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    Three Reasons Why Kelli Catana Uses Atomic Reach

    Atomic ReachWe appreciate every blogger who joins Atomic Reach so we’d like to make it a regular feature to shine the spotlight on our Tribe members. For this post, we’re doing our first blogger interview!

    Because Kelli Catana is a mommy blogger who produces high-quality content, Atomic Reach invited her to join the SavvyStories Tribe created by where she shares her blog posts, gets to partner with a well-known brand and gain more exposure for her personal blog.

    It’s been approximately two months since she joined the SavvyStories Tribe, so we wanted to know how Atomic Reach was performing for her. We are happy to report that since she signed on, she has seen a 30% bump in traffic! Here's an excerpt from BetaKit, which covered our launch recently.

    Kelli is impressed with how easy it is to use Atomic Reach, especially after the recent launch of the updated platform. In particular, she likes ‘Automatic Poster’  because it means the platform automatically retrieves and uploads new posts that appear on her blog.

    Here's some more feedback from Kelli:

    I signed up for Atomic Reach without really knowing what it was about! I was approached by They asked if I wanted to share some of my blog posts on their site, which used Atomic Reach as the platform to share posts. Prior to that, I was unsure of what Atomic Reach was but Savvy Mom is a very trusted site so I knew if they were using it, I felt secure using it as well.

    Since signing on, I can see a marked increase in visitors to my site. Using Atomic Reach via has helped me reach an audience I'm not sure I would have been able to reach otherwise.  I would say Atomic Reach has increased my traffic by as much as 30% some days.

    I'm sticking with Atomic Reach for now because it's just so easy.  I have enabled the automatic poster so I don't even have to remember to upload my posts to my tribe - it does it for me.  I see it as no different than link sharing on similar sites - just easier.

    So far, the user experience has been pretty good, especially since the new version launched introducing the auto feeder. 

    Join Kelli and many others on our platform! Discover a new way to reach more readers and become part of vibrant communities that share your passions and interests.  Leave us a note if you have any questions!

    Here are some tips on how to create your own content community (aka Tribes).


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