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    Using Content Curation to Build Your Business or Personal Blog

    Creating fresh content on a regular basis can be really challenging, which is why content curation is so valuable.

    To some people, content curation is an art form. It's a great way to collect, select and share the best content for your audience.  Lucky for you, we've got a great platform to showcase what you and your targeted readers are most interested in.

    Our social content platform lets you build content communities that are topic-specific; sharing the best blog posts, videos, photos and tweets in a single place.  This lets you become a destination hub that people will visit on a regular basis to read fresh, relevant, informative and valuable information curated by you.

    How Do I Get Started?

    To become a superstar curator, you start with building your own content community (aka Tribe).  This is where you get to focus on your favorite topic, upload your blog posts and invite your favorite bloggers. Go ahead and create your own Tribe, it only takes seconds to get one up and running.

    How Do I Curate Content?

    Uploading your content is easy.  Just go to the Apps Section and pick your streamer.  If you don't find one suited for your platform, use the RSS Streamer.  Once you have uploaded your blog, videos and/ or photos, go to your Tribe and click on Manage.

    This will display your dashboard, and all the content being submitted to the Tribe. It's where all the curating magic happens.

    Click once on any white area of each post and you'll notice that it turns gray.  This means it has been selected. Click on publish or unpublish (hide) to select certain posts to display in your Tribe feed.  Now, click on View Tribe, and voila!  Curated content made easy.

    If you're wondering how some Tribe feeds display photos beside each article, follow these easy-peazy steps to make your feed more visually appealing.

    In the dashboard:

    • click on the blue link to open up the article in another window.
    • select the photo you want displayed in your feed, and Copy Image URL.
    • go back to the dashboard, click ONCE on the white area of the article to highlight it in gray, double-click the white area again and a box will pop up.
    • paste the Image URL link and click Save.
    • go to View Tribe, and you'll notice that the picture has been pulled into the Tribe feed.

    And that's how you get a good-looking content community going, dedicated to new and old readers!  The Atomic Reach platform is a great tool to use to amp up your content strategy.  So, if you haven't created your own Tribe yet, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun!

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