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    The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s New Newsfeed

    Whenever Facebook changes anything, there’s always the inevitable backlash. For the entire day, everyone’s newsfeeds are filled with complaints, reasons why the old look was better, and people insisting that they’ll quit Facebook (and this time, they really mean it).

    To keep you prepared, here are three good things and three bad things about the changes coming to the most popular social media outlet:


    1)      Search + Hashtags

    Are you really itching to talk about that one TV show, but can’t figure out who to talk about it with? No worries! The new Facebook layout will let you organize information into separate streams, meaning easy access to any topic. Rumour has it Facebook is also following Twitter’s lead and adding hashtags, meaning easier searches for the topics you’re most interested in.

    2)      Bigger Images

    Change is scary, and users always complain that these changes do not reflect what they want to see on the site. With that in mind, these changes are actually based on how people use Facebook! There are way more images, links, and videos on Facebook now than there were a couple of years ago, and it would seem that the new changes are going to accommodate that fact. Images are now going to be larger, and more space will be devoted to visuals on your newsfeeds.

    3)     Better Likes and Links

    Not only will the pages you like be able to display their content more effectively, but you’ll be bale to get a closer look at what your friends are into as well! The new ‘liked page’ format means that when someone you know likes a business’ page, you’ll see more from that page on your newsfeed. Same goes for links! Any links your friends post will now be more prominent


    1)     Checking the following feed

    While being able to sort information into specific streams can be helpful, companies will mostly be regulated to the “following” feed. For example, if you follow Starbucks, you’ll now have to specifically look for their updates, unlike the current newsfeed, which mixes updates from brands and friends on the same page.

    2)     Confusing feeds

    If you follow one specific page for news on different topics, you may have to get used to searching through the different feeds for updates from the same page. If the pages you like don’t sort their news carefully, you could run the risk of missing things!

    3)     Less input from friends

    While you may be seeing more of what your friends are into, you’ll be seeing less of what they think! Rather than having friends’ comments right beneath their links, you’ll have to mouse over content to see comments. The emphasis on larger images and video makes communication a little bit harder.

    So, what do you think? Is Facebook’s new layout the best thing that ever happened to the site, or is it just another unnecessary change to post about on your friends’ newsfeeds?

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