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    Time to Get Mobile-Centric With Your Site

    By 2014, it is predicted mobile internet will take over desktop internet usage. If you have a large readership that reads your content with a laptop, just imagine how much bigger your audience can grow just by making your blog available and mobile-friendly for mobile users. Right now, global mobile traffic represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic [Forbes]. Adapting to this increase of mobile users, bloggers and online publishers should invest in expanding and improving their websites and blogs for mobile users.

    Sidney Eve Matrix ( mentions in her article that “We should care about delivering a great mobile-optimized website so ‘visitors have the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves,’ to cite Josh Byers. That means ‘no more pinching and tapping’ as users try to decipher microscopic fonts on your site and end up leaving in frustration, explains Kelton Reid.”

    Matrix also refers to a survey conducted by Google about the public expectations about mobile-friendly websites. The results found: “three-quarters of respondents admitting a strong preference for sites suited for smartphones, and half reporting ‘feeling frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly’ even assuming that ‘if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones…the company didn’t care about their business.’”

    If you are still unconvinced why you should optimize your blog for mobile reading, here are some very telling stats why being mobile-centric is worth considering:

    How to make your blog mobile compatible

    To help you understand how to make your blog compatible for mobile reading, we curated content from Michelle Rafter’s article on 4 simple steps to optimize your blog for mobile browsing. She mentions different platforms you can use for your blog and how to make them mobile-friendly.


    Two times out of three a blog powered by Blogger from a smartphone or tablet, the mobile template has not been activated. To do that, log onto your blog and then click on the “Design” link. Once this option is turned on, Blogger does the rest.

    If you use, you shouldn't have to do anything — the mobile option is turned on by default. Should you accidentally unselect this option, provides these great instructions for reactivating your mobile theme. You do, however, have to do a bit of work to make your blog iPad-friendly. When logged into your dashboard, simply click Appearance > iPad and then check the box that turns on an iPad theme when someone visits using that device.


    Many of my students love the lesser-known Squarespace for both blogging and websites. All the new Squarespace template options now reflow the journal — Squarespace speak for “blog” — to fit mobile screens.


    If you blog on TypePad, you’re in a tough spot, because while it’s possible to customize a mobile template, the platform has no ability to auto-detect when readers are using mobile devices to read content. So, even though there are mobile options on that platform, without code-heavy jerry-rigging, there isn't a method to ensure that mobile visitors will see the mobile version of your TypePad blog.

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