Mom bloggers are successful at leveraging social media to collaborate and communicate about the products they use, what’s happening within their families and what they’re interested in. They share their blogs via Facebook and Twitter expanding their reach to a broader network of friends and friends of friends, creating an audience of people interested in what they have to say.

    How Brands Can Work With Mom Bloggers

    Make A Target List

    Start by creating a list of mom blogs that you like, find blogs that resonate with the message of your brand and match your target demographic. You can even use websites such as Alexa to determine the amount of traffic these blogs attract on a monthly basis.

    Have a Specific Task

    Bloggers also don’t want to feel exploited by a brand so when approaching mom bloggers, be upfront about what you expect or want from the blogger and expect to pay accordingly. Mom bloggers prefer complete transparency and expect you to recognize the time and effort they put into blogging. Recoginizing their efforts can be done through payment or covering their expenses. In other cases, giving them products or promoting their blog on a very popular website will be an appropriate exchange.

    Engage With Bloggers To Build A Genuine Connection

    The importance here is to establish a relationship with mommy bloggers that is not solely based on your brand’s sale pitch. Start by sending a personalized email to the blogger, become a fan of their Facebook Fan page, and follow them on Twitter. Engaging with bloggers on their social network feeds shows them that you are also in support of all of their efforts to get more traffic and followers.

    Where Mom Bloggers Can Be Found

    Below are some of the social networks where mommy bloggers hang out:

    • Facebook: Mom bloggers love Facebook and use it to talk about the latest trends in blogging and support each other in their blogging endeavors. Following popular mom bloggers who post a lot, have a lot of fans and likes can clue you in to trends with mommy bloggers.
    • TopMommyBlogs: This mommy blog directory has over 4500+ members across 30 categories. On this directory, you can search for mom bloggers either by category or relevance. Once you click on the blogger teaser link you're re-directed to the blogger's latest post.
    • Twitter: Twitter search is a great tool for finding mom bloggers and what’s trending with them as well. Use this tool to create a lists of mom bloggers you can follow and stay connected with.
    • Atomic Reach: On the Atomic Reach platform we have hundreds of mom bloggers that have signed up for a couple dozen mom-related blogging communities. Check out some of these fun blogging communities: Blogging While Mom: Comic Relief and Mom Buzz


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